Menancing Mustang

This week has been all about tidying up the yard and there is some stuff we have been meaning to do for a long time now. We were recently asked how the new pups were getting on. We can say that Aria and Cleo are happy and have now made themselves more than comfortable in their new home with their mum Shelby in the yard area. They have already got into the pack instinct and patrol the yard very well with that natural guard dog instinct so natural to to them.

Customers Cars

We have been working on a cowl rust project for a little while now and we like to think that we are one of the few people who can do this without ruining the car. The cowl is notorious for holding water and will rust through if not looked after and the drain points kept clear.

The lower cowl has been treated and painted on the inside to match the colour of the car and the underside for the interior of the car.

The upper and lower parts of the cowl are then in effect matched together so there are no unsightly gaps before they are welded together. This process takes time to fit the lower cowl to the car, then the upper cowl has to be matched to both the parts. This is the skill and levels of dedication that you cant even see make the difference. You just know it’s done properly by Mustang Maniac.

The upper cowl is treated on the underside that you don’t see and the edges are prepped ready for the shaping and the welding. Here the parts are clamped and final checks for overall location before the welding.

There are a number of ways to weld this together that we won’t go into by some of our competitors, but we do it properly to replicate the look and feel of the time.

Here is a short video of that process.

The last part of the process is the crucial strengthening brackets for the inner fenders to the cowl. This is a critical area of the car for stability of the chassis.

The last part of the process will be the prep work for the paint and then put it all back together again.

Our Cars

There are few sounds that send shivers down your spine when you hear them, one of those is Yogi’s ’69 427ci menacing Mustang on tick over. We found this old clip and decided to share with you what we mean, a car you hear before you see it. Turn the volume up and tell us what you think, this is seriously awesome.

To complement the video we have this clip of Yogi at one of his favourite haunts; Santa Pod Drag Strip. Although he annihilated the competition, Yogi was not happy as his wheels couldn’t get grip to launch of the line properly. That was confirmed but the data print out, but he decided to trash the tyres and run again, and again just because he could. Listen to the Yogi ride on full chat again awesome.

Have you taken your car down Santa Pod or any other Drag Strip? Send us some pics and we will get them on the blog for you.

Keeping In Trim

Quite often we get emails sending us pics of cars they are thinking of buying and asking if it’s worth the money and should they buy it. There are lots of issues around this sort of thing, we virtually always decline to answer such questions. This is nothing personal of course, but we can’t see the car up close and inspect the things we need to before we pass any comments. If the car turns out to be a bag of rust, we will no doubt will get  the blame. Of course we could offer a valuation service to go and look at a car and advise, provided that all expenses and time are paid. Would people be willing to pay for the service? Let us know. Within the latest batch of emails this week we had a great email and on Facebook from somebody who still runs a classic Mustang as their daily driver. We think this is pretty cool and gave us an idea. Send us your pics of your car that you drive around in on a daily basis, then we can see just how many are on the road everyday out there. Is this a rare case or are there others out there? We will even put your pic on our blog to show the world on our new section; Daily Driver. This may be a one-off, but we hope not.

Daily Driver:

This was sent to us by Michael Joachim of his “Daily Driver”.  Now that is just cool.

Customers Cars:

We are getting on with Roy’s car and starting to put her back together. As soon as the glass goes back in the project looks half way there and a significant milestone has been reached. Once the windscreen was fitted and sealed in place the first of the nice trim parts were fitted in place.

The upper cowl section was refitted and the hood so that the gaps could then be set. Then the hood was taken of again ready for the heart of the car to go in. The engine was previously stripped, rebuilt and painted prior to fitting. Yogi and Paul a great team working together know how each other works and thinks, so this is poetry in motion to see.

The carb was fitted and the correct rocker swapped over leaving only the air pan to be fitted and checked for fit.

The carb needs to be tuned and setup, but not just yet though. The HT leads and distributer are fitted along with the basic wires from the new wiring loom.

Things seem to move very quickly with the large parts being fitted and then it all slows down again for the more detailed parts. The FMX gearbox was treated to a service and the oil was crisp and new as the day it was put in, which is always a good sign.

