On This Day 58 years Ago!

On this day fifty eight years ago in 1964 at a World Trade Fair which was held in New York, a historical event took place. Within those huge grounds, 140 pavilions and 110 restaurants a certain Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca (Left pic below), took to a stage on behalf of Ford to announce their latest model car called “Mustang”. Originally the car was predicted to sell around 100,000 vehicles yearly, still an optimistic number at the time. In 1965 Mustang became the most successful vehicle launch since the 1927 Model A. Incidentally Plymouth launched their latest offering the “Barracuda” sixteen days earlier and certainly caught the public’s attention. During that first year of launch over 400,000 Mustangs were sold; the one-millionth Mustang was sold within two years of its launch, a record that still stands today!

Happy Birthday Ford Mustang.

New Products & WebShop

As you probably know Mustang Maniac produces a number of items ourselves. From special one off items to bulk made items that you can’t source now days. We have more parts than we originally thought, so we have now created a page specifically for our very own products. Simply located on the WebShop as ‘Mustang Maniac Products‘. We are adding to this page all the time, and we have a brand new product just released that isn’t even on the page yet. See below for a detailed look at it.

Seat Extension kit for extra legroom in a classic Mustang

We have made a product after a customer had asked us if such a thing existed. We confirmed it did but not officially. We managed to source some dimensions and set to work making our own better than we have seen before. We made a couple of prototypes for size and fit, then we settled on what we believe is the finished article. We gave a seat rail extension kit to Mart where he agreed to document the full fitting process for us also on his own website called onemanandhismustang.com to show how easy it was to fit the kit. We will guide you through the basics on how to fit the kit, but if you get stuck or want some more in depth pictures, Mart’s step by step guide is located here.

Fitting Our Seat Extender Kits

The seat extension runners allow an additional 2″ or 4″ legroom and yet still retain the stock movement of the seat to adjustment handle on the original runners. The extension rails are made with cut out recesses to ensure a flush and tight fit to the original seats rails. To get the additional length you want just screw in the collar studs to the threaded holes. These studs have a collar a quarter of the way down, the shorter thread screws are fitted into the extension bars, the longer thread will be going back through the seat base using the original holes.

Remove the rubber grommets from under the car and remove the four fasteners using a deep reach 1/2″ or 13mm socket on the fasteners that holds the seat in place. That’s if the original fasteners are being used.


Fold the back of the chair forward to the seat base as if you were getting out of the back seats. This helps to balance the weight of the seat and allows the fasteners to be removed without the chair tipping back making removal difficult or even bending a seat stud. Keep the fasteners safe as they will be used again to refit the seat back into place.

The extension bars have to be fitted to their correct left or right hand sides and the right way up. Looking at the seat from below the right hand side has the seat movement handle and a extending bracket. This side will need the cut out sectioned runner to be fitted, as the pics below.

You can either attach the studs at this point or later the choice is yours. Use a fastener on the original seat base and tighten up securely.

Now is the only modification you will need to do on the whole process. Cut the exposed thread of the original seat stud off flush with the top of the fastener as shown in the right hand pic. You can use a junior hacksaw or a rotary tool to cut the thread down to size.

Note: Once you do this the studs will not be long enough on the original rails to be bolted back to the seat base should you wish to revert back without the extenders.

You will notice that there are holes, recessed holes and threaded holes. The standard holes are to allow flush fitting of the bars to the seat rails where the rivets are. The recessed holes allow for the original seat studs to be held flush to the bar. The threaded holes are for the studs position where you want the actual length of the extension to be.

Below shows the third hole down which is recessed and where the original seat stud(s) will go through.

The top hole is the 4″ extension the second one down is the 2″ extension shown in Red.

Yellow arrow shows the location for the seat rail rivets.

Teal colour arrow shows the seat stud holes.

Again repeat the same steps for the other side seat extension.

If you want the full 4″ extension use the top threaded holes, for the smaller 2″ extension use the second hole down. Fit the second stud at the bottom half of the rail extension use the threaded hole just above the larger hole (for the rivet) for the 4″ extension, and the 2″ threaded hole is below the larger hole. If you are in any doubt measure the original seat stud gap and apply the same gap to the 4″ or the 2″ stud holes.

Refitting The Seat

Take the seat back to the car and drop the studs through the original holes in the seat base and carpet holes. From there screw on the fasteners from underneath the car to hold the seat in place. Refit the carpet spacers and then tighten up the seat properly. Replace the rubber grommets and the job is done.

If you are conscious of the additional runner showing, just move the chair forward again and they will be out of sight. All in all a total of about an hour to fit plus the spray time if you want to colour code the extension rails. As. we said earlier, these kits will be on sale soon.

The verdict was that ‘nothing needed to change, good to go and fitting was a breeze’.

We also hope to film the fitting of these kits and place it on YouTube channel.

