A Midweek Jolly

This week we have taken a day out of busy schedule to have a boys day out. We were invited to a very secret location with some pretty tight security attached to it. We had a guided tour and all the wraps were taken of the cars for a better look and we could sit in all the vehicles; American, European and UK. We could open the hoods do what ever we wanted in fact, which we certainly took very full advantage of. We have sat where world-famous and household names have driven those very same vehicles. There are some truly spectacular cars, trucks and vans there in mint condition that looked like they just left their production lines and never been fiddled with or molested with. Some of our own questions were answered as well. We were allowed to take all the photos we wanted, we took over three hundred on the day in fact on just one camera, but we’re not allowed to post them up here for you due to security issues for pretty obvious reasons. In a way it’s a real pity we can’t share them with you, but we must respect the requests of those who allowed us (the honour) to see these priceless vehicles in the first place. The vehicles included the last of the production models off the lines, one of only six cars made, one of only two cars made, prototypes, director owned vehicles, pre production vehicles, world rally cars, sports cars, F1 cars, cars that have appeared on the TV, news bulletins and the subject of some documentaries. Endless vehicles of historic importance where ever we looked, even the original small-scale models used for pre-production sign off by Henry Ford himself had handled we also got to hold. A couple of things we are not even allowed to mention either 😦 We spent the day there and had unlimited access to what ever we wanted; the workshops, fabrication areas, we were even shown how to drive a Model T, we held the original models and the engineers blue prints for some of the most iconic and classic cars Ford has ever made. We even got to grips with the very first workshop manuals, awards, world championship trophies, classic memorabilia, photo albums and plaques for some of the cars too. Such a great day and to be honest overwhelming with so much to see, we could have stayed there for days. We even had a cup of tea made for us.

We can only say a very big Thank You to ‘Boris’ for making it all happen. 

Our Cars

We have been working on the Secret Project Car which has been productive, but it has all been about the panels and ground work ready for the panel prep. So even if we showed you some pics they wouldn’t be any different to the others we have posted so far.

Yogi’s Mach1

Yogi has taken out his engine, gearbox, front running gear, in fact anything from the windscreen forward in fact. He has been working on the underside for a little tidy up and refresh. The old under seal removed, fixed a small patch fixed and red oxide painted wherever he could put it, including himself.

He then prepped the engine bay with red oxide, primer and gave a nice black coat of paint.

The re-assembly has new brake lines, hoses and wireloom wrapping. Even a little ol’ billet battery tray gone in too.

The hood hinges have been freshened up and fitted.

According to Yogi; The engine has been “looked at” and will be on the dyno to “check out a few things”.

We don’t know about you, but the secrecy thing going on in that yard is like something out of spy movie. 😀

Short and sweet this week, back to normal next week.

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Check Up

Well its Easter Sunday and we hope that all your chocolate eggs haven’t melted in the glorious sunshine that we have here in the UK, it certainly makes a nice change. Anyway the show car season is rapidly approaching and we have the usual influx of pre-season servicing. We thought that we would start with a customers car that had a small issue that turned into a bigger problem, but nothing that we haven’t seen before and a fairly common problem in fact.

Pro Street 

Marcus noticed a small leak that appeared to coming from the water thermostat housing. You can always tell a leak from this area as the top of the water pump has some nice little pockets to collect the fluids in. After cleaning up the leak and leaving for a few days and not starting the car there was more fluids filling back up again. A leak like this not under pressure can be an issue, but travelling to a car show or accidentally nailing it of the line with a few revs on could be enough to blow the leak into a waterfall and dump your coolant all over the engine bay and over the road. So Marcus contacted us and asked us to look at it for him as it appeared to be coming from the water pump itself.

Like all these things we investigated and discovered the water pump gasket did indeed have some issues. We removed the water pump and the timing cover had some blocked water ports too. While the covers were off we checked over the timing chains and other components to make sure all was OK. The decisions were made to replace both and paint them up to match the engine block again. Pics here of the old corroded water flow ports that would restrict the water cooling efficiency of course.