From there the gearbox was given a coat of red oxide then a coat of the black finish.

The gearbox was fitted to the engine and bolted in place.

The inside of the car was treated to some new carpets and padding.


Other News:

We have been asked about how the puppies are doing. We can say that the mum Shelby is now back on guard duty in the yard and the pups are growing up, fast. Warning: Cute puppy pics!

Aria Loves her dad!

They now have names; the white one is now called Cleo and the other rascal is called Aria.

These are the latest taken a couple of days ago and not quite so small.

Next week we will be bringing you some updates on the “Onion” and how that is getting on. Remember to send us pics of your Daily Driver.

Chilly Pups

We have had a couple of emails this week about our new members of the family, Shelby’s puppies. They are growing fast and full of mischief as you would expect. Trying to house train a few puppies when its cold is not easy, let alone when there is snow on the ground!

No names as yet except for one that Morgan who has named “Zeus”.

Customers Cars

This time of year is fairly quiet as many of the classic cars will but tucked up in a garage to keep them warm. We know of a couple of cars that are due an MOT this month but we already know that the owner won’t take them out in the rain let alone the snow, we won’t name names of course. but we will see Mart in the new year near year with his Coupe when things are back to normal with the weather for him; sunny, no dust on the road, all the salt washed away, no grit, no mud and above 20deg with not to much humidity etc. so that could be a while into the New Year then. We have a project convertible with us that needs to be put back together again. The usual boxes of bits and number of bits missing will need to be added back to the car. At least we have made a start on this little lady who has already has her regal colour scheme.

As for the snow it’s all gone now we hope!

Answer to last weeks question: What did Adams hat say? Well Adrian got it right with – “Bah Humbug knowing Adam!”

Have a great Christmas and New Year. (ignore the hat!)

New Arrivals

A large post this week, so we will start with something not related to cars, but with some cuddly puppy pics. Yep, Adam’s much-loved Shelby guard dog has had pups. This was a bit of a surprise to us and certainly not planned, but “doctor” Morgan picked up she was due to have the litter while Adam was in Las Vegas. There was virtually no signs of the pregnancy apart from a little weight. There were originally eight in the litter with two white pups, one of which passed away along with a usual markings pup. We now have six left, three boys and three girls, both mum Shelby and her pups are doing well. What Adam plans to do with them is undecided just yet, apart from giving them lots of cuddles that is.

Customers Cars.

A big congratulations to one of our customers. Ross attended the Birmingham NEC Classic Car Show this year. He picked up “Car of the Year” from Classic American magazine with his ’67 genuine 390GT concours correct car.

Ross (on the left) with his award standing next another customer of ours and good friend Barry.

’67 Highland Green Fastback

The car was treated to a new Truetrac diff in a reconditioned 9″ axle.

The rear springs, shackles and plates were replaced rear drums given a little TLC and new oil sump completes the list.

Shelby GT500 DeAgostini 1:8th Model – Completed!

Finally after two long years of building, the model is now completed. It has been a largely enjoyable process with just a few minor niggles. The last four issues ninety-seven to one hundred arrived last week to a sigh of relief. This is a monster model and very heavy, the finished model specs are Length: 590mm (23.2”) | Height: 170mm (6.7”) | Width: 230mm (9”). We have a day one walk through from issue one to issue one hundred which can be found here, or click on the menu bar at the top.

The process in this update was to attach the body to the chassis, attach the doors and finish the electrics, which we had a small problem with, but we managed to fix quite easily.


We have been asked a few times again this week about our current stock levels and do we have the item in stock? The WebShop is up to date; if it says it’s in stock then it it’s in stock no need to call us. We have extended our storage capacity yet again and made better use of our space. We have been by adding racking to the upper levels of the heavy panel storage rooms. On a Monday morning we have the weekend parts picked and ready for packaging and dispatch. So if you try to call us first thing on a Monday, we are more often than not busy here!

The packing area has now been upgraded too for easier access. Flex plates and flywheels have been increased in stock to go with the large selection of clutches.