Customer Cars

Attention to detail we pride ourself on. here is a good example. We were working on a customers car and the rear light wiring had been modified or butchered. So Yogi tidied it up; the left picture was the before, the right picture is after. Sometimes the simplest of things makes all the difference.


Dearborn – For the seventh year in a row, Ford Mustang – which celebrates its 58th birthday this Sunday – is the world’s best-selling sports coupe, according to Ford analysis of registration data from S&P Global Mobility.

Mustang retains its sales crown for 2021 led by the pinnacle of 5.0-liter V8 performance, Mustang Mach 1, and the track-ready Mustang Shelby GT500, the most powerful street-legal Ford in history and the most advanced Mustang ever for street, track or drag strip use.

“When enthusiasts around the world get into a Mustang, they unlock that feeling of freedom and experience the open road,” said Kumar Galhotra, president, Ford Blue. “That feeling, along with iconic design, awesome powertrains and a passionate global community all contribute to making Mustang a sales leader for the seventh year in a row.”

According to Ford internal data, the United States remains home to the strongest demand for Mustang representing 76% of global sales. Other markets that saw growth in Mustang sales in 2021 include New Zealand, up 54.3%, Brazil, up 37.3%, and South Korea, up 16.6%. For those who wanted a Mustang of their own, customers retail orders nearly doubled in 2021 compared to the year prior.

Ford looks to continue this momentum with five new special editions in the lineup, including Mustang Ice White (also available on Mustang Mach-E), Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition, GT California Special, Coastal Limited and Stealth. From Mustang EcoBoost to Shelby GT500, there is a special edition at every performance level for muscle car enthusiasts.

Mustang gains eight new color options for 2022 as well, including Ford Performance-exclusive Code Orange on Shelby GT500, while Brittany Blue Metallic returns specifically for Shelby GT500 Heritage and Coastal Limited models. Additional new colors are available across the lineup – including Atlas Blue Metallic, Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat, Dark Matter Gray Metallic, Eruption Green Metallic, Grabber Blue Metallic and Mischievous Purple Metallic.

Mustang Mach-E, the newest member of the Mustang family, also had a successful 2021 as one of the hottest products at Ford. In addition to a strong first full-year of sales, the Mustang Mach-E earned a trophy-case worth of press awards, including the coveted North American Utility Vehicle of the Year honor, Car and Driver’s 2021 EV of the Year, 2021 Wards 10 Best award and a 2022 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award. Mustang Mach-E was also recently named a finalist for the 2022 World Car of the Year.

Source here.

Have a great Easter & Take Care!

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Away She Goes

At the beginning of the year we said we wanted to try and post some more videos and last week we did just that. The new video was to demonstrate our new stock of the Precision exhaust kits we now have in stock. The upshot of the video was that we had lots of views, a number enquiries about the kit and we sold a few after they heard the sound on the video. We will also take on board that we should have made the video a bit longer. It has been noted and we will try to make sure that’s the case going forward. Thanks for the feedback.

Customer Cars

The Pear was last week’s Park & Pic feature and we mentioned we needed a couple of tiny little tweaks which were completed not problem at all. We were able to complete a full detail on the car before Ian the owner came to pick her up to take her back home.

Here we say goodbye to “The Pear” with Ian in the driving seat, looks like another happy customer driving away from Mustang Maniac’s yard. 😃

You can’t buy smiles like that, it’s what makes all our job worthwhile.

’67 Updates

On another ’67 we have in with us for some loving where we needed to replace the dash gauges as the originals had seen better days and was a prime candidate to get the LED bulb update while we had the dash out.

The black dials were swapped out with the more modern white dials which compliments the brushed aluminium look of the dash with its new chrome. We love this look, it’s not everybody’s taste and we get that, but it’s a very clean and fresh look well worth the effort.

The modern blue LEDs look amazing in this white chrome combination.

On the outside we have a billet aerial fitted, again a modern take on old technology.

Billet fuel cap for a subtle difference denoting the model of vehicle not just the make and brand.

Under the hood we replaced the old fuel line and filter with a Yogi special custom line. The filter has now been placed much lower down and earlier in the fuel line as it comes into the engine bay.

The old school T handle valve cover fasteners were looking a little cluttered and tired, they were replaced with a nice set of ARP bolts for a much nicer look and more secure than the T handles that tended to vibrate loose.

Under the car, off came the old rotted out cherry bomb boxes and pipes. They were replaced with one of our off the shelf exhaust systems (along with the corresponding hanger kit), were fitted for a much more natural sounding Mustang rumble in their place.

Some cosmetic, some functional updates, then the exhaust to improve the drive of the car. A little tune up of the carb for the new exhaust and fuel line, after which she runs much better now.

NOTE: We get asked (alot) if the exhaust hanger kit is really needed as its expensive. The answer of course is no you don’t need it, but we seriously recommend you do have it for two reasons. 1) it will fit properly without adjustments. 2) it will save you a huge amount of time and frustration.