As with all these things we had all the parts in stock, the covers themselves, gaskets, seals and all straight of the shelf into the workshop. The covers were painted and allowed to dry, the gaskets were prepped and the covers were all put back together again. The rebuild of the pulleys were next up along with new pipes, caps, clips and hoses. A new billet water thermostat housing completed the bling which matched the rest of the car’s under hood theme going on.

We filled the car with the mixture of fluids and let her run up to temperature. A quick road test to make sure all was as expected and recheck when we got back. We gave Marcus the call to say his car was ready for collection. So within just 48 hours the car was fixed and back with the owner again, that’s the diagnosis, parts, painting, refitting, fluids and road test.

During the car’s collection Adam explained and showed what had been done to fix the problem.

And of course we just had to have a little video of car leaving the workshop!

Once again we had another happy customer. It just goes to show that it’s best to get these issues checked out sooner than later. Especially after sitting around over the winter.

Customer Car: 

On a similar theme we sent out a new water thermostat housing and gasket to replace one that was leaking. The leaking part was a cheap Chinese part that looked good and purchased from the internet, but it wasnt up to the job two years later. The age-old saying ‘Chrome don’t get you home’ would certainly have been the case here with a huge failure just waiting to happen. The swap over work was carried out by the customer with no problems. He sent us these pictures just in case we were interested. The leak has now stopped with the correct parts!

You can see why this part started to leak, and who knows where those chunks of metal ended up that had corroded away or broken off? It’s a cheap part for a reason we guess.

These parts may look good for a while, but it also needs to do a job. A lot of the time cars that are resold quickly have these pretty bits on them to make them look good, but after a while they will bring their own problems. Thanks to “Mr. X” who didn’t want to be named, but supplied us with the photos.

Our Car:

The secret project car has had a few more bits fitted and is now common knowledge, with Yogi doing the fettling of the parts to fit. The door workings are in place and now working. The rear light moulding has been test fitted and then the old rear panel sections are to be cut away.


 As if we didn’t know – Ford Mustang Claims Title of Best-Selling Sports Coupe in the World for Fourth Straight Year

As Ford marks Mustang’s 55th anniversary on this National Mustang Day, enthusiasts everywhere are celebrating the world’s best-selling sports coupe for the fourth consecutive year. From Australia to Peru, Mustang reigns as the best-selling sports coupe in the world for 2018, selling 113,066 cars, according to data from IHS Markit. 2018 not only marks the fourth straight year of Mustang’s global leadership as world’s best-selling sports coupe, but also as best-selling sports car in the United States, where Ford sold 75,842 Mustangs last year.

“We broke the mold when Ford launched the Mustang 55 years ago,” said Jim Farley, Ford president, global markets. “Nothing says freedom, the wind in your hair and the joy of driving like Mustang; it’s an icon. The roar of its V8 on a spring day, there’s nothing better. No wonder it’s the most popular sports coupe in the world.”

Mustang was available for purchase in 146 countries in 2018, based on worldwide Ford sales data. More than 500,000 sixth-generation Mustangs have been sold worldwide since 2015, with the pony picking up an additional half point of global share last year to capture 15.4 percent of the segment. This was fueled in part by the new Mustang Bullitt, which exceeded global sales forecasts by 25 percent. Global sales data are based on IHS Markit 2018 total new vehicle registrations for all sports car segments. U.S. sales are based on 2018 industry reported sales.

New High Performance Package for 2020 Mustang Delivers 330 Horsepower and GT Hardware

Strengthening Ford’s performance reach for 2020 and just in time for the pony car’s 55th anniversary, the new 2.3L High Performance Package for the entry-level Mustang EcoBoost® creates the most powerful four-cylinder sports car offered by an American automaker. This is the result of a unique EcoBoost engine powered by Ford Performance and upgraded handling components from the Mustang GT Performance Package.

