New Arrivals

This week has been very busy as usual, but this time it’s not just the cars we have been servicing and looking after. If we can take you back a few weeks to when Adam was posting some pics of SEMA 2015. Adam mentioned that he may have bought something, however he promised it wasn’t a car. This week we had a container arrive from the USA sort of car sized. We all thought that it was going to be car shuffle time again to find a home for it. More inspection revealed that we could see the back end of a car with a licence plate! Car, he’s bought another car. As we unloaded the shipment he kept laughing and insisting that he hadn’t bought a car, but we could see the back of a car. We thought he was going nuts at this point. Although we hate to admit it, he was right – he hadn’t bought a car at all – he had bought TWO halves of a car!!! When we unwrapped the crates properly we could see just why he had bought what he had.



We knew that Adam has always wanted a pair of these “sofas” and they are amazing, not to just look at but also to sit on. The wheel arches had been filled in with sheet metal work and these sofas are made using genuine Mustang parts. Here they are on their way to Mustang Maniac, Adam had kept these pics to himself for a while for some reason.


The process to make these sofas really is a work of art with expertise to match.

Apparently Adam did what Adam does best, he made a deal or two at the show to get them back to the UK. The back end has been put into the offices of LAR downstairs next to the fish tank. What with the Harley at the other end of the office it’s becoming a bit of a showroom!

Of course the front end is now located in the new revamped offices of Mustang Maniac upstairs. Both the sofas has the correct fittings for the headlights and indicators, the legs are tuned billet and the sofas are pretty amazing we must say. Adam wants to make the lights work front and back, as well as putting exhaust pipes in the back section. That’s his next little project apparently. 🙂

How much does Adam like these new acquisitions? Well, he took the show plates of Mart’s Acapulco coupe freshly back from the Car Show and screwed them straight onto the sofas.

What do people think of them? Well three of Adam’s five grandchildren have seen them and loved it. In fact everybody who has seen them so far like them.

We did say to Adam; “Go and get some more”. Adam’s response was these ones are not for sale (yet), but if the interest is there he could be “persuaded” to go back to the USA and get some more made and shipped over to the UK. If you want one – speak to Adam, but be advised that these ain’t cheap, in fact you can get a pretty good working second-hand car for what these cost!

The office itself has had a major uplift and it all seemed to coincide with the delivery of the new “furniture”. There are new desk chairs, new desks and matching filing cabinets too. The cabinets are actually storing things that should be in the office, and not sorage for steering wheels, brake parts, bits of suspension or clutches! How long will it stay like that we are not sure, but the office does look pretty darn cool right now we must say.

Adam likes the new chairs as you can tell. There is a theme with the new furniture, I wonder if you can guess just what that theme is!


Other News:

Ellie has become a mum and had her puppies on Tuesday evening. The very proud German Shepherd mum produced ten pups in total, but sadly one died very early on while the other arrived. But, Ellie and the remaining nine are all healthy and being spoilt rotten as you can imagine. There is nothing quite like the smell of newly born puppies.



We do have some pics of the work we have been doing on the cars this week. But we thought we would leave it today on a cute photo set. Good choice? What will be main post pic be? The new sofa’s or the puppies? The decision will be made in about ten minutes just before this gets posted! Next week – Cars, and maybe more puppies.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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10 Responses to New Arrivals

  1. Where’s the cars??? only joking. The Puppies are so cute as you say, what would I take home sofa or puppy? I think the front end sofa gets my vote.


  2. camerapacker says:

    Both sets of arrivals are too cool.


  3. Gary W says:

    I was lucky enough to ‘road test’ both sofas on Saturday……one had a slight vibration while I was on the A10 and it was a bit drafty…..seriously, they are sooooo cool – trouble is I might have to sell my Mustang to own one! As for the puppies, using a popular US phrase, it now makes Mustang Maniac a real Dog and ‘Pony’ show…….


  4. sanseilife says:

    I vote puppies🐶

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