As we are partners with Walker we have had some more parts arrive with even more choice for our customers. Here we have a the plug lead set that Adam has been checking. We ordered the one or two for stock purposes.

A Little Teaser!

‘Mach -Enos’. What’s that all about?

Adam has little project and we will reveal all soon. 😉

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Back To Front

Last week there was no post in case you were wondering as Adam and Yogi took time of for a spring break. With that in mind there wasn’t much was going on in the workshop, but the WebShop was still completing its orders as normal. So were back this week with an update on a car that will soon be back its owner and is the Park & Pic this week.

Park & Pic

The Pear is star of the post this week, a worthy lead story too.

Do you remember this little lady that was in need of some TLC?

Well, the owner came down to take a look over his restored car and Adam took Ian (the owner of this lovely car) out in her for little shake down road test.

Here is Ian with his car looking pleased with his lady. A lot of work went into this project, but it was worth it and will last a good while longer.

We’re not 100% finished with the car yet, but hopefully some time this week Ian can driver her back home where she can be pampered again. A real pleasure to work on such a big project and see these stunning results.

Thanks Ian for letting us post her up for you. 🙂

67 Coupe

We have coupe in with us for some replacement brakes both front and rear, replace some brake lines, some new spring perches. The car wasn’t handling or stopping to good.

The rear brakes when we inspected them had the shoes on the wrong way round.

We will get these cleaned up and sorted out to their correct configuration. The rear brake lines across the axle were in a bad way so Yogi ripped those off.

Then a little Yogi magic creates a new set of lines, distribution block and flexible hoses.

While the old front brakes were off it makes it easier to swap out the worn spring perches that were in a pretty bad way. We have our own design spring compressor that can safely lift the springs to allow us to work on the perches without a full strip down. The perches were rusted in place and took a little effort to get them out, with a little know how they were soon out ready for the new ones.

With them out it’s clearly visible to see that the bushes were shot to pieces on both sides.

The new ones will improve the ride somewhat and track the properly going down the road like it should do.

We have the front brakes to complete, a dash replacement and upgrade along with a couple of other little bits that we will show you next week.


We have had a delivery of an exhaust kit or two earlier this week, no sooner had we unwrapped the pallet when we took one to a ready and waiting ’65 coupe recipient. These exhaust kits are are for the ’64 – ’70 years and these pipes have a 2″ bore.

We have uploaded a quick video on our YouTube channel as well to let you hear what they sound like. This setup are not as loud as aggressive as some other makes we stock, but these pipes will still give you that classic V8 Mustang burble for a nice relaxed cruise.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Head To Head

We have been busy doing more of the pre-season’s once over and MOTs for cars now emerging from storage. We managed to grab this shot of a couple of cars head to head in the workshop waiting for their slot to be worked on. Due to some recent deliveries (a lot of deliveries actually), we didn’t grab as many pics as we hoped to. So this will be a short and sweet post we’re afraid.

Our Stock

Adam has had to get creative with places to store more of a new line of items. A cupboard we had for storage for heating and kitchen parts has now been re-assigned! We asked where the other bits were just in case we needed them, Adam said “the’re in a box somewhere!” But, if you asked him where a tie rod end for a ’67 was, he would go straight to it! 😂

The other parts are being stockpiled as well. Shelves have been added that can only be reached via a ladder. These are for the not so quick sellers and for the more delicate items like trims etc. To be fair these latest deliveries are to fulfill our backorders, and we shall be emailing the list of customers over the next day or so. Thanks for your patience, but the delays were out of our control.


We have little tale this week to finish up with a smile. We had an email from somebody who claimed to not having received their order from our “USA arm”. This was news to Adam as he said (sort of quoted), ‘we don’t even have a ****** USA arm!’ Thiose that know Adam will understand it was a bit more colourful than that. As this is a family blog and we couldn’t say what he actually said.

Anyway, Adam emailed the guy back who had stated he only had part of his order and wasn’t impressed. Adam had put the guy straight and that we didn’t even have an order for him in the UK. The guy came back and said it was a mistake and he should have checked! Fair comment, and the conversation was all good at the end of the day. Thought for you, what if this person had of marked us down on our ratings due to his lack of diligence? We wouldn’t have been impressed to say the least.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Back She Goes

Last week posted the ’66 coupe daily runner being returned to us after the repair coat of paint. One of the last things we do is a geo setup. The car is aligned up to our very own parameters specifically for our UK roads. Once the car is dialled in we then take her for a little drive to make sure all is good with the car. We’re pleased to say that although the damage looked horrendous on first instance, luckily it didn’t cause any structural damage and stability of the car.

The car was loaded onto our covered transport and strapped down safely ready for her journey back to the owners. Being a covered transport it will mean that the car is delivered in the best possible condition at the final destination. The other bonus is the big reveal of the repaired car at the other end when the customer can see her back to her former glory.