Adam has sourced some windscreens as well, these are with the inset laminated Ford anti-fog wires, he has few in stock now – not cheap granted – but a superb upgrade.

The rest of the stock has moved the more common suspension and brake parts around as well.

The heavy panel storage is unrecognisable now with big changes all round.

So as you can see, we don’t just hold the odd part now and again, we hold lots of parts that haven’t been added to the WebShop just yet. A recent question was asked about our postage as well. We use a next day dispatch courier and the charge for that service is what we get charged, we don’t make money on the postage to keep it as low as possible. Orders are more than welcome to be picked up in person, or arrange your own collection – please let us know by email if this is your choice so we can get your order ready for collection.

2018 Calendars. 

We have had a good response to the “Limited Edition” Mustang Maniac calendars and some left. Please get in early if you are wanting to grab your copy – free with your order over £200+ vat.

Classic Bullitt

This week we have a very special car in our workshops. The car has come in for some of her regular servicing and we are pleased to have her back. There are plenty of Bullitt replicas or “Clones” out there, as you have no doubt seen with the same colour etc. However driving this little lady is the closest you will ever get to the original Bullitt car, for handling, sound and look, especially here in the UK. Now we all know that Bullitt was a ’68 etc etc. This ’67 390GT in Acapulco Blue is true to the original spec Bullitt car. The car has a four speed manual with the legendary 390ci big block as you would expect. The car sounds incredible and not had the super loud exhausts on it (yet). She drives like an absolute dream and turns heads wherever she goes.

There is even a rumour that this car could be coming up for sale very soon. So, if the rumours are true, pay a visit to your bank manager and get your money ready. There is already huge interest in this pretty special car with the attention to detail as you would expect. If she is up for sale, the first person with the money gets her. An absolute classic car that will only ever go up in value.


Adam does his best Steve McQueen impression backing this car into her temporary home.




Watch This Space for news on this beauty coming up for sale.

Customers Cars:

The ’70 fastback is starting to have the back-end welded into place now. The rear quarters are dry fitted at the moment and will get some colour on the insides before the final welding up.



The rear axle has been treated to some paint and is almost ready to go back on the chassis.


Adam and Yogi had an impromptu visit to the The London Classic Car Show on Friday. They decided to have a look round, the trouble is the look round ended up Adam reaching for his wallet. He did buy something and that something will appear here very soon. You don’t need to ask what it is just yet, but it’s pretty special. Adam even has some special number plates for it. As we said above – watch this space for news on that one!

Ford History Lesson:

Part 1:
When Henry Ford first set up the auto company in the 1900s he had 6 other investors and they all wanted to build expensive cars for the rich as there was more profit in such cars – like they were doing in Europe. Henry was strongly opposed to this strategy but was out-voted. He went on to developed and built a luxury car made using his skills to engineer it to extremely high standards. Once built, he decided to go his own way and to buy out his partners and start the Ford Motor Company. As part of the deal, the newly built luxury car was left with the remaining investors…..and it went on to be launched as the very first ‘Cadillac’ car!

Part 2:
Henry Ford is famed for inventing the ‘moving production line’ which allowed 50 cars a day to roll off the line. A much lesser known fact is that his grandson, Henry Ford 2 is responsible for creating the first ‘automated production line’ ……allowing 400 vehicles a day to be produced.
Part 3:
Henry Ford 2 loved the name ‘Maverick’ and wanted it for the now famous Mustang. Ford ‘owned’ the rights to the name along with 800 other names for possible future cars. But where did the name Maverick come from?
In reality there was a rich Texan cattle baron called Samuel Maverick whose claim to fail was he never branded his vast heard of cattle…as he thought the process of burning his mark into an animals skin was barbaric. So, if any cattle was found without a branded mark it was said to be a ‘Maverick’ – interestingly he lost very few cattle and had little trouble from ruthless thieves simply putting their brand on his cattle. His name became the definition of someone who did not act traditionally or conform to the rules of society in any way. So the Maverick was born….and Henry Ford 2 wanted to call the Mustang Maverick because it did not conform to any of the car rules that went before? He got his way later in the decade when Ford launched the all new Ford Maverick in the US. The name was given another outing in the 80/90s in the UK with the Ford/Nissan joint venture 4×4 – Ford Maverick and Nissan Terrano.

