A Little Fun…

At long last we have managed to deliver some cars out and make space to get our project ’65 convertible back on the ramps we started a while ago. We have now fitted the new rear axle and springs with a little detailing of course. The front brakes have now been fully fitted and the final link ups for the Borgeson Steering conversion kit. The nice thing about this Borgeson conversion is that it looks almost stock and they handle close enough to a rack and pinion you will get without the rack itself.

We have been asked to install a sound system into a car which has caused problems. Not for anything component wise, but the fact the engine has a wonderful sound and bark to it that the sound system couldn’t be heard. That was cured by putting in some serious speakers front and back with a pre-amp to be installed. To do the job properly the dash has had to come out in order for the wire routing. But it will all be worth it as he will certainly be able to hear it now!

Customers Cars:

’65 Coupe

One of the nicer jobs we have is detail the engine for our customers. A good friend and customer of ours brought his  Gulf STream coloured ’65 down to us to have a little work done. We replaced the air filter and rocker covers, rerouted the HT leads, added a Monte Carlo bar and few other little bits.


We have the before and after comparison here.


The other extra little bits was the front disc brake change. There was already a disc conversion which used the old Granada set up. Lance the owner of this lovely Coupe wanted to have a better look to the car so we obliged with a custom set of callipers and discs for these classic Mustangs. The main difference here is that these brakes have the full face contact to the discs and they are located at the front of the discs and not rear like the Granada set up. We have a before and after shots here.

’66 Coupe restoration 

We have also been doing a little work on the ’66 Coupe restoration that has needed a little more work than we expected. Once we removed the old lower cowl we could see the dash had gone very thin and rusty at the bottom. We decided to replace the complete dash section brazing it in place along with the lower cowl. We prepped the lower cowl and painted it ready for the upper cowl section once it had dried.


We have a new toy! This is our new AirCon service unit. We usually get somebody in to do our aircon work so now we have the training and the tools to do the job. Drop in if you Mustang needs a little top up, probably a bit late now for our UK summer though.


About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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