We have mixed emotions when the cars leave us. Delighted they can go back to the owner, but sad they leave us, as that car becomes part of our DNA, if that makes sense?

Our Cars

The “Wolf” has taken another forward with the performance slot and drilled brakes on the front being fitted for superior stopping power.

The steering rack has been fitted with top quality, the fittings are just too good to be under the car.

The car is obviously going to have the upgraded Borgeson power steering kit which will give a modern day car driving experience.

The interior has had the heater matrix fitted and the pipework passed into the engine bay.

The sound proofing is often overlooked for the firewall, but it does make a difference inside the cabin. The pedals and brake mountings are then bolted into place.

An Idea!

We have our Park & Pic segment which is well established on our blog. We’re wondering if we could turn it up a notch with you our readers and customers. Would you like to send us a picture of your car maybe with yourself or family with the car and a little paragraph about the history of the car, did we work on it? Do you have any tips to share with other owners? We could give you your fifteen minutes of fame. If we get enough interest we could do the little article every couple of weeks or once a month. If you think this is a good idea then let us know.

The idea was given to us by a customer who spotted these little ladies in our newly refurbished car park to the offices and our WebShop.

The customer later told us, “I would love to know the story behind those cars.”

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Adam’s Crystal Ball

Cast your mind back to May 2021 when we posted Adam’s a stark prediction(s) which were as follows:

‘If you are think that you need sheet metal for your project – BUY IT NOW. There is a shortage of panels for our classic cars in general; that’s Falcon & Mustang. But, it’s not just Ford that is suffering, it’s other makes as well. Prices for sheet metal is expected to rocket up in price.’

That prediction has more than become true, in fact Adam has now said, ‘the prices are still going up, almost every day’. People are moaning to Adam that prices are to high for them and want them at the ‘old prices’. But, we still have to buy the stock in at the new prices, we just have to pass those increases on to our customers. We try to squeeze it as much as we can, it’s just not viable to buy high and sell at a loss. We hope you understand that it’s not just us, food, fuel especially, metal, wood, imports and shipping costs have all gone mad.

Can we see this trend slowing or stopping? Adam predicts that ‘regular price rises are here to stay for a while now, especially with the Russia / Ukraine situation unfolding. It’s not just sheet metal, virtually everything we import now has gone up, some items two or three times the original cost’.

We have now had to update the WebShop on how it works for special orders and back orders. Now the process is automated so that the stock system will email you the parts are back in stock. At that point the costs of the part will be available to you. A recent order we placed for a special order part was $100 and by the time it has landed to us we had been invoiced $120. It’s just insane, we can only urge you to buy it now when you see it, don’t wait. Is this a Mustang Maniac sales pitch? To a degree yes, but for the right reasons to our customers. We have noticed that people are being much more careful with their orders and we are selling more cheaper parts rather than the quality parts we recommend. The more costly parts we hold multiple items of, we shall start to look at those stock levels.

Customer Cars

This day a month ago we posted a story about a ’66 Coupe that had a hit and run number done on her. Well we are pleased to say that she is back with us along with her new coat of paint and replacement parts. We are pleased with her as another beauty saved from the potential scrap yard.

As we said at the time we will sort her out, and we have. The paint looks great. We have to do a couple of little fine tune adjustments to bumper and headlight so we are happy. But, she could go back on the road right now.

Nobody will ever know the destruction this little lady endured! Just in case you forgot, this is how she was when we picked her up.

Born Free

We have an old friend back out of storage ready for the new season of car shows. Just a little once over, to make sure all is good with the girl.

The scoop had a custom artwork sprayed onto her, that’s sixty hours of work you can see here.

What you don’t see unless the sun catches it at the right angle on the sides; the right side says ‘Born Free’, the left says ‘Runs Wild’, very subtle piece of work.

Not quite the standard 302!

Inside, the dash has been upgraded to Dakota Analogue set which isn’t a cheap hobby.


We mentioned a couple of weeks ago about somebody ordering two window rollers each day rather than eight in one go. Well, it seems as though we have given one customer an idea, he ordered two lots of parts just under £50 on the same day, within minutes actually. Our system flagged him up and Adam contacted him to say that’s not quite the spirit of the free postage. The customer had ‘forgotten to order a couple of bits’ and had to order them. This type of blatant abuse could spoil it for everybody if we chose to withdraw the free postage.

Believe it or not, we have received a complaint about our ‘free postage’. Yep, we sent it free and they complained it didn’t arrive fast enough, like the next day to be precise. We emailed the customer back to say that the part was ordered on a Sunday afternoon, so the item wouldn’t be picked up until Monday afternoon. Then it’s down to Royal Mail’s five to seven days delivery time. Can we please reiterate that free postage is Royal Mail’s postage and not a next day delivery. If you want next day delivery then it’s a courier service that we offer. We mention this (again) just to manage your expectations. We try and get the orders out ASAP for you.