Thanks to Gary W. for the information.

The Pups

This week in the office customers have mentioned they like the idea of the pups being in the office. Now we can’t be sure if this is true or not, but the husbands wait for the their wives to be distracted by the pups while they pay for their parts or for the work on their cars! 😉

Mother Ellie and daughter Daisy


The New Year chaos has settled down now and things are getting back to normal. The Pups have been requested yet again and we will put a few more pics up of them at the end of the post. But, as this is as Mustang based blog let’s get down to business with the cars.

Customer’s Cars:

Yogi has been busy working on the accident damaged 64 1/2 car. The engine was fitted back into the car and was plumed in and wired back up.

The whole front right corner was basically replaced with the chassis legs, fender, inner wing panels, radiator, lights, headlight mouldings and trims, bumper, front panels, various mountings, hinges, fixings etc.. the list goes on. But, what we have now is a superb looking classic 1964 1/2 Mustang. The full story start to finish can be seen by clicking here or going to the Menu under “Customers Cars – 1964 1/2 Coupe RTA Repair”


As we get a lot of requests for this now here it is: Before and After.

Our New Car Project:

We are aiming to bring you a complete build of a car with nothing but new parts. This will be a two-year project and we are looking forward to it. What is the car? It’s a Shelby GT500. We wished it could be a real one but this is going to be a 1:8th scale replica model from DeAgostini. Click here for their link to the website where you can order from them and subscribe for the offers if you want too. Their advertising campaign that has started this week on national TV and press sees the start of the project. We have created a page under the Menu “Projects” where we will be adding pictures and process of the build as we go along as well as appearing on the blog as we go too on a monthly basis at least. Each issue will contain step by step build guides as well as articles on Mustang, Shelby, other muscle cars etc.


The parts in this issue are extremely well detailed.

We will start the build once we have a couple of issues to hand. We have created a page in the Project Menu – “Shelby GT500 1:8th Scale Model” or just click here.

Yogi’s 1969 Mach1:

Yogi had his hibernation over Christmas and came back into the yard carrying bits that make him happy. Some would say that would be food or beer (which of course is always good). But the smile was because he had car bits, not any old car bits, some of these parts we haven’t had more than a day or so before he grabbed them. These are our custom-made LED ’69 rear lights with reflectors and the brand new smoked lenses we are now stocking that haven’t even been put onto the WebShop yet. Looks like we have sold them before we got the chance to sell them on if that makes sense.

The original red lenses and the new Smoked look.

Update: 12/1/2016

Thanks to Nathan who correctly pointed out that what we mean was the original style or look of the ’69 red lenses. The originals are darker than the these clearer style ones we have in stock as well. We are also thinking about getting some darker new styled red lenses as well if there is a demand for them. Please let us know if it’s what you are after, so in theory you could have four or so choices of ’69 lenses, orginal stock re, clearer red, smoked or darker red. Just for comparison.

The clearer style red and the potential darker red ’69 lenses.


Yogi took no time to take out his old bulbs and fit the new ones which have totally changed the look of the car.


We took a few pics with the flash to show the LED’s in place on the car.

You can buy yours from the WebShop –


Did you know that the black line detail on the back of these cars glows white under light?

The next job was the new fuel lines he was treated to by his family.


To give it more power Yogi said “I need a billet gas pedal”.

New Stock:

We have been waiting for the delivery of our new stock look modern radios. These are an exact replica of the original fitted radios that have full modern capability. You can switch the radio frequencies between countries and there is even a BlueTooth version coming soon. The fitting instructions are very detailed and the feed back so far is they are pretty amazing.

This is the early ’64 model fitting:


’64 Style here –

’65 – ’66 Style here –


Small size, BIG features!

