SEMA 2019 Day One

These post won’t need any introduction as it’s quite obvious they are from SEMA. We got a batch of pics arrive in no particular order. So I will try and sort them out; outside, Mustangs, Ford Stand, trucks etc.


Celeb Spotting

The Ford Stand

Adam found a relative of Yogi’s waiting at the ford stand for him.




Paul Walker’s Ford Escort RS1600 Mk1 


Adam did find a truck just for Yogi though;

Depending on when we get the next batch of pictures we will bring you SEMA Day 2.

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Full Steam Ahead

The start of the SEMA journey 2019 has begun. Adam & Lynn have taken a flight to Los Angeles hired a car and then traveled to Barstow where they were going to stop overnight and ready for SEMA the next day.

On their way they stopped of at a couple of places of interest, on of which is this place full of big trains, not quite running on steam more like diesel! Adam had his eye on a couple ‘couple of little trucks’ that he could use for LAR Recovery too.

A couple of stops for some food saw a previously visited diner. A couple of places they didn’t try.

Adam did say that the waiter service was a bit slow though.

Stopping of at Whiskey Pete’s Casino in Primm, Nevada they found the Bonnie & Clyde ‘death car’.

At 9.15am on May 23rd, 1934, the notorious Bonnie and Clyde were gunned down in a police ambush as they were driving a stolen 1934 Ford Deluxe near Sailes, Bienville Parish, Louisiana.  Immortalized in Arthur Penn’s 1967 Oscar-winning film, starring Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway, Bonnie and Clyde are still considered the most famous gangster couple in history. Their story goes back to the height of the Great Depression when they met for the first time and entered a world of crime.

Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow, sometime between 1932 and 1934, when their exploits in Arkansas included murder, robbery, and kidnapping. Contrary to popular belief the two never married. They were in a long standing relationship. Posing in front of a 1932 Ford V-8 automobile.

It was 1932 when Bonnie and Clyde began a crime spree that lasted for 21 months and resulted in 13 deaths. In addition to this, they committed several bank robberies, burglaries, kidnappings, and automobile thefts. However, May 23rd, 1934, was not their lucky day as they were killed by the police in a hail of bullets. Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow had no chance of survival and died as they lived, by the gun.

While the story of Bonnie and Clyde ends here, the 1934 Ford Model, 730 Deluxe Sedan in which the outlaws were killed, became an instant celebrity after the police had returned it to its original owner.

The Trail’s End” was on a road deep in the piney Louisiana woods.

The criminal couple stole the now famous 1934 Ford Deluxe from Ruth Warren of Topeka, Kansas. She bought the car for $835 (15,000 in today’s worth) in March 1934 and in April it was already stolen by Bonnie and Clyde. One month later, the car reappeared, but it had over 160 bullet holes and was stained with Bonnie and Clyde’s blood.

No wonder the car had so many bullet holes since each of the six officers that ambushed the notorious couple had an automatic rifle, shotgun, and a pistol. The officers emptied all of their weapons and, since they knew who they were dealing with, they even kept shooting at the car after it had stopped.

Their gunfire was so loud, that the posse suffered temporary deafness all afternoon.

The 160 bullet holes and the duo’s blood were just a tiny problem for the owner of the car. When Ruth Warren went to reclaim her stolen car she was shocked to find out that she had to pay $15,000 to get it back. At least that was what the local Sheriff, named Henderson Jordan, told her. Warren decided to sue, so she hired an attorney, named W.D. Goff, to represent her and with his help, she managed to win the case and finally get her car back.

In the years that followed, the car was leased several times, and it was displayed at the Topeka Fairgrounds. In 1945, it was sold for $3,500 (nearly $50,000 in today’s money) to Charles Stanley, who used the death car as a sideshow attraction at his traveling carnival. Stanley even brought the car to the Nevada race track where he allowed people to sit inside it for the price of 1 dollar.