Our Stock

Adam has done a deal with Walker and is now an agent for them. We have started to get some parts in from them, mainly the carb rebuild kits for now. We have ordered some plug leads, ignition parts etc. which should be with us soon and be on the WebShop, some are already in stock as we post this up.

We have had another delivery of Leeds brakes as well as we sold nearly all our previous stock within a couple of weeks.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Our Mustang Vin & Door Tag Decoder Launches

Last week we had a little fun with our very own “Sherlock” story and we had some funny little messages and the odd meme as well, we can’t possibly show those on a family friendly site. So just a little thank you for the interactions with us. We also had some comments about “Mike the Moron” one of those comments came back with the “customer is always right”, really? To be a customer don’t you have to buy something first? Our very own Sherlock got out his trusty Snap-On magnifying glass and deduced that the comment could well have come from Mike – what do you think? 🕵️‍♀️


Mustang Maniac are pleased to have launched our new Vin Decoder to great success. We have now done as we promised and added the Door Tag decoder too. As far as we know, this is the first time that any interactive vin decoder has been designed for both classic Chassis Vin and the classic Door Tags has ever been available to this level of accuracy in one place. To top that if we can, this Vin decoder also looks up the Modern era Mustangs too. Absolutely amazing piece of work. It has been developed for over a year behind the scenes on and off.

Within the first couple of days we had nearly 300 codes looked up on our decoder. We are seriously proud of this feature and has taken a LOT of work to compile the data behind the scenes into a database from all the sources we could find. Once that was working we then have to have that replicated onto the WebShop page as well. We will say it again, if there are any errors or additions you need to have added, drop us an email and we will get it added. We aim to make this the best Mustang Vin Decoder that there is out there!

We have other little plans for this Vin Decoder which will build on this very solid base we have created. Watch this space.

Customer Cars

We have been asked for some special orders that fall outside of our normal WebShop services. For those loyal customers we will go above and beyond for them.

Recently we have a customer who wanted a change of tyres and brought his car to us for a service and pre car show season once over. We ordered in some new tyres fitted and balanced them for him.

The second example is to fully refurbish a customers original gearbox that was dropped in to us. This was taken to our specialists who strip down, replace and setup the gearbox for us.

Before we get inundated with requests, we will only do this for some customers and they know who they are. If you are the type of person from a far away region of the UK and order a couple of window rollers with free postage every day, we won’t be offering this extra level of service to you.

Our Cars

The wolf has taken a fair amount of time this week we have been finishing the underside in order to rear end running gear back on. The custom made and strengthened 8″ diff has been fitted. We are also using our new supply of our own specification U-Bolts and lowering blocks.

For those who like a little bit of technical details here they are:

The U-bolts and spring plates are “zinc and colour passivated” this is a zinc plating followed by a superior chromate conversion. Not the new ‘Greta’ friendly wishy-washy trivalent conversion. The industry test standard for this electroplated treatment is a salt water solution at 60psi for 90hours without penetration or corrosion to the base metal. So we suspect that this will outlast us all, especially as the original parts that are still on some cars were bare uncoated steel and still in use, but nowhere near as pretty as our parts.

The lowering blocks are black anodised to a below surface depth of around 20 microns. Again this treatment prohibits any oxidisation, especially as oxidisation is promoted where aluminium and steel share a close proximity. These will also look this good for years to come.

The rear drums are having our custom made 2 1/2″ brake setup.

The front end has had the lower arms fitted and the Borgeson steering is starting to go in as well.

We had an eagle eyed reader message us to say that the lights are the standard 67/68 lights. We admit it, the description was our forward thinking. It should have read something along the lines of we plan to swap the 67/68 lenses out with the 69 equivalents, which will then sit flush in the housings when we have finished. Last week’s post was done in a bit of a rush and came out quite late as you probably realised, the reason being is that there was a power cut; well that’s my excuse anyway! (There genuinely was a power cut).


Mustang Wins Daytona 500 For Second Straight Season as Next Gen Era Gets Off to Perfect Start for Ford Performance.

DAYTONA BEACH, FL, February 20, 2022 – The NASCAR Next Gen era has gotten off to a perfect start for Ford Performance as rookie Austin Cindric gave Mustang its second win in as many starts by capturing the 64th Annual Daytona 500 Sunday afternoon at Daytona International Speedway.

After Joey Logano drove his Team Penske Mustang to a win in the car’s debut event two weeks ago in the Clash at the Coliseum, Cindric did the same in the 500 as he won in his first start as driver of the No. 2 Ford.

