Keeping In Trim

Quite often we get emails sending us pics of cars they are thinking of buying and asking if it’s worth the money and should they buy it. There are lots of issues around this sort of thing, we virtually always decline to answer such questions. This is nothing personal of course, but we can’t see the car up close and inspect the things we need to before we pass any comments. If the car turns out to be a bag of rust, we will no doubt will get  the blame. Of course we could offer a valuation service to go and look at a car and advise, provided that all expenses and time are paid. Would people be willing to pay for the service? Let us know. Within the latest batch of emails this week we had a great email and on Facebook from somebody who still runs a classic Mustang as their daily driver. We think this is pretty cool and gave us an idea. Send us your pics of your car that you drive around in on a daily basis, then we can see just how many are on the road everyday out there. Is this a rare case or are there others out there? We will even put your pic on our blog to show the world on our new section; Daily Driver. This may be a one-off, but we hope not.

Daily Driver:

This was sent to us by Michael Joachim of his “Daily Driver”.  Now that is just cool.

Customers Cars:

We are getting on with Roy’s car and starting to put her back together. As soon as the glass goes back in the project looks half way there and a significant milestone has been reached. Once the windscreen was fitted and sealed in place the first of the nice trim parts were fitted in place.

The upper cowl section was refitted and the hood so that the gaps could then be set. Then the hood was taken of again ready for the heart of the car to go in. The engine was previously stripped, rebuilt and painted prior to fitting. Yogi and Paul a great team working together know how each other works and thinks, so this is poetry in motion to see.

The carb was fitted and the correct rocker swapped over leaving only the air pan to be fitted and checked for fit.

The carb needs to be tuned and setup, but not just yet though. The HT leads and distributer are fitted along with the basic wires from the new wiring loom.

Things seem to move very quickly with the large parts being fitted and then it all slows down again for the more detailed parts. The FMX gearbox was treated to a service and the oil was crisp and new as the day it was put in, which is always a good sign.

From there the gearbox was given a coat of red oxide then a coat of the black finish.

The gearbox was fitted to the engine and bolted in place.

The inside of the car was treated to some new carpets and padding.


Other News:

We have been asked about how the puppies are doing. We can say that the mum Shelby is now back on guard duty in the yard and the pups are growing up, fast. Warning: Cute puppy pics!

Aria Loves her dad!

They now have names; the white one is now called Cleo and the other rascal is called Aria.

These are the latest taken a couple of days ago and not quite so small.

Next week we will be bringing you some updates on the “Onion” and how that is getting on. Remember to send us pics of your Daily Driver.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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12 Responses to Keeping In Trim

  1. OMG – the Pic of Aria and Adam is brilliant. 🙂

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  2. Dana S. Hugh says:

    You cannot buy a car through a picture unless it is new…jmo

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  3. bzerob says:

    Reblogged this on Voices From The Garage and commented:
    As always a top notch job. I like your work and keep it up. Maybe you can come see the Woodward Dream Cruise. And hang out in Mustang Alley withthe other 800 Mustang fans from all over the world!

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  4. simonroma says:

    Brilliant blog and I love the dog pics!!! Listen, you make a great point about the car opinions that are requested cos you know these Mustangs inside out. I suggest that you SELL your knowledge. In other words ask for 100 usd (for instance) plus fuel and then you are ready to travel within a radius of X (up to you) and make a good check over of the car in question. These cars are now so old that only a specialist like you really knows what to look for. 100 or 200 bucks?? I would willingly pay that IF I was in the market for a car that may cost me 20 or 30k and about which I dont know alot.

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    • Hi, thanks very much for the comments we always appreciate the feedback. We have mentioned the car valuation before, but people here see our business and think they can get our advice for free. When we said we would charge they take offence at it. Another thing is we often put right other people’s incorrect work should we say, when we charge for it they again say “yeah but i already paid xxx for it once” and then want you to do it on the cheap, but also do a better job. Thanks again for the kind words.


  5. simonroma says:

    Hey I do not expect to pay X per hour. I expect to pay X for all of the experience that goes into what you do in that hour. If they dont wanna pay then let them go…..

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  6. simonroma says:

    This is a common dilemma in my experience. Even my mate the car mechanic has the same problems “hey you fixed that in 10 minutes so how can you charge me X??”. But the experience and the equipment and that, all free????? If you offer a quality service then please charge an appropriate price. If you dont charge then the customer assumes it is worth zero……


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