New Arrivals

This week has been very busy as usual, but this time it’s not just the cars we have been servicing and looking after. If we can take you back a few weeks to when Adam was posting some pics of SEMA 2015. Adam mentioned that he may have bought something, however he promised it wasn’t a car. This week we had a container arrive from the USA sort of car sized. We all thought that it was going to be car shuffle time again to find a home for it. More inspection revealed that we could see the back end of a car with a licence plate! Car, he’s bought another car. As we unloaded the shipment he kept laughing and insisting that he hadn’t bought a car, but we could see the back of a car. We thought he was going nuts at this point. Although we hate to admit it, he was right – he hadn’t bought a car at all – he had bought TWO halves of a car!!! When we unwrapped the crates properly we could see just why he had bought what he had.



We knew that Adam has always wanted a pair of these “sofas” and they are amazing, not to just look at but also to sit on. The wheel arches had been filled in with sheet metal work and these sofas are made using genuine Mustang parts. Here they are on their way to Mustang Maniac, Adam had kept these pics to himself for a while for some reason.


The process to make these sofas really is a work of art with expertise to match.

Apparently Adam did what Adam does best, he made a deal or two at the show to get them back to the UK. The back end has been put into the offices of LAR downstairs next to the fish tank. What with the Harley at the other end of the office it’s becoming a bit of a showroom!

Of course the front end is now located in the new revamped offices of Mustang Maniac upstairs. Both the sofas has the correct fittings for the headlights and indicators, the legs are tuned billet and the sofas are pretty amazing we must say. Adam wants to make the lights work front and back, as well as putting exhaust pipes in the back section. That’s his next little project apparently. 🙂

How much does Adam like these new acquisitions? Well, he took the show plates of Mart’s Acapulco coupe freshly back from the Car Show and screwed them straight onto the sofas.

What do people think of them? Well three of Adam’s five grandchildren have seen them and loved it. In fact everybody who has seen them so far like them.

We did say to Adam; “Go and get some more”. Adam’s response was these ones are not for sale (yet), but if the interest is there he could be “persuaded” to go back to the USA and get some more made and shipped over to the UK. If you want one – speak to Adam, but be advised that these ain’t cheap, in fact you can get a pretty good working second-hand car for what these cost!

The office itself has had a major uplift and it all seemed to coincide with the delivery of the new “furniture”. There are new desk chairs, new desks and matching filing cabinets too. The cabinets are actually storing things that should be in the office, and not sorage for steering wheels, brake parts, bits of suspension or clutches! How long will it stay like that we are not sure, but the office does look pretty darn cool right now we must say.

Adam likes the new chairs as you can tell. There is a theme with the new furniture, I wonder if you can guess just what that theme is!


Other News:

Ellie has become a mum and had her puppies on Tuesday evening. The very proud German Shepherd mum produced ten pups in total, but sadly one died very early on while the other arrived. But, Ellie and the remaining nine are all healthy and being spoilt rotten as you can imagine. There is nothing quite like the smell of newly born puppies.



We do have some pics of the work we have been doing on the cars this week. But we thought we would leave it today on a cute photo set. Good choice? What will be main post pic be? The new sofa’s or the puppies? The decision will be made in about ten minutes just before this gets posted! Next week – Cars, and maybe more puppies.

SEMA 2015 (Day 4)

We said we were going to post yesterday the last day of SEMA 2015, but we didn’t get a chance because we spent the night in Las Vegas enjoying the best of the hospitality. So we think we had an excuse as we wanted to sample the culture, as we do each year we are here. So here are the last days photo’s:


We have a Smart car at Mustang Maniac, but ours doesn’t look like this though. We think we might stick it in the suitcase and take it home with us.


We have seen some pretty cool exhaust modifications in our time, but none quite like this:

You want Hemi heads on a Ford block – you got it !

Yeah we have had an email to ask if Adam was working there or not, he says he was?


He says he was networking – this means he tracked down John D’Agostino from D’Agostino Celebrity Kustoms.