“I knew I had the car to do it, but there’s so many things that have to play out correctly and putting yourself in position,” said Cindric.  “Sometimes you have to force people to help you and I definitely didn’t expect any help throughout the day.  I did get some from the Fords, and I think Ford has done an incredible job with this new car and it’s obviously shown the first couple races.  I’m just proud to be able to hold off those runs at the end of the race and it means the world to me to be able to sit here and say I’m a Daytona 500 winner.”

Cindric found himself as the leader when caution came out on lap 196 of the scheduled 200-lap event, resulting in a two-lap overtime finish.  He got some help on the restart from teammate Ryan Blaney and maintained the lead as the field took the white flag, signifying the final lap.  It stayed that way until they came off turn four, but Cindric was able to take the checkered flag first as cars bounced off the wall and each other across the finish line.

“It is a dream,” said Mark Rushbrook, global director, Ford Performance Motorsports.  “To see how well this Next Gen car raced today after more than two years of development is great for the sport.  But then to have that Ford teamwork and see everyone working together was really special.  It’s a long season, but to win the Clash at the Coliseum and now the Daytona 500 for a second year in a row is a great way to start.”

Mustang, which has been recognized as the world’s best-selling sports car each of the last two years, is in its fourth season competing in the NASCAR Cup Series. It has now won 36 races in 109 career starts.

Cindric is the 14th different driver to win the Daytona 500 with Ford, which has now won “The Great American Race” four times in the last eight years. 

About Ford Performance

Ford’s racing program is part of the Ford Performance organization based in Dearborn, Mich. It is responsible for major racing operations globally, including NASCAR (Cup Series, Xfinity Series, Camping World Truck Series), IMSA Michelin Pilot Challenge, FIA World Rally Championship, Virgin Australia Supercars, Formula Drift, NHRA Funny Car, off-road desert racing, and sportsman drag racing. In addition, the organization also oversees the development of Ford’s racing engines, as well as the outreach programs with all Ford Clubs and Ford enthusiasts.

About Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is a global company based in Dearborn, Michigan, that is committed to helping build a better world, where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams.  The company’s Ford+ plan for growth and value creation combines existing strengths, new capabilities and always-on relationships with customers to enrich experiences for and deepen the loyalty of those customers.  Ford designs, manufactures, markets and services a full line of connected, increasingly electrified passenger and commercial vehicles:  Ford trucks, utility vehicles, vans and cars, and Lincoln luxury vehicles.  The company is pursuing leadership positions in electrification, connected vehicle services and mobility solutions, including self-driving technology, and provides financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.  Ford employs about 184,000 people worldwide. 

Source here.

From Mustang Maniac: What a result, Well Done Ford Performance Team!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Our Detective Work

We have had a couple of people notice that the WebShop front page has changed. Gone is the picture of Mustang Maniac inner sanctum of staff, to be replaced by a vin look up!

We have been working hard for a while now to get together the most comprehensive Vin Decoder for Mustangs out there. We are also looking at the door tag decoder to also be added soon as well. As you can imagine, the code behind these lookups is a real monster. If you notice any errors please let us know and we will update our tables behind the scenes.

As there are a lot of variables for these Vin Codes we are trying to take the guesswork out of it for you so you can order the correct parts. Unlike our very own ‘Sherlock Holmes’ who has been on the case of a customer and has come up with some amazing deductions. See later on in this post!

Why is this Vin Decoder here?

Well, we get asked will this fit my car or what one should I buy with all the options? The answer is that if you put in your unique vin code, this will take you to the sections only relevant for your car. This will save delays and give you an accurate itinerary for your car what it originally came with. If parts have been swapped out, then a little common sense will be required!

Our Cars

The wolf has now started to get the front end suspension in place. We have had to make some mods in order to make fit what we wanted to put on her.

The shocks are little different to standard fit!

The electric window mechanics have been fitted in place.

Those that know their Mustangs will spot that the back up lamps are flush on the 67 and not recessed further back, a subtle change. Now that the inside has had some black Dynamat we can grommet the holes and get the seat bases in.

All Things Stock

We have had a double load of stock arrive which was completion of the stock, radiators, grills, brake kits sundries, panels etc. These have been taken to the stores and are yet to be sorted out.

People may complain that their parts are damaged on delivery. We will always try to help out where we can ass it’s not the customers fault. Sometimes we are a customer too, but for us when we have a damaged side of a pallet that is wrecked, we won’t get these grills replaced for free! This was the first one we had to gently prise out from the stack without damaging the other smaller items wedged in amongst them now. A batch off ten we ordered, we will be lucky if we get any that are usable! Adam thinks that this pallet was loaded by catapult onto the ship.

Mike The Moron

We have a tale to tell about an ex-customer who has never bought anything from us and now never will be buying from us either. How could this possibly be? Buckle up for this one, as it’s not only out of order on this person’s behalf, it almost gave us a bad reputation due to somebody else’s incompetence. We need to set the record straight and you can have a laugh along with us at Mike.