When Stanley retired in 1960, he sold the famous car to Ted Toddy for $14,500 (nearly $120,000 in today’s worth), and he also had to sue a man named Johnny Portemont to prove that the car he owned was the 1934 Ford Deluxe in which Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow died. He won the case, and the court prohibited Johnny Portemont from exhibiting any other car except Toddy’s car as the “true” Bonnie and Clyde death car.

The death car again changed its owner in 1977 when Toddy sold it for $175,000 ($725,000 in today’s worth) to Peter Simon II, who displayed it at his casino Pop’s Oasis in Nevada. About ten years later, the casino closed and he sold the car to the owners of Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino in Primm, Nevada.

The infamous Bonnie and Clyde death car has been touring across the country for the past 30 years, but, mostly, it remained in the lobby of Whiskey Pete’s Hotel and Casino in Primm, Nevada, where it can be found today. The car is not the only Bonnie and Clyde artifact that can be seen at Whiskey Pete’s where visitors can also see Clyde’s bloodstained shirt which he wore the day he died.

Arriving at the overnight stop.

Adam decided that he needed to see into the future, it was bright – apparently he’s going to SEMA.

After a busy day it was time to relax;

There will be some pics from SEMA itself as we get them. Watch this space.

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Carpet Riddle – Solved

As you read this Adam will be a good few thousand feet in the air on his way to the USA and looking forward to the SEMA 2019 show. Before he left he done a few little videos for us about his 2016 ‘Enos 350’ spec Mustang which will be going on YouTube very soon, but we grabbed it first straight out the editing suite for the blog. Speaking of videos we start with a serious clip on how not to do an upgrade yourself!

Customers Cars

There is so much you can do to Mustangs to improve their look in the wheel area; beauty rings, rim swap outs, alloy wheels, white letter tyres, roll the arches, tub them etc. One of those tweaks is the addition of wheel spacers. Readily available with various thicknesses from 3mm to 5mm which we also stock. Fitted correctly with the correct studs and nuts to hold the wheels in place, they don’t pose a problem and can change the look of a car. However, if you don’t know what you are doing it can be dangerous and cause serious issues with the car stability. This couple of second snippet of video shows you what we mean!

Nothing else needs to be said. If you’re not sure about it, let the professionals do it.

Our Engines

Somebody emailed Adam a while ago when we were talking about our new stocked engines. He was quite blunt about engine rebuilds thinking that we sort of made it up about our range of date correct stock! Adam’s response?

‘Nahh mate, – we ain’t got no engines, just like you say’

There’s no strokers, no 351 Clevelands or Windsors, no big block anything, no inline 6s or custom built engines anywhere! We don’t have any 302 crate motors either come to think of it. 😉

Those who know Adam also know that he has engines, gearboxes, heads, blocks etc. stashed all over the place, these finished examples were stored here just for now while the space was made in the engine shed for the new addition or two.


Mustang Maniac is now getting much more supplies for a lot of the newer mustangs in stock which has swelled enormously as a result. As we like to test the parts ourselves before we sell them, Adam fitted his new Smoked Lens 2016-2018 LED rear lamp swap out. He filmed it all on his own at the time. This video will be up on YouTube soon. But, we have it here first:

Shelby Tags

A new stock item has arrived for the GT350 Shelbys. These door tags look amazing and just what you need for that full restoration.

Email for further information as these haven’t been added to the WebShop yet.

Mystery of the horse carpet – Solved!

We posted that we couldn’t work out how the Mustang horse carpet came into Adam’s stock pile of memorabilia. Well we now know thanks to an email and a photo.

This was taken at he Mustang Owners Club of Great Britain’s stand at the Birmingham NEC a number of years ago. It being the horse carpet was raffled of as a prize. The person who won the carpet later had a conversation with Adam where the carpet exchanged hands. It was forgotten all about until space was made to store some engines (that we don’t have) on a temporary basis. We still don’t know what to do with it.

