Yet More Storage

This weeks post is a little late and we shall explain why a little further down the post. But we start with the promised fulfilled to show what Adam has been working on for the last couple of weeks. We are pleased to show you the new storage area for the radiators and some more suspension parts. Yet another area was created for the storage of these bulky items as the current system wasn’t working as efficiently as it could have been.

The packing bench has been used for temporary storage until we get more storage space in the room.

To give you a quick glimpse of the daily stock posting, this is awaiting a pick up from the couriers at the bottom of stairs to the office.

We also said that we had some new wheels also in stock. The wheels we are excited about are the classic and favourite choice of many, the Magnum 500’s in 15″ x 7″ size at the moment. These are different as they are all in satin black and no chrome, except out quality chrome lug nuts that really set the wheels off. There are many designs out there for the general Mustang market and those wheels have been sprayed black for the look they require. This satin black effect is the look so many owners desire, but now in that classic Magnum style look.

We had one set in for our own review and they bought immediately by a customer who fell in love with them. The centre caps can come any many different designs, above they are sporting our own Mustang horse in black and chrome. Our very own Mustang Maniac centre logo looks pretty cool too. We have all sorts of centres for your wheels to match your paint colours, black, red, blue, with or without writing.

If you are interested in a set they are flying out the doors at the moment and we have to order these as a special item due to demand. Click the link here or cut and past to your browser for the WebShop page.

Customers Cars:

We have had in a rare car for a little Mustang Maniac Magic to be lavished on her to sort out an unknown leak. This is a genuine rare 428 Super Cobra Jet.

To trace an as yet unknown leak the dash cover is currently out so she looks worse than she is. I great example of a fabled car.

But our readers have seen this many times before, we are not afraid to show you what we do and how we do it. Speaking of which; a little secret can sort of be revealed, a set of Adam’s headers were spotted after being aluminium coated. We of course know what this little “upgrade” is, but does anybody else know? Especially as it’s on a set of classic Mustang headers!

OK, the reason we are a little late with the post?

Well, Saturday Adam had a BBQ and another private BBQ on Sunday. Now, we are not sure why Adam has a tea towel wrapped around his head, but he says it was to keep the sweat out of his eyes as “he was the only one working, AGAIN”.

The food was great, Adam’s BBQ’ed Steak and Cheese sandwiches are to die for!

The company was great and good time was had by all, thanks to everybody who could make it. There wasn’t much wine left or beers to come to that. Still trying to think of that excuse for the late blog post! 😉

Thanks Adam, when is the next one?

Our Best Wishes and a “get well soon” to John who is in recovery at the moment.

The John Wick Car

We have had a couple of cars this week that have come in to Mustang Maniac for their annual check ups and MOT’s. This makes a little change from the heavy panel work of the last couple of weeks. We start with a first for us, we have been delivered a car that we have been looking forward to getting our hands. This customer’s car is going to be a John Wick clone. The painted body was not handled by ourselves on this occasion, but we get to work with a freshly painted body. Yogi backed the lorry to the workshop so we could unload the dolly mounted chassis straight into the new home for a while until we start to fit the running gear back onto to the car. First of all a little about the John Wick car. The car is in fact a 1969 Mach1 and not a Boss 429 (7.0 litre) v8 as mentioned in the film. The subtle give away was the hood scoop not being big enough, also the Boss 429 didn’t have a rear spoiler either.

The Movie Car

The Clone 

We are looking forward to getting this little lady ready for the owner. We have also been delivered a huge selection of parts that had been removed prior to us taking delivery, some of which have seen better days though. We will of course inspect those parts carefully before re-assembly back to the car. We will be bringing you plenty of updates on this car as we go along.

1970 Fastback

This lady has been come into us for some tender loving care and check up. The fantastic thing is that the owner of this car has owned it since 1973. Perhaps one of the longest owned cars we have seen.

The interior of this car has red velour door cards and a matching velour headline in fantastic condition. The retro look that is quite sort after is indeed the real deal here and looks fantastic on this car we must say. Another nice touch here is from The Mustang Owners Club 1993 competition plaque mounted just in front of the gear shift on the centre console.