So this ‘customer’, we shall refer to him as “Mike the moron” for now. Mike has never ordered from us before by the way. Mike started of an email chain with Adam towards the very end of last year, to ask if Adam had a non-Mustang fuel tank in stock and the other bits to go with it. Adam being the helpful guy that he is and full of the upcoming Christmas spirit, checked the availability with his supplier as he was preparing an order about to go into them, perfect timing in fact. Adam emailed Mike the cost of the special order part and the extra bits he would need that we already had in stock, the total cost would be around £500 rounded up slightly. Mike emailed back fairly quickly to ask Adam if there was anything could be done about the “VAT” and when would he get the parts. Adam replied with “yes you can pay the VAT or not pay the VAT and won’t get your parts”. This sort of questioning is a red flag for Adam, but he let it slide this time as. Rather than delay our own order, we placed the order along with Mike’s fuel tank to save any delays. Another week went by and then another email from Mike to ask when are we expecting the part to come in. Adam responded with “early in the new year”. This was to take into account of the driver shortages and other shipping delays we were all experiencing at the time.

On the 4th of January (first working day of the new year), an email arrives from Mike to ask if his parts are there yet. Adam responded again quickly with ‘they should be with him by the Friday of that week’. The order did indeed arrive as we expected, we emailed Mike with all the links to the parts that he would need that are now on the WebShop so that he could order and pay for the parts. Mike never placed the order and there was no other contact to ourselves. We left the part on the WebShop as part of our stock.

A couple of weeks later we got a chase up email to ask where his bits where. Now remember that he has been getting our emails absolutely fine up to this point, he tells us that our previous email had gone into his spam folder, it can happen. We resent that original email to Mike so he could now go ahead and purchase his parts. Due to the email tennis delays, somebody else had seen the fuel tank and purchased it from our stock. Mike wasn’t quick enough to buy it.

We explained what had happened and ask if he still wanted the fuel tank. Mike confirmed that he did. Once again Adam ordered all three of the remaining stock of these fuel tanks from his supplier. Adam thought that he could do with a spare tank for his own Mercury which will need replacing at some point. Two weeks later the revised order arrived again as expected and were all placed into stock where we emailed Mike (again) to say the parts were now back in stock and to order them sooner rather than later.

Since then Mike had been on our very own Facebook Mustang Maniac Chat Forum and he was tearing lumps out of us as a company, generally laying into us and giving us abuse for our poor customer service. Mike was now claiming that ‘he’ was the one that was messed around by us. The best bit of the whole story; Mike blamed us for not being able to buy the car now. Yep – Mike didn’t even own the car he wanted the fuel tank for. Mike also forgot to mention to anybody that he has never paid for anything from us. Needless to say Mike has been given the very big “C” button, and he has banned from our chat forum for his lame efforts.

Moral of the story is – Don’t be a Mike!

Please toolet us know us if we are being harsh on Mike the Moron.


Mustang Maniac has listened and trialled the free postage option which has been very well received on the whole and people have behaved themselves. This week we have had two requests to provide the tracking numbers for their packages. We need to point out that ‘tracking’ is not a free option for postage. If you want that method of tracking please can you specify this is your preference of postage? We have our regular options, Royal Mail and couriers.

To end with a smile;

Detective Adam ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Longmore has been on a case of a customer and has some incredible deductions. Sherlock has noticed a trend (well, the stock level algorithm notified him actually), with a single customer in a particular far region of the country. You know who you are! 🤨 This customer had ordered two window rollers with free postage. Nothing wrong with that at all, except that the cost of the rollers are less than the postage costs. The next day two more rollers were ordered on free postage and sent to the same address.

This is where our very own ‘Sherlock’ made the first of his stunning deductions; a car is undergoing a restoration. Anyway, the third day two more rollers and the fourth day a further two more were ordered with their free postage options. So the case in question is that eight rollers were ordered during the week, all to the same address.

Sherlock has amazingly deduced all on his own, that this customer has worked on a front window one day, then while sitting down admiring his handy work sipping on his coffee, he thought that he would order the rear window quarter rollers for the next day’s work. This is why he had repeated his order for each ‘day’ of his hard work.

Sherlock has now asked asked the question; ‘why not order them all at the same time as it would still be free postage?’ Conspiracy theorists are asking ‘Is this a genuine customer or a competitor trying to put us out of business?’ Needless to say Sherlock will be getting in touch with the individual to say that we have rumbled his game of restoring the windows of his car! We could also help to get a batch order for him.

Sherlock’s final and blog stopping deduction while using his Snap On spyglass is that; it was the ‘mechanic’ who was ordering the parts!

🤦‍♂️ Can we suggest to sticking to fixing the Mustangs Adam?

If anybody has a deerstalker hat they want to donate to our very average sleuth, you know where we are!

