Tenuous Link

We like to think that all our posts are Mustang related of some sort. We have a very tenuous link this time which could be fun as well. As Adam has arrived back in the UK we have some details of the last leg of their holidays. Just before Remembrance Day Adam & Lynn landed in Munich Germany for a few days stop over.

While they were there they popped into the BMW Museum for a look around to see the German engineering and heritage of their cars.

At the entrance they had a display of some cars that BMW have absorbed into their empire. That being of course the huge scalp of Rolls Royce and the ultimate cult icon car of the ’60’s, the Mini. Subsequent revisions of the mini have seen it turn into a Euro box with not as much character as the beloved original.

The rest is all BMWs as you would expect.

Two wheels;

Their racing pedigree featuring the infamous M3 and dipping their toes into the money void of F1;

The future?

We mentioned a tenuous link earlier and here it is. This picture was in the museum and has a mustang within it. Can you find it? (I personally think there are two in there).

To finish up the couple of days in Germany? You need to have a beer!

Editors note: I’m just glad it’s not Adam in those leather shorts! 😀

Customer Cars:

We have been asked to see more pictures of the inside of the Hertz clone with the windows kit fitted. As requested those inside shots.

The Onion Mustang

Yogi has been rebuilding The Onion Convertible and things have started to take shape. Adam had a pleasant surprise when he saw the car after a few weeks away. There is a lot of temporary work to get the full picture. Once the tiny adjustments have been made the proper welding will take place. Starting from the back;

Then to the front;

Next week we shall be back to normal with any luck. But over the last few weeks has anybody spotted a pattern with the batches of photos?




Answer: Not once did Adam suffer from the frizzy hair syndrome like Lynn did!

Summer Sun Break

It makes a rare change for the UK to enjoy a bank holiday with some sunshine. With that in mind Adam has decided that he will shut the offices from this afternoon all the way through to Tuesday morning. We won’t be around to answer the phone and have limited access to emails, but if you want to order of the WebShop it will still be functioning as normal, subject to courier restrictions over the holiday break of course. Enjoy the sun, a beer or two and fire up the BBQ. Have a great weekend from all of us at Mustang Maniac.

Adam’s new BBQ? 😀

Las Vegas – SEMA 2016 Day 1 (Part 3 of 3)

Tuesday 1st November 2016. This post we wrap up the first day of cars and trucks.  We’re pretty sure we didn’t see it all, but we sure tried. Cars and trucks of the highest order along with some NHRA drag cars. We managed to capture some more of the wonderfully polite and patient ladies who signed their own promo posters and stood with everybody who wanted a photo with them. The photos are towards the end of this post.

Those of you who know Adam will seldom see him conduct public business, as he is a private man. But, at the show Yogi, Adam and Jason are seen making one of the rare conversations to start things rolling. The gentleman here liked what Adam had to say thus Adam was invited back for a more in-depth conversation to finalize the deal. Other various stands including a vinyl warp machine that printed your design’s while you waited.

Celebrity corner as promises, we have Richard Petty and of course the Bond car Aston Martin DB5 with all the gadgets. The DB5 here is called “The Q Car” and a fantastic replica.

This particular Chevy got a constant stream of admirers around it and we can see why. Such a great car to look at. This was one of a number of cars that were making copper look the latest trend.


We made the occasional wander outside when we got to an exit for some fresh air and some liquid refreshments in the shape of Iced-T. Now we don’t mean the rapper pop star here, just a chilled Iced T. It took a few attempts for the language barrier to be broken down and resorted to some half paced speaking which just made it worse. When that didn’t approach didn’t work it was a case of Neanderthal grunts and pointing to the drinks in a huge container of ice. Then young lady said; “Oh, you mean Iced-T”. To our ears there was no difference in pronunciation. There was a few giggles behind us in the (short) queue as we walked of trying to practice our American accents ready for next time. “Ice-T” or was it “Iced-T”?

More Promotional ladies.

