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The wind-down to the end of the year has seen our internal projects move forward another step, we are looking forward to this one trying out new things.

With the end of the year is looming and we are all looking forward to the Christmas break and a goodbye to the year 2020. This year has seen unprecedented disruption and lifestyle changes for everybody, Mustang Maniac are no exception. We hope that next year will be much kinder so that we can get some sort of normality back.

Project Resto Mod

We mentioned that the resto mod has had some hand made bespoke brackets made for the seats, These are now working as we expect and have needed a few little tweaks which we will keep to ourselves for now.

Yogi has been masking up the car in order to add the underside protection. Masking up and multiple layers of our own underside treatment process. This is the only mask that we don’t mind to be honest.

The front of the car has taken on some colour around the inner fenders.

The back of the car will also be getting some treatment for protection before the final undercoat and colour gets applied.

We will be bringing you more on this as we move it along. It would be nice to get a few layers of colour on so that it can cure of the Christmas break. WebShop


We often hear about how how other suppliers are cheaper than us. When we check those items aren’t even in stock. We could be cheaper than everybody else if we don’t stock the items as well. Virtually all our customers know this and appreciate we have to cover the costs.

To prove the point here is a shipment that came in this week to add to our latest stock items.

We have already sold one of these shells, which saves us some storage space. The other shell is sitting in our Stock. When we say it’s in stock, we really do mean it’s in stock! Who else do you know that orders two Mustang shells, just to keep in stock?

We like to think that we can provide you with everything you need to restore a classic Mustang, along with repairs and servicing of your Mustangs all the way up to the latest models. We have what you need on the shelf. Perhaps we may have the odd car for sale now too. Email and ask us. 👍

Last week we posted about our latest batch of gift vouchers that had arrived. Already we have had sold a number to some lucky recipients for Christmas.

If you are stuck for a gift for that petrol head in your life, order online and let them choose from the Aladdin’s cave(s) of our comprehensive stock.

Did you know?

Henry Ford’s wife, Clara Ford, drove Detroit Electric cars like this one until the 1930s. The car had a top speed of 20 mph and an 80-mile range.

It might come as some surprise, but back when Model Ts were selling like hotcakes, the wife of company founder Henry Ford, Clara Ford, was actually driving an electric vehicle. While Henry Ford had experimented with EVs, the company would not make a production EV for several decades. In the early years of personal automobile ownership, the makers of the Detroit Electric had found that many women of the era preferred electric vehicles.

The company capitalized on its advantages by employing a female salesperson to sell the cars to women, including Clara Ford, who drove the vehicle until the 1930s, using it for short trips to visit friends and run errands – she drove only about 5,000 miles during her first year and a half of ownership, according to service records. At one point, her car was being recharged each night by the grandfather of current Ford President and CEO Jim Farley, then an employee at the Rouge plant.

Henry Ford actually purchased two Detroit Electrics for his wife, the first being a 1908 model, which cost $2,600, equivalent to $73,500 in 2020, from Anderson Carriage Company. The cozy cars – flower vases were standard equipment and passengers seated facing each other – were steered by lever from the rear of the car. The cars’ silent operation also made conversation much easier than their gas-powered counterparts. The vehicles had a top speed of 20 mph and a range of 80 miles, though one model reached more than 200 miles between charges during testing.

Clara Ford was not the only wife of an auto company head to drive a Detroit Electric car, either. Helen Joy, wife of Henry Joy, president of the Packard Motor Car Company, reportedly drove a 1915 model. More than 4,000 Detroit Electric cars were being produced annually during the company’s peak in the 1910s, but demand dropped in the 1920s as sales of gas-powered models like the Model T reigned. The Detroit Electric was only available by special order for several years before the company folded in the late 1930s.

Source: //–clara-ford-becomes-ev-pioneer–.html?cid=BOC-2020-12-04

Just think of the progress that could have been made if this been on the top of Ford’s development list.

Keep Safe.

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