A Good Prank On TV

Something a bit unusual this week for you in the fact that our sister company “LAR Traffic Services” were on prime time television where our lorry was used for a TV prank on some poor guy. The program was Saturday Night Takeaway hosted by Ant & Dec during their high ratings prime time evening slot. Basically the guy liked his car and our truck was used to lift it up then crush it. The car we damaged was a replica Ford Mondeo of course, but the results were amusing. We have uploaded the video to our YouTube channel click the icon or click here for the quick link. Ant & Dec made a good job directing the chaos, we have some stills from the video clip here.

Snapshot 1

ITV Presenters Ant & Dec

The set up:


Kicking off:

Of course all turned out well when the guy realised it was a prank.

Customers Cars

This week we had a car dropped into us where the owner said the engine was feeling a little tired and could we do something about it. Of course we can depending on your budget and did! We had an engine rated somewhere between 330 & 350 bhp replaced into the car. The intake and carb were the owners own purchases which we fitted it all together for him. We had the exhaust headers treated via aluminium coating along with the intake. We replaced the pullies at the front with some nice aluminium versions for a little engine bay bling. We recycled as much as we could for the new engine.

First the tired old block was retired.


The replacement was fitted


This little lady looks and sounds the part now.

Rust in Piece

Not too much this week to show as it has been mainly prep work. More fittings have been attached and the left side lower suspension now in place. We cleaned up the front springs and they are ready for fitting. The rear axle has come back from shot blasting and has been painted ready for the diff rebuild.


Due to amount of stock coming in and out of the stores via the WebShop now we have made some changes to the premises. We have replaced the old roller shutter with a new full width security roller shutter. This will allow pallets to be delivered directly into the dispatch area now ready for stock location or distribution. In fact we now have enough room for a car to be stored in there, we know because we already tried it.



We have had a few of our good customers now sign up to the forum and we now want to get more people involved. If you know of anybody who has a classic Mustang get them to join us, its free at https://mustangmaniac.co.uk/forum/

Quick links:

LAR Website http://www.lar.uk.com/ or click here

LAR prank video click here, or click on the YouTube logo to go to our Mustang Maniac channel for all our other videos.


About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. I watched that at the time. very funny.


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