Shelby 1, 2 or 3?

Some decisions in life are more difficult than others such as what to drive. Here at Mustang Maniac we have an amazing selection of cars to choose from. In the words of a customer who recently had a guided tour of the yard “It’s like a museum”. We are immensely proud of that fact, and that decision making process has just gotten harder. What to drive this weekend? To see a true Shelby is rare, to see a collection of them is even rarer.

We have here the ever classic Shelby KR, Hertz Shelby and the beast of 2014 GT500 SVT edition.


The 2014 SVT is the baddest official Ford Mustang made to date, the SVT (Special Vehicle Team) has created a their first 200+mph car, that makes it a super car by any imagination. and all for under $70,000. The car has an incredible 662bhp with similar spine shattering 631lb torque at 4000rpm. What you have here in effect is a fully fledged track race car you can drive on the road. The builders of this car have even had the nice touch to sign the engine.

Yes we know the car is pretty dirty, but it’s not been in the yard long enough to clean it!

The difficult decision is “What would you drive for the day?” Please vote below as we would love to know what you think.


We have now had delivery of the Shelby classic Steering wheel which is an incredible exact top quality replica.

Of course to go with the wheel you just have to have the Concours horn button. We now also have these in stock, either the GT350 or the GT500. These are not your “Enos Range”, these are the exact opposite. Easy plug-in fitting to the wheel and your done. If you want you car to stand out from the crowd….. Need we say any more?



Model: DeAgostini Shelby GT500

Every now and again something catches our eye, this company DeAgostini has started to produce a very highly detailed model of the now legendary ’67 Shelby GT500. This is no ordinary model, it’s a die cast 1:8th Scale Model. We have collected a few issues together now and have started the build process. We will not be doing an exact step by step process as that would just be copying the magazine instructions. We will however be publishing the completed sections as we go along and some interesting points we find. From what we have seen this is an incredible model and after the 100 issues it will take to complete you will have a spectacular model to be proud off. The attention to detail is much better than we expected to be honest. Even to the point the headlights have a correct left and right side for the lenses. We have not seen that on any previous Mustang models we have seen.

Part 1 issued 9/10/2016 in a promotional pack


Issue 1

The start of the project is the front of the car, grill, headlights, bumper etc.


The headlights are incredibly well detailed and do indeed have a correct side for fitting.





Issue 2

The Left side front wheel, the parts.

The tyre is in fact a very heavy rigid plastic, to make it fit you have to have a hair dryer to warm it up. They say a little heat, but we found that it was a gradual heat up till it was quite warm to get any sort of give in the moulding. It also cools pretty quick and when it does it becomes rigid again. The last picture below here shows the comparison of the supplied screw driver and the precision ones we are using.



Issue 3

The top part of the engine block supplied here, air intake, twin carbs, valve covers.





Issue 4

In this issue we have been supplied with a huge slab of metal that is the hood. It’s heavy and gives you a rough idea of the scale of this model as the hood is getting on for the size of A4 magazine it comes with.

The quality of the paint is pretty amazing for a model, we have tried to show the corner of the hood in detail here. shelby1-8th20Along with the hood comes the rest of the front grill will is screwed into your previously stored front section from part 1. The detail is top quality and intricate to say the least. The spotlights are pressed into the radiator grill and held in by small metal flaps to hold it in place. We would suggest that you do this once as repeated pressing of the lights could weaken the grip.




Issue 5


This issue was a very simple section of the left front seat back rest. This came in three parts and is held together by a number of screws at each corner. They do offer the advice to use model glue for extra strength if you want to, but we found the snap together a good enough solid fit. You can see from the detail on the seat finish they really have made some excellent tooling for this level of quality.


We have a dedicated page to the building of this model under its own section : DeAgostini Shelby GT500 1:8th Scale Model. We have also placed a link on the Right hand side which will take you straight to their website. Or click here.

Office News:

This week’s weather has been pretty rubbish to say the least, so how do we know that? I guess we don’t need to say any more here either!


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4 Responses to Shelby 1, 2 or 3?

  1. camerapacker says:

    Your blog is fun, informative and makes me want to buy a Mustang.


  2. mud4fun says:

    I agree with camerapacker, your blog makes me want a Mustang too even though my dream was always a Dodge Charger. Think the charger is way out of reach now thanks to Fast & Furious so maybe a Mustang may be more attainable? Keep up the good work! 🙂


    • Thank you, and we agree that the movies make the cars more desirable. Mustangs are also starting to rocket up again, the last time we saw that was just after Ken Block let rip with his Hoonicorn around Las Vegas for his Gymnkhana movie. There are still some project cars out there but the real bargains are becoming harder to find.


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