“The Ford Performance Focus RS 2.3-liter engine is a high-revving marvel, and anyone who’s driven this EcoBoost engine instantly loves how quickly it responds and delivers power,” said Carl Widmann, Mustang chief engineer. “When our team got the chance to try this specially built engine in a Mustang, we immediately agreed, ‘We have to do this.’”

Reminiscent of development of the original Mustang in 1964, the car began as a five-person skunkworks project in the Ford Performance garage. Following an experiment with a Focus RS engine swap, the Mustang team leveraged Ford’s quickening product development times to accelerate and complete the design-to-approval process for the 2.3L High Performance Package in under 10 months. Available on the entry-level Mustang EcoBoost fastback coupe or convertible models this fall, the Mustang EcoBoost package was developed to feel at home both on thrilling mountain and coastal roads and even on the most precise autocross courses thanks to its Mustang GT brakes, performance tires, and chassis and aerodynamics hardware from the Mustang GT Performance Package.

Most powerful EcoBoost engine yet in a Mustang

To make their project a reality, members of the Mustang team traveled to Valencia, Spain, home of the Ford Performance-tuned 2.3-liter engine, to convince plant management to build a new variant of the turbocharged four-cylinder specifically for Mustang. Then, with the Ford Performance-designed engine as a starting point, they tuned the EcoBoost to more broadly and responsively deliver a projected 330 horsepower and 350 lb.-ft. of torque achieved with premium fuel (per the SAE J1349 standard). Having secured production of the die-cast alloy block and high-performance cylinder head, the engineering team specified a 5 percent larger 63-millimeter twin-scroll turbo compressor and a larger radiator, then calibrated the engine to run both Ford’s 10-speed SelectShift® automatic and 6-speed Getrag manual transmission. The 2020 Mustang 2.3L High Performance Package is designed to run 0-60 in the mid-four-second range on premium fuel, with top speed increasing to 155 mph, a 10 mph gain over the 2019 EcoBoost Performance Package and 34 mph faster than the base EcoBoost Mustang.

“It’s not just the horsepower gains over the standard 2.3-liter EcoBoost, it’s the broader torque curve that delivers 90 percent of peak torque between 2,500 and 5,300 rpm, which is 40 percent wider than the base EcoBoost engine,” said Widmann. “Plus, horsepower holds stronger up to the 6,500-rpm redline – enabling more usable power and torque for enthusiasts and weekend autocrossers to enjoy.” Helping to deliver 143 horsepower per liter, the new 2.3L High Performance Package includes a fully active quad-tip exhaust system with a signature tuned sound.

Packed with enthusiast hardware

The new 2020 2.3L High Performance Package feels sharp and nimble, with an aggressive road-holding stance, near-balanced 53/47 weight distribution and fully independent suspension, plus chassis and aerodynamic upgrades from the Mustang GT and its Performance Package. For greater steering precision, the team added an alloy strut tower brace to stiffen the chassis at the front. To improve stopping power and fade resistance, the 2.3L High Performance Package adds larger four-piston fixed calipers with 13.9-inch front rotors from Mustang GT. It features a 32-millimeter sway bar up front and a tubular 21.7 millimeter bar at the rear. New performance calibration tuning is applied to the electronic-controlled power steering, antilock braking, stability control and five driver-selectable drive modes. For improved cornering, a 3.55:1 limited-slip rear axle is included, plus package-specific 19×9-inch machined-face aluminum wheels and 255/40R summer tires. For an aggressive look, the new EcoBoost 2.3L High Performance Package includes a large black front splitter and belly pan, plus brake cooling ramps from the Mustang GT Performance Package – add-ons that also work to reduce front-end lift and improve brake cooling. A blacked-out grille with offset Mustang tri-bar pony emblem, 2.3L High Performance Package side badges and magnetic gray side mirrors and raised blade rear spoiler add to the performance look, while a unique metallic gray stripe crosses the hood. An engine-spun aluminum instrument panel with oil pressure and turbo boost gauges, plus a serialized dash plaque highlight the interior.

