Under The Weather

This week has seen a second storm to hit the UK and the country starts to grind to a halt, again. To make things worse both Adam and Yogi have had a virus – no, not the Corona Virus before anybody says anything. It’s much worse – Man Flu. This is a deadly form of a cold that only men get and can only be understood by men. It’s a much more potent form than anything a woman can get it should be noted. This type of virus can only be cured by favourite meals, copious cups of tea during the day, watching car racing on the TV with their feet up when they get home, beer for medicinal purposes, as well as being waited on for their every whim by their respective wives. To ensure a speedy recovery, it has been noted that buying them loads of car parts will speed up the recovery process. Seriously though both of them have had a rough time, but still manage to ‘power through’ the week. As latest storm causes chaos to the country, Mustang Maniac carries on business as usual.

Get well soon guys!

Customer Cars

We have had ‘The Onion’ in this week for a bit of special attention. The polished exhaust was to be test fitted, ready for the final fitting later on.

This is another bespoke, one off and hand crafted pipe fitting. Made extra tricky due to the fact this is a convertible model. Yogi cut, bent, welded, a little swaging and fitted the whole thing together. It always take a little longer to get the parts to fit perfectly on a hand made system, and make it look good enough to be in keeping with the overall presentation of the car.

The all important finish for the exhausts was the tips. these can be twin ports, wheel barrow handles, sides or what ever you want. This little lady was having just the turn downs showing. Nothing to shout here I am, as you will hear it anyway.

While the car was up on the ramps the back up lamps were to have our bespoke LED kit fitted. hidden behind stock parts these make a serious upgrade to see where you are going.

The only down side is that the exhaust will have to come back off again soon when the EFI sensors need to be fitted. As we have just banded it together for now this won’t take long and refit will only take a quarter of the time. We suspect just enough time for the owner to get very OCD about it an polish the fabricated parts. 😀

We will bring you more when the EFI gets fully fitted and the tuning takes place for the carb, engine and the management system.

Project Resto Mod

Yogi has been fitting the front bumper to the car, de-chromed, de-bolted it and attached to the front end. There has been many applications of filler to smooth out the imperfections in prep for the paint stage.

To make the ‘Eleanor’ style mouldings fit with no overhang or gaps, the moulds were rubbed down, filled, rubbed down again ready for the fine filler.

The guys are quite pleased with the results so far, and have already talked about a couple more ‘bits & pieces’ they want to do, which hasn’t been seen on Mustang yet. The bear loves a good Resto-Mod.


We would like to say thanks for the interest shown in the ‘Barra’ engines a few weeks ago. Yes we have three now in stock with more on the way! We have had an email trying to buy one from us as well, sorry, they are not for sale, well not just yet anyway.

There has been a little rush of cashing in of our ever popular gift vouchers this month. We were more than happy to see some new faces in the shop to pick up their parts. We even showed a few around our yard and workshop while we were at it. The vouchers bought for Christmas last year are still valid until the end of the year, so there is no rush to cash them in, unless you want to of course. 🙂

There was such a run on the vouchers in November we had to get more printed quickly and was turned around in a day by our friends at Linards.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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7 Responses to Under The Weather

  1. Gary W says:

    Great blog as always. The standard of finish on both the Onion and the new project are truly amazing…as always it’s the really small subtle stuff that is most impressive…blink and you’d miss it detail that makes both cars superb. The ‘yogi bloke’ is a true artist…..

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Gary. You are so right about the details. When cars are done to this level the owner just knows driving their car that things are how they should be. A level of confidence is with them which in turn allows total enjoyment of classic car how it should be enjoyed.


  2. John Norris says:

    Thanks for your newsletter, I always look forward to reading your news and updates.
    Looking forward to better weather and getting my ’67 out for the start of the season.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You guys rock, love the articles.


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