What Happened?

Last week there was no posted blog. We had an email and a couple of comments at the offices to ask what happened to the blog. The answer is quite simple, but not so quick to fix. The blogging PC decided it wasn’t going to play ball and threw a frothy fit and dropped dead. Earlier in the year it was tagged by a nearby lighting strike and it had been a little flaky and temperamental ever since. The usual tell tale signs such as; random blue screens of death, random shut down, not starting, posts not being saved and the edited pictures disappearing now and again too. We went to turn it on as normal Sunday and nothing. No bleeps, no sounds, no nothing, we were not happy as you can imagine. We removed components from the motherboard part by part until something happened. Standard practice to find a faulty part that could stop a PC from booting. Nothing happened until all the parts apart from the CPU were removed. Then we managed to get some sort of post bleep sounds from the speaker. A load of bleeps long and short signals the inevitable sounds of doom. We managed to set the board to defaults and restart to see what we got. A little life this time, plugging the parts back in to see if we got anything. As soon as the drives were plugged in the PC failed. Interrogation of the motherboard showed nothing was being detected on the drives connections. The CPU was showing some random default and certainly not what it should be. Three hours later we gave up, it was dead. Finally after eight months clutching onto twelve volts of life, the LEDs went out for good.

We ordered a load of replacement parts, as the motherboard had died you can pretty much guarantee what was plugged into it directly would have been effected too. Memory, processor, graphics card etc. Just before Christmas the expense of a new PC was not what we needed, not just the cost but the inconvenience as well. Well and truly into four figures for our bespoke system, the parts arrived midweek. It took a complete day to physically build the PC into the case and configure all the parts. The next two days setting up the operating system and reinstalling the programs we use. But due to best practice we didn’t loose the blog as that was all backed up, just a few of the latest photo’s not backed up had gone.

So in short – the PC died and we needed to build a new one and get it running again. So we hope you can forgive us for no posts. Sorry.


We have had some bespoke back up lamp LED bulbs made for us which we are quite pleased about. A day or so before the PC died we uploaded a little video to our YouTube channel click here for the link of it working.

These are super bright and you can actually see where you going.

The link directly to our WebShop for the bulbs click here. Our first batch has almost sold out and we are awaiting for more to arrive.

We are looking to add more to YouTube of our parts working and maybe a few little demos too. Of course we will place the links here for you too.

This is a short post as the photo’s we had of the Yogi working on his cars have gone. we will need to get a few more and bring you back up to date on the next post.

Christmas Time.

It’s that time of year when the petrol head in your life can’t wait to open lots of lovely car parts on Christmas Day. But of course if you don’t know what to buy – the next best thing would be our Gift Vouchers. We can supply them up to any amount in £20 and £10 denominations.

Click here for the link for the vouchers.

Hopefully our next post will be back up to the normal standards.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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