Getting Your Money’s Worth!

Now there is an old saying about getting your monies worth, sometimes it’s true and other times you can take the chance. We have been asked to look at a strange noise coming from the brakes. A quick visual inspection told us the brake discs and pads were shot to bits. We were surprised they hadn’t exploded to be fair as they were so thin on the inside of the face plate it was like a razor blade. Yogi thought about a skim to face the plates up at first until they were inspected properly. Yogi noted that there was nothing left to skim.

The pads tell the story on their own – they had gone through the rivets to the plate, so much so that the hot metal had stuck to the wheels. Yogi had a great time trying to remove the debris to make it look respectable again.

New rotors and pads in place

If you hear strange noises get it checked out to save a potential accident. This story ended up with a larger bill than expect for replacement parts luckily, it could have been much, much worse.

Exhausting work:

You often here the term custom-made this or that, but we genuinely do make custom parts, here is a good example of just that. A car needed a new exhaust and from the headers to the baffle boxes. The part that was supplied for the 351ci Cleveland didn’t fit as the angles were wrong to the header itself on the left hand side.

The answer was to cut and remake the exhaust to fit the car. Here we have plenty of pics of the welding and cutting that took place. Longer section of pipes have been inserted and the original flange fitting kept. Small sections of angled pipe were made and welded into place to make the fitting angles correct and allow the maximum gas flow as possible.

Full welding finished for strength on all the joints.

A few arty pics of the welding from the inside of the pipe.

The final stage was the fitting of the original flange back to the reshaped pipe using more angled pipe to make that all important fitting angle. Once all welding was completed the pipe was cleaned up and rubbed down and a light dusting of paint.

The finished result is pretty awesome and you would never know the exhaust has been made the way it has.

Early Christmas prezzie:

We had arranged an early Christmas prezzie for Mart from One man and his Mustang blog (click here for link). Mart was lead to believe that the car was having all sorts of issues, which of course it wasn’t. Things like the paint reacted badly or the primer has to come back off in places – all little white lies to throw him of the scent as it were. I’m sure you will see the full pictures on his blog very soon. We wont steal his thunder from his blog this week as he was so excited, we hadn’t seen a grin like that for while. But, we will be featuring the rebuild of this project on our blog too. We must say this is a fantastic looking paint job and all the cloak and daggers games was well worth it to see the look on his face. Yogi guides her home.


Chris’s i6 Project

Chris’s Project 66 coupe i6 gets under way now with the engine and gearbox out of the car. The front has been stripped down so we can have a good look at the engine bay. The plan is to get this onto the rotisserie to have a full check of the underside and the rear quarters which are causing us a little worry at the moment,  nothing that can’t be sorted of course, but we just want to see what is required to put it right for parts ordering etc. if we need to that is.

We also decided to take the back axle out as well while we were at it, the hands on work will so begin.

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6 Responses to Getting Your Money’s Worth!

  1. bzerob says:

    Great piece! Lots of work many times despite the “fits this model” label. Keep up the hard work and keep these Mustangs alive. Enjoy the holidays!


  2. bzerob says:

    Reblogged this on Voices From The Garage and commented:
    A nice piece on the needed shop work to make things fit RIGHT!


  3. Congratulations on a really informative blog and Happy Holidays from a guy in the States.


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