This is where we found our potential favourite of the whole show – Elvis’ custom Cadillac. What an incredible car.

We often here the phrase “boys and their toys”, yep we found those too.


Then we found the proper toys. A genuine Shelby Daytona, unfortunately a pocket full of cash wouldn’t by the wheel nuts on this car.

Coming to the end of the last day at the show we moved outside.

Then to celebrate (with what ever reason we could think off) we hit the town. A great night out in a great city.

We done a little shopping today and found a sofa we want in the offices.


All we can say is what fantastic show yet again from SEMA 2015, we are sad to be coming home soon. But not without saying a big, big thank you to all the wonderful people who have taken time out with us over the short time we have been guests here. We love Las Vegas and we love the USA. See you again next year when we will do it all over again.


SEMA 2015 (Day 3)

We are starting to find out way around the huge halls now and just keep finding more and more stuff to look at. We decided to start outside again and found some more tuning companies that are doing some pretty amazing things with the 2015 Mustangs, such as the Rocket concept cars.

Adam managed to track down a couple of principles from the Galpin Auto Sports company.

Then there’s Roush – we like Roush, in fact we really, really like Roush!

The inevitable race spec cars:


That brings us nicely onto racing. Yesterday we were treated to some Mustangs destroying rubber. What could be better than that? Simple – two Mustangs destroying rubber, with some nice coordinated stunt driving here.

And not a single Police car in sight, OK there was then!

Moving back inside again after all the excitement and get rid of all the inhaled rubber particles we found more Ford Performance parts:

For something a little something different, how about a car made with nothing but a 3D printer!


We came across a company that was demonstrating their tools and how they worked. Obviously they needed a car and just happened to find a rental car to demonstrate on. We suspect the glass will go back in at some point.


Day four tomorrow of SEMA 2015 and we hope to have more pics for you. We love Vegas.

SEMA 2015 (Day 2)

After the first day yesterday a refreshing beer was called for, medicinal purposes of course to ease the aching feet. Perhaps we need a pair of these?


Day 2 we focussed on the outside of the event and we were treated to some pretty skilled car shows, and that unmistakable smell of burning rubber and sound of tyres screaming for mercy.

Keeping with the trend so far we have some pretty awesome Trucks on show.

Our favorite truck so far? so many to choose from but this has definitely made the short list! We are struggling to think of reason not to buy this for the new work van!

There were plenty of tuning companies with their engines and cars on show.

Now for the fine-looking cars.

Back inside the halls Chris was said to be “working”, but we wondered just how many pictures you can take on the same profile of a car!

Other pictures where we caught Chris “Working” again. We are trying to find a common factor in the pictures. We just can’t seem to put our finger on it though.

The legendary Grave Digger.


More tuning companies.

We particularly liked this little lady with the nice rear body panels.


The Saleen stand certainly didn’t disappoint either.

Who knows what we will find tomorrow, but we are sure looking forward to finding out.

SEMA 2015 (Day 1)

The wait was over at long last, the doors opened and crowds of people flooded in to the exhibition halls to fill what seemed for a brief moment, a unfillable huge empty space. We never cease to be amazed at how well this SEMA event is supported each year, and it just keeps getting bigger. Oh, it also gets busier as the day goes on as well!


We went with the flow and took pictures of what ever took our fancy. We had noticed that Scott Drake have released a new Four Lug – Fifteen by Six-inch wheel for the first time. These will fit the Falcons as well as the Mustangs, at last some nice wheels for the six cylinder cars or four lug axles.

We spotted a nice Pony Style seat with a modern twist we quite liked the look of.


As for the cars where do we start? How about some Trucks for a change.

Now back to the Mustangs:

A real nice twist to the ’69 Fastbacks – not an Eleanor this time, but this well done body mod. We think it had tires on was that just the wrapping for the trim?


We came across a pretty special Shelby here today:

And one of the cars we especially wanted to see – the new Ford GT. We can honestly say that it looks as good close up as it does in the pictures.


We hope to get some more pics up for you tomorrow Day 2.