Under the car is very tidy indeed considering it has been in UK with our weather conditions as they are. The rear chassis even has the original tie down brackets still mounted which are virtually always removed by the dealerships when taking delivery. A very nice original touch. The wheel centres look to have been stencilled on to the classic mag wheels.

Big Block – Big Problems?

Here is a question for you. How long does it take to fit a pair of headers on to a big block? Well, out of the car we could do it with a couple of us on each side easily under half an hour even with the four bolts per port and not the standard two. But, the big block in a ’69 428 Big Block is tight, and we really do mean tight. In fact it had taken Yogi and Paul a complete day to fit the engine into the bay. The headers are ceramic coated long headers and is impossible to get into the engine bay with the headers attached. The process was to have the engine lowered in and the headers bolted on in stages to check the fit in the engine bay. It was noticed that the headers were resting on the inside of the shock towers, so some of the plating had to be very carefully cut away to allow the fit. We had to repeat the same process four times in total before we were happy with the clearance, all be it just tiny millimetres in places. As the engine has had a full engine rebuild we don’t expect any vibration, so the minimal clearance will not be a problem.

With the headers in place we will need to remake the exhaust to fit the new alignment of the headers.


DeAgostini – Shelby GT500 1:8th Scale

It has been a little while since we have updated the model progress, the recent ten or so issues has been the duplicate of the other door, seat, wheel with some single chassis components. So we skip a number of issues as it’s a little pointless to show the same thing again. But the latest set of issues now start to show significant progress with the build. These parts are now being screwed together and make some quite nice parts. You can see the rest of the build so far to click here.

New Boots

The week has seen a number of cars come and go and we managed to take a snap shot of the yard. Were they parked up nicely for a change? We couldn’t possibly say, but they did look great.


Our beloved KR500 has had a treat – we got her some new boots, we think the rear tyres may have run out of tread for some strange reason! Because we gave her new boots we just had to get our new rims of course.


Customer Car:

We have completed the QTP open header conversion for the Gulf Stream Aqua ’65 coupe (click here for the rest of the pics). We have posted up on our YouTube video channel a short video of the conversion in action where the valves open and shut so that you can hear the difference. The new headers we supplied would make a big difference as well so the power for this car has gone up considerably.

Our YouTube channel click here.

We often get many customers come to look at their cars, if they are being restored they can take a while obviously, but sometimes we have to work out what has been going on, so Lance knocked this new labour rates table up for us:

Layout 1

We make it no secret that we like Herbie’s Bar & Grill, in fact we meet up their each month, now and again we take family there for a treat too, this was no exception when Faye spotter her Grandad (Adam) on the wall for the record holder! It’s difficult to try and explain why you are on the wall more than once though.

Ford Facts:

We have intrigued with Ford’s new Mustang so we have been doing a little bit of homework, here we have a pic of the right hand drive Mustang.


  • The first right-hand-drive models are already rolling off the production line at Ford’s plant in Flat Rock, Michigan, with first deliveries expected here in November. Buyers have been told that it will take around 12 weeks for the car to reach them once it has left the plant.
  • Around 1800 orders for the new Ford Mustang have been taken in the UK since January this year.
  • Huge demand for the new Ford Mustang, which is available to order now and priced from £29,995, means the UK order book for the US-bred performance car is already full into the middle of 2016.
  • Ford says 70% of UK buyers have chosen the 410bhp, 386lb ft 5.0-litre V8-equipped model, which costs from £32,995 and sprints from 0-62mph in 4.8sec. The final power output is actually 5bhp lower than that of the left-hand drive version. This is due to the location of the steering assembly on the right-hand side of the engine, necessitating a new exhaust manifold, which resulted in a small reduction in peak power, according to Ford. Torque, acceleration, top speed and fuel consumption figures are not affected.
  • The other 30% of UK customers have opted for the entry-level 2.3-litre Ecoboost petrol engine, which develops 313bhp and 320lb ft. Even this entry-level model can hit 62mph from rest in 5.8sec.
  • There is the option of either six-speed manual or auto with 55% of customers choosing the manual. The automatic adds £1500 to the list price.
  • The 5.0-litre V8 will be upgraded to 500bhp within 18 months of the car going on sale. In launch specification, the V8 emits 299g/km of CO2 and can return a claimed 20.9mpg, while the Ecoboost option emits 179g/km of CO2 and returns up to 35.3mpg. US markets will also get a 3.7-litre V6 option.

