Our Own Easter Parade

We have had a busy week, made busier as it’s a short one for some. We have had to swap a few cars around in the workshops. We’ve had a car back from paint, and our very own resto-mod project go out for paint. A stream of cars coming and going almost like little Easter parade of our own. 🙂

Park & Pic

Although not technically a proper Park & Pic for this little lady returning to us. But the lorry with the freshly painted shell which was secured on it had stopped, so it sort of counts. We make the Park & Pic rules up as we go along to be honest.

The Pear’s new shell has looks stunning in ‘Brittany Blue’ as she was taken out of our very own covered transporter.

A couple of pics of the car waiting to go into the spray booth for the colour.

The donor will now start to be stripped down and swapped over into the new shell.

We will need to underseal the car and paint the engine bay too. As always, we will be bringing you more pics as we progress with the rebuild.

Customer Cars

Sheleanor is almost ready for her customer’s own paint shop. We finished the rear and the arches to the point we are happy.

The front needs a few more little tweaks, until we are happy with that end, then this little lady can go for a little colour.

Our Cars

The military operation to get the cars in the right order for working on next week, and then going out again takes a lot of coordination. Our very own project, now know as “Wolf“, was then loaded onto the same lorry to make the return trip to the paint shop.

Watch this space for the colour reveal.

A treat for our own Falcon with a new set of wheels, with our own centre caps.

Subtly change but she looks sweet now, we just need Gary to clean the tyres now for full effect of the white lettering to match the paint.

Short and sweet post, so it just leaves us to say have a great Easter.

Keep safe and take care.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to Our Own Easter Parade

  1. Simon says:

    Listen guys I think that I almost prefer the short posts, cos the pics tell more then a thousand words and all that!!! I am working part time for a local paint shop and repair man and I can SEE that your work is top notch well done, these old cars deserve loads of TLC I think.


    • Thanks for the kind words. Our “work” is also our passion, and we like to think that does show through. We get a lot of satisfaction when the customers collect their pride and joys. 👍


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