We finished the busy day calling into a restaurant buffet. This was under a hotel/casino with the obligatory painted ceiling to look like daylight. This was a little different as the $39.99 will cover all you can eat and all you can drink.

The food was theme, seafood, Mexican, American, Asian, salad, soup and Italian. We managed to make a huge dent in each of the themes and the food was great quality. The best bit was us drinking beer the odd beer or two each. We think that Mustang Maniac crew got their monies worth this time. Although we don’t want to paint the picture of us all being heavy drinkers here, but the thirst was intense after all the walking of the day.

The pictures of the empty bottles was after a few had been cleared away. The journey back home was a contented one reflecting back on cars, trucks, engine parts, pretty girls, food and beer.

Also today was a special occasion as it was Yogi’s Birthday, so it was great evening off course, great food, lots of beer and great company.


Happy Birthday Yogi.

What could be better? We even come back to do it all again tomorrow for Day 2!

Las Vegas – Arrival

Sunday 30th October 2016. Two weeks ago, 6 of us left for Las Vegas in order to see the SEMA 2016 show. Usually Adam will go on his own, but this time it was a boys trip and everybody was looking forward to it. We had Adam, Jason, Yogi, Gary, Chris & Mart. They all play a part within Mustang Maniac either front line or behind the scenes. The first week like we say was for the guys, for the second week Jason, Gary and Mart flew home to be replaced by Adam and Yogi’s respective wives along with Adam’s Dad for a relaxing vacation. During the first trip we managed to take around three thousand five hundred photo’s. It would be madness to post all of those photos on the forth coming posts. There was scenery, attractions, guided tours, night life and anything else in between. There is an old saying “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. We intend to keep some of that saying close to our chests. We won’t mention the story of a state trooper knocking on the door! Don’t worry we still have clean rap sheets, but it was a very funny story which we shouldn’t tell on a blog.

Due to the huge number of pictures that were taken, we plan to split the posts over a number of days based on various subjects and days. Otherwise it will be sensory overload and take forever to load a post. So starting with this post as it’s the start of the trip getting on the plane, landing at Las Vegas airport, and then of course we saw Elvis. From that moment on we knew that we had arrived in Vegas.

As we had lots of cases along with the six of us we couldn’t all get in one taxi so we got two. Our driver knew where to go so we could look at the scenery as we got closer to our temporary home, However Adam’s driver was a little unsure should we say and was lucky to get there by following our taxi!

We found a local Wing Stop restaurant who looked after us very well for our little visits, but we will get to that at a later post to say thanks to the guys. We had a large meal shared between us and Yogi said he was thirsty, nobody was going to argue with that one. After we had satisfied our dietary requirements we stopped at the local store to get the next few days worth of supplies. The first thing we saw entering the store was the slot machines and then what we needed – Beer for the fridge.

That night we were sitting around talking bloke stuff and Mart turned a lighter shade of white, more so than usual. He announced he had lost his wallet! We called the Uber driver we got the lift with back from the store, there was no answer. Mart had his spending money in the wallet and was set to ruin his holiday. He called the credit card company to stop the card which they did eventually, asking what the number was on the card. How do you know that if you lost it? We tried the Uber driver a few more times no answer. About half an hour later there was a knock at the door, as Mart was now pacing up and down he opened the door. There standing in front of him was the Uber driver holding his wallet with everything still in its place. All the money, credit card and other bits in there. Marts face was a picture and he promptly handed over a generous drink to the honest driver who initially didn’t want to take the money. Mart insisted and he left leaving Mart’s faith in humanity fully restored. Mart sat down and we all couldn’t believe how lucky he was. A round of beers was opened and the torrent of bloke orientated abuse followed as you would expect. All light-hearted banter of course. The standing joke from then on was “Got your wallet Mart?”

The next morning bright and early with the odd sore head, Adam went to hire the SUV for us to travel about Las Vegas in. The first stop was to Fremont Street in the old part of the Las Vegas Strip during the day time. There is not to many pics of Vegas during the day so we thought put that right.