New EcoBoost Handling Package

Increasing lateral acceleration grip and stopping power, the available EcoBoost Handling Package includes semi-metallic brakes, specially calibrated MagneRide® dampers and a TORSEN® 3.55:1 limited-slip rear axle. Wider 19×9.5-inch premium painted aluminum wheels with 265/40R Pirelli P Zero Corsa4 summer tires provide traction, while a 24-millimeter solid rear sway bar, up from 21.7 millimeters, improves handling balance. The new EcoBoost Handling Package is available exclusively on the 2020 Mustang EcoBoost fastback coupe with the 2.3L High Performance Package with either 6-speed manual or 10-speed automatic transmission.

New smart technology, colors and more for 2020

FordPass Connect, now standard on Mustang for 2020, allows owners to interact with their vehicles via a smartphone. Using FordPass Connect’s phone application, owners can locate their parked car, lock and unlock it, and check vehicle status, such as fuel, oil levels and maintenance alerts. For automatic transmission-equipped Mustang models, the system has a remote start feature. The availability of these features varies by market.

Available SYNC® 3 with AppLink adds enhanced voice recognition communications, 911 Assist and two smart-charging USB ports. Four new Mustang colors for 2020 include Grabber Lime, Iconic Silver, Red Hot Metallic Tinted Clearcoat and Twister Orange. New 17-inch sparkle silver-painted aluminum wheels now come standard on the base 2020 Mustang EcoBoost.

Sources: https://www.at.ford.com/en/homepage/news-and-clipsheet/news/2019/4/best-selling.html?cid=BOC-2019-04-18  https://www.at.ford.com/en/homepage/news-and-clipsheet/news/2019/4/mustang.html?cid=BOC-2019-04-18

And Finally;

We have seen a new sign ready to go up in the Yogi cave. We are not sure who has said what, but a picture does indeed speak a thousand words. Well, in this case just thirteen words in fact. You have been warned 😀

Have a good holidays and any left over chocolate can be found a good home down the yard!

Happy Easter to all our customers and followers. 

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The (not so) Secret Project Car

We let the secret out last week about Adam’s secret one-off, bespoke hand-crafted project car that we know nothing about. As much as we would like to tell you more we have been sworn to secrecy now, so don’t ask us – ask Adam. With the (not so) secret project car out of the workshop, we have grabbed a few more pictures with some one-off bespoke parts being made just for her.

Our Cars

The Secret Project Car

Adam is also using some castings from his very own (privately owned) moulds for his Eleanor kits. However, we do know that this is not going to be an Eleanor. As Adam says; ‘I have done that (Eleanor) to death, with us being one of the first to do it. I didn’t really want to do another one. Instead this car really will be a one-off, bespoke and hand crafted car’.

For those with an eye for detail; something subtle is happening to the windscreen area, the standard moulding clips have now gone. Adam has something hidden away, which will be a first and pretty special for this car. Who knows, maybe we could start a trend?

We will bring you more as we go along on the ‘SPC’, or Secret Project Car as things take shape.

Customers Cars

The Onion

We have been asked about ‘The Onion’ Mustang by a customer who popped into the shop. Well we can say that the build at home is coming along nicely. The interior has had the ‘Fatmat Magamat’ fitted up to the firesfall and some way up to the cowl area.

The engine has had a colour passivated Serpentine system now fitted, along with matching coil bracket and timing pointer.

The HT leads are ThunderVolt with the retaining clips inverted as they look better. The headers are midlength JBA 1650 ceramic coated which fit nicely around the Borgeson steering.

The bodywork has a had a little treat as well, chrome plated side pod grills.

Engine Rebuild

We have been tasked with a six pot engine rebuild. It’s not something we do on a regular basis, but sometimes if the money is right we will take the project on.

Even the rocker covers are dismantled to be cleaned thoroughly.