Looks original but offers today’s technology
Quality chrome faceplate and knobs exactly match the original
AM/FM dial scale looks like the original
AM or FM band selected with slide bar like the original
10 presets (5 AM, 5 FM)
Maximum power = 180 watts RMS (45 watts x 4 speakers 4Ω, 14.4V, 1kHz)
Uses original antenna
Fits in dash without any modifications
Digitally tuned AM/FM stereo front end provides stable, high quality reception
Analog controls look and feel like the original radio
All controls easily accessible. Volume, bass, treble, balance, fader and tuning from original-looking controls
LED dial lights will never need replacing
Memory retention for user settings is more than 40 years
3 RCA jacks for left channel, right channel, and sub-woofer line outs
3.5 mm phone jack for input from iPod, smart phone or MP3 player
Switch selectable for 1,2,3 or 4 speakers
Switch selectable for North America or Europe mode
Includes a 6 foot 3.5mm male-to-male auxiliary cable with every radio

We recommend that you don’t use the original speakers with this unit.


Last but NOT least a few pics of the puppies as promised:

The runt – Enos


New Arrivals

This week has been very busy as usual, but this time it’s not just the cars we have been servicing and looking after. If we can take you back a few weeks to when Adam was posting some pics of SEMA 2015. Adam mentioned that he may have bought something, however he promised it wasn’t a car. This week we had a container arrive from the USA sort of car sized. We all thought that it was going to be car shuffle time again to find a home for it. More inspection revealed that we could see the back end of a car with a licence plate! Car, he’s bought another car. As we unloaded the shipment he kept laughing and insisting that he hadn’t bought a car, but we could see the back of a car. We thought he was going nuts at this point. Although we hate to admit it, he was right – he hadn’t bought a car at all – he had bought TWO halves of a car!!! When we unwrapped the crates properly we could see just why he had bought what he had.



We knew that Adam has always wanted a pair of these “sofas” and they are amazing, not to just look at but also to sit on. The wheel arches had been filled in with sheet metal work and these sofas are made using genuine Mustang parts. Here they are on their way to Mustang Maniac, Adam had kept these pics to himself for a while for some reason.


The process to make these sofas really is a work of art with expertise to match.

Apparently Adam did what Adam does best, he made a deal or two at the show to get them back to the UK. The back end has been put into the offices of LAR downstairs next to the fish tank. What with the Harley at the other end of the office it’s becoming a bit of a showroom!

Of course the front end is now located in the new revamped offices of Mustang Maniac upstairs. Both the sofas has the correct fittings for the headlights and indicators, the legs are tuned billet and the sofas are pretty amazing we must say. Adam wants to make the lights work front and back, as well as putting exhaust pipes in the back section. That’s his next little project apparently. 🙂

How much does Adam like these new acquisitions? Well, he took the show plates of Mart’s Acapulco coupe freshly back from the Car Show and screwed them straight onto the sofas.

What do people think of them? Well three of Adam’s five grandchildren have seen them and loved it. In fact everybody who has seen them so far like them.

We did say to Adam; “Go and get some more”. Adam’s response was these ones are not for sale (yet), but if the interest is there he could be “persuaded” to go back to the USA and get some more made and shipped over to the UK. If you want one – speak to Adam, but be advised that these ain’t cheap, in fact you can get a pretty good working second-hand car for what these cost!

The office itself has had a major uplift and it all seemed to coincide with the delivery of the new “furniture”. There are new desk chairs, new desks and matching filing cabinets too. The cabinets are actually storing things that should be in the office, and not sorage for steering wheels, brake parts, bits of suspension or clutches! How long will it stay like that we are not sure, but the office does look pretty darn cool right now we must say.

Adam likes the new chairs as you can tell. There is a theme with the new furniture, I wonder if you can guess just what that theme is!


Other News:

Ellie has become a mum and had her puppies on Tuesday evening. The very proud German Shepherd mum produced ten pups in total, but sadly one died very early on while the other arrived. But, Ellie and the remaining nine are all healthy and being spoilt rotten as you can imagine. There is nothing quite like the smell of newly born puppies.



We do have some pics of the work we have been doing on the cars this week. But we thought we would leave it today on a cute photo set. Good choice? What will be main post pic be? The new sofa’s or the puppies? The decision will be made in about ten minutes just before this gets posted! Next week – Cars, and maybe more puppies.