Walking along the street we spotted Elvis again, this time on stage.

After we had a wander around the Fremont Street we got back into the car and found somewhere to park near the new strip. to take in the views during the day.

As it was starting to get dusk the city started to take on a different feel.

We found somewhere to eat and decided to take a look inside one of the larger hotels “The Venetian”. This hotel is quite a unique place as it puts the water ways and courtyards of Venice in the heart of Las Vegas, not just outside, but also inside the hotel itself. The inside of the hotel has an artificial ceiling to make it look like daylight outside if that makes sense.

The inside water ways and court-yard with the artificial ceilings.

Travelling down the escalators to the casino below you can take in the superb ceiling. Adam decided to try a large slot machine so he could see what was going on.

A lot of the hotels are all linked together under ground and you can go in one hotel and come out of a completely different hotel. This casino had fresh flowers to decorate their entrance and some unusual things to buy with your winnings should you be so lucky. The sheer scale is incredible.

As we came out it was dark and for some of us it was our first glimpse of the night life and bright lights.

The next post will take us to Scott Drake manufacturers and an exclusive behind the scenes look at their warehouse.

Yogi On The Drag

The last couple of weeks have been busier than usual and it was decided that the guys wanted to go and play. So just what is the best place to go and play? The answer was quite obvious to Yogi, “Santa Pod” drag strip racing for him. So Mustang Maniac went on tour with a few Mustangs.


So Yogi, Paul, Stuart & Claire, Mason, Mart, Sam & Steff all arranged to camp overnight last Saturday night at Santa Pod Classic Ford Show with a “run what you bring”. Yogi wanted to run his Mach1 down the strip after a few changes. The guys arrived in their three Mustangs, Saab and a Vauxhall. They parked up and got the tents up ready for the evening.

With the essentials completed Yogi wasted no time in swapping his rear tyres over for an old set of rims and a some old tyres he found. Yogi drove to the fire up lane and waited for his turn to tear up the strip. Sam, Paul and Stuart pushed the car up until it was almost Yogi’s turn to run, the first of his three runs.

Most of the cars here such as the older Fords have race this, or race that, NOS piped in and turbo’s etc. Yogi is running his car against some of these super fast and highly pampered cars. The results were pretty spectacular for his first run where he was holding back with 12.04 time which was the fastest of the day for a fair while. No added bolt-ons and he was still faster than some of the other dedicated drag racing cars there.



He was fairly pleased with the time since it was the first time he had hit the drag strip for three years, but he was complaining he couldn’t get traction of the line. The second run was against a Subaru turbo rear engine and rear wheel drive dedicated rocket. We tried to do a slow mo shot of this run but it didn’t come out to good. But we will try to sort that out and upload it to our YouTube Channel when we get round to it very soon. Yogi run a red light in his eagerness to get going and you could just see the car loosing all grip and not going anywhere, in true Yogi style his still carried on with a time of 11.4 nevertheless.

The last run was the best of the day and Yogi was blowing the cobwebs out his fur and getting the hang of it. He nailed a 11.01 this time, but was unhappy with the tyres that were now completely shot to bits and gave no traction at all.

In fact the data sheets shows he was wheel spinning up to the 100 feet (or nearly two seconds) marker before he actually hooked up any real power. Yogi said that with decent tyres there was easily another one and half seconds to be found.

We wandered around the fire up lane took a few photo’s of some very nice cars to share with you.

Later in the afternoon it was Fords only racing.

The evening was set with a single can of beer each (yeah right), there was a the drive home the next day to think of too. Just for the Yogi Fan Club we have the following:


Sunday saw many more cars turn up to play and some of the dedicated drag cars that were still not as quick as Yogi’s time set.

Somebody happened to mention that to Yogi and we got this:


The stalls and displays were in full flow with some trailer queens being brought to the show just to show them off.

Racing was pretty spectacular as well with some very nice very fast cars.


Jeff from Taz Racing was there showing them how it should be done. http://www.tazracing.co.uk/  Jeff , Yogi says: Hi!

