Our New Final Assembly Room

This week we had a conversation with Adam and he has asked his Social Media team to put out some advice for you which is towards the end of the post, if you have a project car on the go; you need to read it. We start the post this week with some great news.

Congratulations to Jason & Pamela on their Wedding 7th May 2021.

Adam lost his beloved father a while ago now and he would loved to of had him there with him to see this day. So what’s the next best thing? His car of course which played an important part on the day.

This is also the car that started it all (not the wedding), Adam’s very first restoration of a Mustang and it it still looks good all these years later.

Speaking of looking good, the beautiful Pamela was accompanied by Adam who also didn’t scrub up to bad either on the way to the Wedding.

The PearIn Our New ‘Final Assembly Room

The pear has had her final coats of underseal and engine bay paint and allowed to cure.

The car was then moved to our new facility; ‘Final Assembly Room‘. ‘The Pear’ is also the first to use the room. We have yet to have the wall liner fitted along with some benches, more power sockets and full LED lighting.

‘The Pear’ is being worked on in here to get it a rolling chassis status before being moved to any other workshop stage area. This way the car will not get damaged and all parts are kept with the the car. The new assembly room is warm, very dry, natural day light skylight and can only be entered via a shutter from Yogi’s workshop. So you will need to get past the bear to get to it!

Adam’s Advice:

The background story: In January a container of parts shipped to us costs us lower end of four figures of pounds sterling. Each monthly delivery so far this year the duties have gone up significantly. Our latest import of stock for May has shot into the five figures of pounds sterling again. That cost has to go on something and the business can’t take the hit to keep the prices down. If you don’t believe us Google it! There is a ‘shortage of containers’, then there is a shortage of ‘freight space’ the list goes on. In fact from the end of last year to May this year the import duty has increased almost FIVE fold!

Granted this last delivery was a big order with a delivery of some of the sheet metal we had on back order to replace what we had sold, even we were running low on panels. I have checked the suppliers of sheet metal through my contacts and usual suppliers where I have preferential terms, and they are running out.

The Advice: ‘If you are think that you need sheet metal for your project – BUY IT NOW. There is a shortage of panels for our classic cars in general; that’s Falcon & Mustang. But it’s not Just Ford that is suffering, it’s other makes as well. Prices for sheet metal is expected to rocket up in price.’

There you have it, from the horses mouth (should we say the Mustang horse’s mouth – see what we did there)? Mustang Maniac Panel parts are expected to be going up and a note has been added to the WebShop as follows.

If you need sheet metal then all enquires will need to go through Adam as the panels are also being taken of the Trade pages as well now. Each application will be looked at in merit. For the moment our stock of sheet metal is allocated to our projects, with some to spare.


We missed the sheet metal being unloaded from the pallets, Adam’s treated them like the sheets of gold which they are now destined to become and put them straight into his copious storage areas. Sheets of gold they are, well for the foreseeable future anyway.

Stay Safe & Take Care

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to Our New Final Assembly Room

  1. Simon says:

    As you well know from reading the news, the massive shortage of almost everything industrial from microchips to sheet metal has really been caused by the world kind of restarting post COVID plus the blocking of the Suez Canal by that huge container ship plus the fact that the markets and stock markets are starting to fly again and of course for 18 months we have all been sitting at home….These shortages could well last for the rest of this year AND of course this pushes transport and shipping costs ever higher as there is now a shortage of containers too!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Canal thing is just one of the excuses we have been given. Shortage of containers is the new one and we can’t see it changing. On top of that if the margins keep being squeezed then companies wont be able to afford it. Then they will go out of business. It’s all just pure greed.


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