Shelby Production Line

We will have a few posts from the SEMA 2015 show soon but in the mean time we thought we would share some old photos of the Shelby production line. Not many images around from that time but we have been collecting them. We are not sure of the exact dates apart from ’65/’66 so if anybody could help out with some more accurate information of exactly where and when these were taken that would be appreciated.


There is always talk of “Barn Finds” and all the excitement that goes with it. We have been lucky to come across the one or two ourselves. We have a quick story to tell here; Adam opened up one of his storage units and decided that he wanted to put the recent stock delivery away where it was supposed to go. Nothing unusual in that from the photo below.


When he started to move stuff around he shouted out “Barn Find”. Of course he knew he had a car or two in here under all this temporary stock storage.

How many cars did he find in this shed?


We have been asked about our fish tank would you believe and how it was getting on. We are pleased to report that it looks great and everybody seems to love it.


Once we get the pics from the USA we post them up for you.


Update 1st November 2015

We asked for some help regarding the Shelby photo’s and Gary W. has provided us with some invaluable information. His reply is in the comments section, but just in case you missed it we just had to make it part of the main post.

Thanks very much Gary.

His pretty awesome comment was as follows:

“Great blog. The Shelby cars were shipped from the Ford San Jose plant from September 1965 to Shelby’s factory – initially Venice California and then latterly at a factory near LAX airport. The pics show cars being offloaded from Ford and work underway at the Venice factory. Ford first approached Carrol Shelby in January 1965 to prepare a limited run of race spec Mustangs. The first to get the Shelby treatment were the newly introduced fastbacks produced for 1965. Convertibles and Coupes were given the Shelby treatment along with Fastbacks but convertibles were only made in very small numbers. A change in management at Ford in 1968/9 saw the Shelby modifications taken ‘in house’ at the plant….making the early cars much more sought after now. End of ‘anorak’ speech!”

We’re Off To Sema 2015

It’s that time of year again when Mustang Maniac visits USA to take in the Sema 2015 Show which will run from 29th October to November 6th. There will be a few of us going to the States, and as a result the Mustang Maniac offices will be closed from Wednesday 28th October until the Wednesday 11th November. But, the good news is that the WebShop will be open as normal. All orders will still be dispatched as normal and invoiced as normal so there will be no disruption to that side of the business. Please can you bare with us for a short while we temporarily scale down for a couple of weeks. Yogi will be around in the workshops, but will not be taking many calls as the work allocation has already been established in the meantime. The second part of the good news is that we will try to update our blog with some of the good stuff we see to keep you right up to date with the show. You never know we could bring back some new Mustang related stock too, we will have to wait and see in that one though.

Customer Cars:

Alpha red convertible is almost finished now. We will have a full road test, once over again and then she can go. The new custom-made roof has been fitted and looks pretty good up and also covered. Adam was sitting in the car checking things over and all was at it should be. The door cards were also custom-made with red sticking on leather to match the seats. This is one pretty lady that has grown on us since we have worked on her.

The interior looks pretty good and well-coordinated.

Outside speaks for itself.

We had a rare ’67 Coupe with the very nice original front bench seats in place, a factory option vinyl roof come into us for a little work. A very nice optioned factory car.


New product.

We often get asked for an immobiliser to fitted to cars which we do from time to time or an alarm system. But we have a new option which fits in between the two. This is a componant that fits to the battery and is remote key fob controlled. The press of a button will kill the complete electrical system dead. The deactivation will enable all the electrics to be live again. A great option and does not look to out-of-place either. We have a couple of these units and may consider these as a stock item as we are quite impressed with them. The other advantage is that a battery conditioner can still be used on the car without the electrics being live.

Faulty fuel gauge?

We had a car delivered to us after sitting around for 15 years. The fuel gauge was showing empty al the time, circuit testing shows the wires to the gauge were fine. That can only leave the sender itself. We removed the sender and found it had corroded severely. You can see the fuel line on the float and filter.


Remember, offices are closed for a couple of weeks while we are at Sema 2015.  WebShop and workshops will be operating as normal as possible.