Andy Barratt (Ford of Britain boss) has said: 

“We are now sold out beyond July next year, although that’s not a reason not to go into a dealership and buy one”.

The Unseen Details

With the changing weather we get just as many requests to change our customer’s cars. Most of the time it’s aesthetics to make them very personalised then there are tweaks to the engine or performance and handling of course. Every so often we get a change like this recent change. The exhaust system has been converted from the headers to make it an also open header system.

This particular upgrade is an electronically controlled valve that is manually opened via a switch inside the car. The butterfly inside the pipe opens and diverts the exhaust gases straight out by passing the rest of the exhaust system.

This has an advantage of giving more power as there is no back pressure, this will allow the gases to escape from the chambers and pipes as soon as they are burnt. The other side effect is that the car gets loud, very loud. Of course this open header situation would only be used in limited situations like a race track or drag strip. It would have nothing to do with drowning out the little boy racers, or ricers that think that their one inch exhaust pipe, that comes with the mandatory tail pipe the size of a bucket, (also know as a fart can); They obviously think that their exhaust sounds better than pure American Muscle V8. The starting up of such an engine in this situation is not recommended first thing in the morning, especially after the neighbours come home boozed up and making lots of noise. We wouldn’t want you to disturb them just for the sake of it as it could aggravate their hang overs with the sound of Hell’s thunder. Anyway back to the motorised valves, these will require some adjustments to the chassis and Yogi cut some holes in the chassis rails to mount them correctly.

We recommend mounting the mechanism as high as possible to give as much ground clearance as possible. Part of the front pipe needs to cut away from behind the to allow the “Y” junction pipes to fit into place without disturbing the rest of the exhaust backwards. You never know, we may just fit some small turndown pipes on this 289cid,  just because we can.

Customer Cars:
The 1970 fastback that Yogi declared a war of rust on has been coming along nicely. The floor pans had been completely removed and the front chassis legs had been replaced. Yogi had a helping hand from Sam who broke the Red Oxide out and started to treat the new metal inside the the chassis legs.

The seat platform and the floor pans were given a good coating to prevent any further rust. A process often missed when restoring with new panel work. The torque boxes were treated at the same time as the welding was done to put the floor pan back in place.

The floor pan in place and ground down for a smooth finish.

The seat platform was welded in place after the underside of the base was treated.

The platform was added and welded into place.

Once Yogi was happy Sam got to work with the brush treating all the inner side of the new floor pan.


Next week we would like to get going on the other side as well. But, like all these things we have a lot of cars due in. Providing nothing takes longer than we think it should then we will be OK. Like we predicted the rust don’t stand a chance!

An Offer Accepted!

We like to think that that everything we have here at Mustang Maniac has a value. that value will be worth more to some than others. We had a project lined up and we have been keeping some parts for that project. But a customer came along and saw what we had and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. So we put it all on pallet for him and waited for it’s collection. The guy was very happy, we were happy to have sold some parts, but on the other hand, the project had in mind may just have to wait for a little while longer now. What am I talking about? Well, we just sold a genuine 1969 Boss 302 Engine, Gearbox and it’s matching headers. The engine is the real deal with the screw in core plugs which were the give away for this particular engine along with the very specific manifold. Somebody has got themselves a very nice pallet of goodies.

I was also made an offer for this little beauty. It’s my own secret little project, but I will give you a sneak peak as I took it out from under wraps! Of course providing the right offer came along, I might just be tempted to sell it.