Almost done and starting to look a lot better with a little hint of Ford blue paint added.

Thank You

A big thank you from us regarding the supportive comments via the blog, emails and personal conversations that we have seen, and also had at the yard regarding our point last week for us being work ‘selective’. It wasn’t an easy decision, we have a pristine reputation that we are proud of, and we need to think carefully about what we will deal with going forward.

Have a good Easter (next week) from all of us at Mustang Maniac, don’t eat too much chocolate, drink beer instead!

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He knows That We Know

We have a lot of project work requests in at the moment and we have had to be quite selective about the type of work that we will undertake. We are seeing more and more of the ‘fix this restoration that somebody else has managed to mess up’ scenario. As a result of us being selective we have been moaned at for those decisions. We will of course start and finish a project we are tasked with from the beginning because we know our work is top quality. But, for us to keep putting right other people’s issues, it’s not what we are about. The end project can end up not being exactly how we would like it to be, that alone is pretty disheartening for us who have a real passion for these beautiful cars. We are not in it to make a fast buck, we do it because we care. To put right some of the ‘bigger problems’ we would need to do lots of work, and that costs money in order to get the customer what they wanted in the first place. As the money had been wasted elsewhere to start with, there is little in the pot for us to fix the broken as it were. Some cars we just don’t want to put our name to them, because we are proud people. We hope you understand our decisions on some of the work we could and will turn away in the future.

Customer Cars

The SPS coupe we had been working on has now left the yard. We were tasked with replacing the floor pans and the front end of the car where we needed to. The rear was undertaken elsewhere and we haven’t much to do with that end of her. The car was taken to her next stage in the restoration process, paint. The transportation was provided courtesy of LAR Recovery with a maiden trip of their new truck.

This is an amazing photo, it shows two classic Fords, one glistening away looking pretty cool, the other a shell that needs more body work prep in order to paint, but she too will look like that when she comes out in her new colours.

The Secret Project Car

One-off, bespoke hand-crafted project.

Adam has secretly moved a shell that he has had lying around at the end of last year and moved it in a workshop and locked the doors. We have seen him go into his workshop and not come out for a few hours at a time at the weekends and late into the evenings. We have not been told who this is for, where it is going or anything about it in fact. Except we see a little sign stuck on it that said ‘One off, bespoke hand-crafted’. Adam knows that we know it’s there. All we can say is we have grabbed a few pictures of it. We will be updating you on the car, as and when we sneak in for a little look. 😉 When we ask Adam about it we get “It’s a secret. It’s one-off, bespoke hand-crafted project”.

Well the secret is out now and we are looking forward to seeing this little lady take shape. We can’t tell you anymore, because we simply don’t know, so watch this space!!

A few funny pics.

After last weeks post about the poor workmanship, we had a few memes sent to us all based on a similar theme, a couple we can put on a family orientated website, some we definitely can’t! Thanks for the pics, keep them coming we enjoy them.

That sort of says it all really.

We finish with a request! 

We have been inundated with requests asking if there are any ‘dirty’ pics of Yogi. Ok, it was one request, we can’t be sure, but we have a sneaky suspicion that it was Yogi’s wife.

So here it is – a dirty Yogi

Another pic for the Yogi Fan Club 😀

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Prep & Paint

We have had a more sensible week managing our workloads and getting our cars out a little earlier than expected, we even rewarded Yogi with an extra tea break.

Park & Pic

This rather nice ’67 302 Fast Back which came in for a service, tune up and a sort out a vibration. Everything went well and we managed to cure the vibration which was due to the new prop shaft.

Yet another very happy customer.

Customer Cars

The SPS (Six pot Sprint) has got her base coat on and the new panels. We didn’t get any pics of the panels going on as Yogi had them done before we realised. The seam sealer has been put on, red oxide paint has gone on anywhere that needed to be painted by us in order for her to go of for paint.

The shell is now ready to go for paint.

And how not to do it!

Bare in mind that this car was a recent and total restoration.