Next week may not be a standard weekend blog, but there may be some SEMA posts though. We will just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

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SEMA 2019

Over the next few weeks the blog may be a little erratic. Adam is leaving for SEMA 2019, every year this is Adam’s favourite business trip. The SEMA show is from Tuesday 5th November to Friday 8th November. Once the contacts have been met, caught up with friends, deals been made and new products sourced, there will be a few days holiday after the show while he is in the USA. We will be bringing you some photo’s of SEMA when we get them. Adam’s access to emails will be limited and the time zones could mean responses at all sorts of hours. Also due to the NEC in a couple of weeks, there may or may not be a post that weekend.

The clocks went back this morning so we are now in official winter time. Not many Mustangs come out to play and have been ‘Winterised’ as Adam would say, tucked up in their safe warm storage places. So over these dark winter months we get to work on our own projects. One of which is a private job for a very good friend of ours and wishes his project to remain offline for now, we will respect that of course. But, lets just say Yogi’s metal work skills have come into play, a lot! The other thing that can happen is that cars which have seen the summer out can come in for some serious project work such as our first car here.

Customer Cars:

We have a ’67 Coupe in with a swap out and recondition required.

This little lady has had a 351W swap out at some stage in the past and the customer wants to keep that level of power still.

The replacement is to be one of our reconditioned 351W slightly breathed upon on engines. The other recondition was going to be the C4 transmission. Although we have these in stock ready to go, the customer wanted to keep his original transmission and get it reconditioned. We agreed and that will be going of to our UK Engineering company to be worked on over the coming weeks.

When we have her back we can bolt together and road test.

Hood Scoop

The customer of this car wanted a replacement hood with a scoop without loss of strength. Carbon fiber would be great, but costs are mental money. So glass fiber supported by a steel frame was the way to go. Considerable saving on weight and the results are top quality. Black spray job on fiber glass is never easy but as you can see this is spot on!


Trade Sheet Metal,

We now have an important message regarding our sheet metal parts. The WebShop has now been updated to only sell sheet metal to “Trade”. Thanks to a particular customer that has managed to ruin for everybody else now, Adam has now changed his approach to the parts. It seems that customers are complaining that they are damaged and bent. They aren’t of course, it’s the pressing marks and stamping creases. This caused Mustang Maniac a lot of aggravation, time and we ended up out of pocket through no fault of our own. We will bring you the full story later, once Adam has calmed down. As a result this was seen to go up outside one of his workshops the next day!

If you intended to by sheet metal parts from us, you will need to supply the details of your “Trade”, which will be checked by us, or already have a Trade account with us! Our sheet metal terms and conditions have now also been applied at the check page.

Adam might and we mean very little chance, might change his mind in the future, but considering his reaction – we doubt it very much.


We have some real nice Mustang Maniac bespoke H4 replacement LED headlight bulbs come into us and this is the first of the batch. They are not cheap, but these are white and bright! We have yet to trial these on our own cars, but from what we have seen so far these will be popular. A straight H4 LED bulb, not just for Mustangs either. Canbus friendly 12 -24 volt fitting. We are very excited about these.

Lost & Found

A few years ago at the NEC car show there was a large Mustang Carpet on display that had many feet walk over it in the course of the weekend. During a recent clean up to make room for some more reconditioned engines this was found; a one off custom made mat.

Adam has no idea how he has come to have it, but here it is, in it’s full grubby state. Adam isn’t sure what to do with it now. Was it stuffed into a car that Adam transported back from the show, was it a present, or did somebody dump it, we don’t know.

Any suggestions or ideas?

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Cutting Corners

We see plenty of ‘mods’ on Mustangs some good and some not so good should we say? Mainly because the customization is; a) they are easy to do and personalize and performance of your car, b) unfortunately it’s to cut corners. A good example of cutting corners are the following examples after the nice Park & Pic, and it’s something we seriously don’t recommend as common sense prevails, we hope.

Park & Pic

This nice little 1973 351ci convertible owned by Jeremy came into us for a to do list of little niggles. Nothing major, just the Mustang Maniac once over, adjustments and once over.

