Special Offers

It has come to attention the last couple of weeks that people are selling Mustang parts and referring to our stock for details and incorrectly saying ‘we are out of stock’. It looks like some of the images that are being used are doctored to reflect no stock. We have an example of somebody selling ’64 – ’67 HiPo exhaust manifolds and again referencing our stock which can be found here. We have had many hits on our stock page for the same items as they are currently on ‘special offer’. As a result of the free advertising we have gotten, we have almost sold all of our stock. Not only that, we have also sold the corresponding gaskets, bolts and other hardware to go with the manifolds, which makes sense of course. So we would like to thank those people for directing your customers to us.

Due to the free advertising we have ordered more stock to replace the manifold special offers. Now that is what we call trying to be smart and having it backfire and doing us a favour instead. 😉

It’s always worth checking our special offers page here for our latest deals. More on our new stock lines a little later below.

Park & Pic

We mentioned that the first two people that bought our Leed Brake Disc Conversion Kits we would fit them free. We showed the first installation of them to Paul F’s ’63 Falcon.

We know that Paul is a busy man and with the money he saved from the free fitting, he was able to take advantage of our Collection & Delivery service in our dedicated covered truck. Not only that, he treated himself to the Pertronix Ignitor kit we also showed last week.

Paul is a very happy customer with his upgrades, and we’re pleased that he is happy.

Customer Cars

Shelanor is a bit of a unique project for us. Normally we won’t touch a car unless we can see it through to completion, but in this instance the owner of Shelanor has Four Mustang which we look after so we have done this customer a favour.

We will fit all the parts to the car using our own unique Eleanor moulded parts. Once the paint work has been completed the owner will take the car away to his own paint guy for paint prep ready for spraying. Once the painting has been completed the car will come back to us to complete the build.

Here the gas cap has been fitted to the rear of the side according to the templates of the original car we have.

We moved to the front and test fitted the headlights to mould and adjusted the opening to fit correctly.

The front needed a little fettling as no two cars are the same, but it has started to take shape.

Next we have the wheel arches to fit properly, add the filler and then it should be ready for paint.


Continuing from above we have had some serious stock arrive in the form of Shelby wheels, and some more Leed Brakes to replenish what we have already sold.

Keeping UK workers employed is a something quite close to Adam’s heart, especially in this pandemic lockdown. In order to do that Adam is sourcing parts made in the UK where he can, he has even commissioned parts to be made for just Mustang Maniac.

Our own specification 600lb rated progressive 1″ lowered springs have now gone into stock all made here in the UK. The first batch of fifty sets (yes fifty sets), arrived earlier in the week and we captured Adam inspecting the quality of the black powder coating is what he had asked for. These springs are top quality and are also on an introductory offer here on the ‘Special Offers’ page which are a LOT less than you think!

Our 1″ lowering kits have been selling well and received good feedback about the ease of fitting and quality. Our next batch of a dozen kits being labelled up for stock.

A new item in stock is the ’67 – ’68 hood lip trim. This is now available in stainless steel, its heavier, shiny and fits without any problems.

On the WebShop you may have noticed a section called “Blems”. This is a section where we have stock has no original packaging or minor marks on the products. The items are reduce accordingly, ideal for the person that wants to flip a car without paying to much for the parts. Click here for the page to see what we have on offer.

Take Care & Keep Safe

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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5 Responses to Special Offers

  1. I just love the fact that somebody trying to be cleaver making a quick buck or two, has given you more business. Priceless. rofl.

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  2. Simon says:

    WELL DONE guys!! Great to read about a business fuelled by passion!!


  3. Richard says:

    Wow all them boys in had workshop there are soooo busy can’t believe how much work they do 💪🏼💪🏼 Very talented 😃 how many are there?

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