We have shown in the past seriously poor and dangerous workmanship that we have put right. We now have another one. Like before we will not be naming names, who the owner is or even what the car is. Brand new parts were fitted by said person and it looks like that they have no concept of what is going on. The car was said to vibrate a bit, make noises and handles strange! We have had to replace those new parts again.

The bushings on a suspension are there to isolate vibration between metal parts. These parts were so over tightened that they squashed and split the bushings.

They say a picture speaks a thousands words, unfortunatly these pictures are screaming very bad words!

Then we get onto the brakes. We certainly wouldn’t let a car go out like this if it has supposedly been ‘restored’.

These front brakes fair no better with the pad fixing bolt snapped and a fixing is missing.

Plumbing is hardly on properly and unsurprisingly we have a leak.

Then there is the power steering pipe which is about thirty centimeters to long.

Basic car electrics where this is not difficult, however they still managed to use the wrong connections.

Our stance on things like this and a little advice (again);

We are not here to start naming and shaming with rivals in the business, we don’t need to. Even if you ask us who done the work, we won’t tell you who done it. We will also not tell you who to go to, or not to go as the case may be in order to get your work done, that of course is your choice and decision. We are only showing these pictures for your information on what to look out for. But, please do your homework before you part with your hard-earned money. You may end up having to part with more of it to put it right again, as we have seen many times in the past. Ask to see their previous work(s) and seek independent recommendations from people who have had work actually done by them where you can.

Other News

Yogi’s daughter Beth has done some amazing fund-raising reaching over £800 for a great and often overlooked cause; ‘Sands’ – Stillbirth and neonatal death charity. Their link is here: https://www.sands.org.uk/

You can read Beth’s sad story here or click this link;


Beth raised the money by jumping out of plane in a tandem skydive. Here she is in action.

All went very well and Yogi is a proud, if not very relieved dad.

Well done Beth!

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Empty, But Not For Long

Our regular customers know that we will help out where we can with their cars, not just the Mustangs. We have a rare beast with us for a little TLC from Mustang Maniac. To top all that, it’s up for sale as well! Adam will not have anything to do with the deals being made, so you will have to speak to the Mick owner. Adam simply hasn’t got the time answer any questions on the truck, and before you ask – No, he isn’t taking anything from the sale, this is a favour for a good customer to help him sell it. This week’s Park & Pic features the Studebaker truck for sale.

Park & Pic

This is a 1955 Studebaker which has won all sorts of awards around the world. when you see it close up, you know why. She has come into us for a couple of little bits and general once over before she is taken to abroad to a show where she could be sold.

To explain what this car has it’s much easier to let you see the show board.

The car is amazing to look at and has to be seen.

With the air ride all the way down.

The rest of the truck;

The engine bay is clean and tidy to match the rest of the truck.

The inside has the same levels of details as the outside, and is a very nice place to be.

What does she sound like, watch the video to find out.

So, if you are interested in the truck or want to know more the contact Mick via his email below, the truck won’t be here for long, if you’re interested don’t waste time.


Customers Cars

We done a little tease last week about a Coupe we have called the SPS. The Six Pot Sprint Coupe has been hand stripped by Chris over a period of time ready for the next stages. Alas, after his hard work the stripped down floor revealed a little more problem areas than we had hoped.

So the decision was made, new floor pan. As the car is being restored on a tight budget, any unnecessary work where we can work with what we have, is the order of the day. We have patched rather than replace whole panel(s) to keep as much original metal as possible.

Some of the inner fenders needed a bit too much work and couldn’t be repaired safely.

Some of the critical stress points we were not going to take chances these parts were replaced.

With the rust out we can get to the point where the floor pan goes in. Next week we will bring those pictures for you.

We have a very rare picture for you here. This is Yogi’s cave with nothing in it. OK we cheated a bit, the cars we moved out in order to get the Studebaker onto the ramps.

Meanwhile on a Sunday Adam gets a little peace and quiet and lots of lovin from his dogs.