Those that know Adam will be aware that he has indeed been on a Murder Mystery evening where he got the culprit literally within a few minutes of looking at the characters and the evidence in the room! That’s a genuine true story. If you ask him he may tell you the story if you pop into the offices one day.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Head Turners

Last week we posted about the really nice ’66 Coupe that had a hit & run which came back to us for repairs. We have had a number of messages to say it was a terrible thing to have done, and it looks like it’s not that uncommon! We have to say what is happening to this world? Perhaps Covid has something to do with it affecting people’s brains.

Customer Cars

Eleanor! There you go, one word that says so much about a car. We have had our previous build back in with us to fettle it down now that it has been driven for a while. Why, Things settle down and bed in. Squeaks or rattles can develop on a new build so it’s not anything we haven’t seen before, and we sort of expect it and recommend bringing a new build back to us after a couple of thousand miles for once over.

We will put this lady up on the ramps and go over all the nuts and bolts to make sure everything is done up and where it should be.

Every time we have a movie car, Go on 60 seconds, the original Mach1, the 60s remake or John Wick we get lots of comments from visitors to the yard and the posts, mainly how much to build one?

As for costs? That depends on your budget of course, big block or small block, do you want the NOS tank, high torque auto, or manual, interior in leather etc. the list goes on.

A great car that will turn heads even 22 years later after the film came out!

John Wick

The engine has been bolted into the car now. The gearbox bolted straight onto it and now we will just fill the fluids, check the basic timings and fire her up.

In the back window of the John Wick car?

Our Cars

The Wolf

It’s been a while since we showed you what was going on with the wolf project. We are starting to put the hardware on the car, black chrome handles.

Scoops are now bolted into place. There are some great ideas we have for the scoops, we just need to design and get them made. We haven’t seen it done before but we like to push the bounderies.

We are putting the front valance on and of course will have our LED, white drive lights and the turn indicators in the same lens.

Under the hood we have our stainless steel hood springs. and some anodised bolts


Like buses our back order items are starting to arrive again. This time we have just a couple of pallets from the last order. While we were getting ready to put on the system, we asked Adam what was in there and where are we going to put it? His answer? ‘I can’t remember, but we will soon find out’. Are we running out of space?

The last lot of stock has been put away now for the more delicate items.

Got any carburettors? Just one or two.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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This Makes Us Mad!

There is nothing more heartbreaking than seeing your pride and joy getting wrecked by some plank who don’t care. Contrary to what people may think, we don’t think pound notes when we see things like this, we feel the pain of the customer as we understand. This week we have dropped what we were doing in order to get a car sorted out for a lovely couple.

Customer Cars

This ’66 Coupe was a genuine two car owner from new from California USA on it’s original black plates before the current owners bought the car here in the UK. This car is a real honest car, and was unmolested by upgrades and is as it should be. It even has the original smog filter still in place.

This is the owners only car and is their daily driver. The owners popped out for the day where they parked up went about their business as they normally do. When they came back to their beloved car, there was this damage from a hit and run. We can only assume that the damage was done by a lorry by the way it went through the original fenders like a can opener along with the grease marks! The type of scumbags that do this to a modern vehicle and run of without leaving details contact details makes us mad. When those ‘people’ do it to a classic car, regardless of the make and model, it’s much, much worse as you can see that these old cars are obviously loved and cherished.

Adam was sent an email to show the damage and was asked if he could pick the car up and take it back to the yard. We obliged and promptly started on working out what could be saved, what need straightening, and what needed to be replaced.

Yogi is doing his thing here with a new front fender and valance from our stock to replace the original metal. They are being fettled into place and being shaped to fit the car’s lines. Some gaps will need to be built up and others opened to make them look right. It’s nothing that we haven’t seen many times before. In fact after the damaged parts were removed, when we measured up and checked it all out, structurally the car is still straight and sound where it needs to be.

Where possible we try to re-use the OEM parts and replace what we can’t salvage. It’s easy to see the new sheets of metal which are in stark contrast to the colour of the car.

There needs to be a few more days work on her yet before she gets a new coat of paint and we can start putting the trim and parts back in place.Once we finished, it will be as good as new.


We have some new additions of stock from Holley which include some of the following;

Mr. Gasket, which can be found here. Anything from a full small block engine gasket set to an oil breather cap. We really rate the quality of these gaskets and hope to get some more shortly.

Our ever popular 600cfm Street Warrior range here, in both manual and electric choke options, we had SIX of each when this post was prepared, with one in a customer basket ready to go.

Sniper EFI fitting kits and accessories. We also have some carbs in which have been reserved for back orders.


On a side note, not strictly our stock as such, we have some Mustang Merch. We have some embroidered Tri-Bar patches at £5 each, and the Mustang or Ford logo ovals at £3. If you are interested drop us an email to order. We may even start to stock these as an item if the interest is there. Ideal for t-shirts, trunk bags, coats etc. You can even buy our logo if the urge takes you!

We can even take special orders for patches too, again email us with your requests.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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