There was a pretty awesome bit of kit there in the form of Fire Force 3, the worlds fasted jet car.  The camera got a bit shaky as people were trying to muscle in and get a good a position as we got to see this car run. It does settle down again though.

It made the run in just a fraction over 5 seconds!

A great time was had by the guys and there was estimated 100,000 people there over the weekend.

Customer Cars:

The ’70 Mach1 has had some serious work done to the rear end now and is looking pretty darn good.

Paul the Paints Mach1 has had a new rear end fitted and is also looking pretty darn good too.

To finish up a pretty big post we have PJ & Enos taking up station in the Yogi cave!


Route 66 – part 13

Today is a gorgeous day and we are in Las Vegas, what more can a man ask for? We started the day of with a proper man’s breakfast, a T-Bone steak and eggs. I think I may skip lunch today though.


We had a look around the Vegas during the day and obviously found a Ford showroom or two to have a look at the 2015 Mustangs. I also had a business meeting today, which I will post separately a little later today if all goes well. Yes it was Mustang related before you ask.

We visited a few other places but picked ourselves up a couple of tickets to see a show during the evening.

After the show we went for a drink where I was offered some “Knob”, now where I come from being offered some Knob (according to Urban Dictionary), would end up in some sort of punch up. On this occasion I decided not to comment, although the barmaid couldn’t understand why I was laughing though.


I just don’t think I could live it down when I got home if I said “I had some Knob on holiday and liked it!” I’m sure it was a great drink though, but I settled for a cold beer instead. 🙂

Route 66 – part 12

Our travels have taken us through the Arizona deserts where the views are brilliant if not a little intimidating to get stuck out here.


We arrived at an old gold mining town called Oatman. Some interesting facts about Oatman:

In 1863, mountain man and prospector Johnny Moss discovered gold in the Black Mountains and staked several claims, one named the Moss, after himself, and another after Olive Oatman. For the next half century mining waxed and waned in the district until new technology, reduced transportation costs, and new gold discoveries brought prosperity to Oatman early in the twentieth century. The opening of the Tom Reed mine followed by the discovery of an incredibly rich ore body in the nearby United Eastern Mining Company’s property in 1915 brought one of the desert country’s last gold rushes. The boom of 1915-17 gave Oatman all the characters and characteristics of any gold rush boom town. For about a decade, the mines of Oatman were among the large gold producers in the West.

In 1921, a fire burned down many of Oatman’s smaller buildings, but spared the Oatman Hotel. Built in 1902, the now-Oatman Hotel is the oldest two-story adobe structure in Mohave County, a Mohave County historical landmark and is especially famous as the honeymoon stop of Clark Gable and Carole Lombard after their wedding in Kingman on March 18, 1939. Gable fell in love with the area and returned often to play poker with the miners. The Gable/Lombard honeymoon suite is one of the hotel’s major attractions. The other is “Oatie the Ghost.” “Oatie,” actively promoted by the hotel’s current owners, is a friendly poltergeist whose identity is believed to be that of William Ray Flour, an Irish miner who died behind the hotel, presumably from excessive alcohol consumption. Flour’s body wasn’t discovered until two days after his death and it was hastily buried in a shallow grave near where he was found.

There were talks about the gold mining process, a guy who had to kiss every woman who walked past him, a mule called “Mark” who was knackered after working all day just one of thirty-five or more mules wandering around the town.

We stopped of in this fantastic little bar for something to eat and drink where the custom is to pin a $1 bill to anywhere you can. The music entertainment was as good as the beer and food, we spent a lot longer here than we intended to, but who cares as we are on holiday in this wonderful country.

We couldn’t leave without keeping the tradition going now could we?


We got back on the road, sort of sad to leave the old place where time has almost stood still, but at the same time looking forward to the next stop. We had to cross over the Colorado River from Arizona to Nevada states to get there.

We arrived in Las Vegas for a chillaxing evening and a very well deserved beer.


Cheers everybody, and thanks again for the kind emails and comments.