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Rolling Out

The main work for the Onion Mustang has been completed and now she is now a rolling restoration. A massive milestone in any restoration in fact, the car will now be moved to another workshop so that the rest of the project can be completed in a quieter atmosphere, and should be well out of harms way. The car looks amazing and attention to detail is so easy to see, we don’t need to tell you. just have a look at the pics!

Park & Pic

We are going to make this a honoury Park & Pic this week, even though she has not been finished yet.

Editor’s Note:

From the pic above, I think a nice set of Magnum 500s in chrome would look the absolute business on the car. Just like these on a previous beautiful restoration. Click here for the full story on this car’s rotisserie restoration.

What do you think, any other suggestions?

Yogi has now plumbed in the engine and gearbox doing more bespoke, hand-made, one-off workmanship.

The rest of the bodywork has been bolted into place and gapped once she was sitting back on the floor with her own boots on.

We then were able to wheel and steer her out into the yard for a little photo shoot.

In case you had forgotten what she looked like when we started, the before and after:


Heritage-Inspired Grabber Lime Arrives for 2020 Ford Mustang

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, Ford is unveiling Grabber Lime for the 2020 Mustang. More potent than kryptonite, this high-impact green inspired by a vintage Mustang color from the 1970s is sure to leave other muscle cars green with envy. “It’s lime green on steroids,” said Barb Whalen, Ford color and materials manager. “This color traces back to a Mustang heritage color while bringing it forward with more modern, dynamic pigments and bold new energy.”

Grabber Lime is one of two new feature colors available across the Mustang lineup for 2020; Twister Orange is the other. In addition, new Iconic Silver and Red Hot Metallic will freshen up the new Mustang palette, including for Shelby GT350 and Shelby GT500 models. “These bright, vibrant retro colors are trending in design – in home furnishings, sportswear and even appliances,” said Whalen. “Aspirational and confident, they are fun, youthful colors that make a statement of how you want the world to see you and who you want to be. And your car is an extension of that.”

source:  https://www.at.ford.com/en/homepage/news-and-clipsheet/news/2019/3/green.html?cid=BOC-2019-03-15

Did you know?

When the 2020 Shelby GT500 goes on sale later this year, it will be the quickest-accelerating, most aerodynamically advanced street-legal Mustang ever, thanks to virtual testing in supercomputers and 3D printing.

Borrowing best practices from more than a century of racing, Ford Performance designers, powertrain and aerodynamics engineers functioned as a virtual racing team to test hundreds of designs both digitally and physically. They used state-of-the-art digital and additive manufacturing prototyping tools as part of a mission to make the ultimate, most advanced performance street-legal Mustang of all time.

“We created and studied designs among the engineering teams and proved out different strategies long before we built our first prototype cars,” said Matt Titus, Ford Performance vehicle engineer. “Not only did this improve the effectiveness of the designs, it dramatically reduced the time it took to develop the GT500 – and the costs associated with that.”

Every millimeter counts for the Mustang Shelby GT500 to deliver on downforce, braking and cooling targets. The team leveraged Ford’s vast resources of advanced design simulation tools, including the Ford Performance technical center in Concord, North Carolina, and rapid 3D prototyping systems at its Advanced Manufacturing Center in Redford, Michigan. To physically validate the improving designs, Ford’s wind tunnels in Michigan and Windshear rolling wind tunnel in Concord were also used.

Real-world testing still matters, so the Shelby GT500 team ran extended high-speed tests on some of the most notable racetracks across the United States – including Virginia International Raceway, NOLA Motorsports Park and GingerMan Raceway – to refine the aerodynamic designs and help the all-new Shelby GT500 deliver the fastest track times ever in a production Mustang along with improved driver control for greater confidence behind the wheel.

We are starting to work another car, a coupe this time with some major metalwork being done on it. We have given this car the name SPS – Six pot Sprint. We shall bring you pictures of that next week.

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