Customer Cars

Transmission lines

We had a car in recently that the owner wanted to have the transmission line replaced. Not a request we get that often to be honest. But, when we swap out transmissions we like to change them for new ones where the budget allows. Yogi got this car up ready to undo the lines and what he was met with caused him to down spanners and make a cup of tea. The transmission lines were made of rubber for large sections.

There are a couple of points here, there has been multiple leak points introduced and the rubber will perish eventually leaving you stranded when the transmission fluid gets dumped all over the road. Attaching jubilee clips to a rubber pipe which is under pressure in order to stop leaks will need to be tight. If you over tighten you will cause the pipes to crush or weaken the rubber, the fluid then can’t be cooled properly thus a potential to cause more gearbox issues. Not being tight enough it will leak and slowly dump transmission fluid where it stands or over a period of time.

These metal sections of pipes were hand made and they were not in their correct route. On top of that they were cable tied to other lines. Having metal in the open will also aid in cooling as the air rushes over the pipes going along, rubber will insulate the fluid. The rubber section of pipes are also dragging on metal work which again will weaken the rubber eventually leaving you stranded with no transmission.

So the best place for this mod? We seriously don’t recommend that you do it.

More cutting corners

Another 351ci mod. for this we can’t see any reason for it. The part is only a few pound/dollars which will just screw in. this part has been manufactured to fit in place and is made of a soft copper pipe. Again to jubilee clip the pipes to it could cause the pipe to crush as copper is known to be a soft metal.

LED Upgrade

A very popular upgrade for our customers are the LED upgrades we offer. These will allow your turn indicators to be used as white side lights and then amber for turning. The main headlights were swapped out with the with addition of a couple of relays and our wire loom wrap to give that much sought after OEM look.

The side lights are subtle and really make a nice difference to not have the amber lenses on the front valance.

The colours don’t show up so well on the video, but you can certainly see the difference.

For a list of the various options on the WebShop click here or follow this link.

If you would like us to do some mods or upgrades to your car, send us an email and will give you a quote.

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Yogi Quits Smoking

This week we have a ’67 year old lady in the yard with a bad tick and smoking problem. Not quite as the title suggests, but a pretty sickly ’67 Coupe. The problem was reported to us that the engine has a ticking sound noise to it as well as smoking quite badly.

The car was put into the workshop and we instantly took the valve cover off to find a loose rocker. We could hear the ticking as we backed her into the Yogi cave.

When you have a problem like that you could take the heads off the engine while the engine is in the car, but sometimes it easier to whip out the engine and work on a stand to work out exactly what has gone on and see the extend of a the damage. That’s exactly what Yogi did.

The engine was out and an inspection of all the rockers was checked. We found a double nut on a rocker which was to obviously help with the stripped thread on the stud where the nut should have been.

With the rocker off and an inspection of the stem it shows some serious wear and tear do to it becoming close. This was not helping matters for the engine top side and explains the ticking. The engine ran, but not very well.

We have arrowed the stem damage for you.

That amount of damage could cause the valve to bounce on the piston or bend it so the head was to come off.

It’s easy to see the problem end of the cylinder head as it’s all fouled up. On close inspection the cylinder has worn to a whole and now we can see the reason for the smoking.

So now the owner has a situation. We can rebuild the engine as part of our service which will need an overbore and new pistons etc. Or take a crate engine replacement. We have a selection of specs to choose from with our date coded correct rebuilds or a more generic replacement engine. The choice is a difficult one, but it depends on the what the owner wants, a driver or a correct dated engine as well. We are now awaiting further instructions during this difficult time of this ladies life on the road.


We have been asked; ‘do we really supply Ford dealerships’ with parts? The answer is YES. It’s not a regular thing as they have their own stock obviously. However if they need a genuine Ford part it’s quicker to get it from us than wait for the import time and effort. We have in the past helped Ford by supplying parts for a restoration vehicle they were working on. Our contacts and shipping schedules are quicker that the big boys most of the time!


We now have a stock of our own branded 3000 series batteries for the later model Mustangs. That’s the models 2005 to 2016+ They can be ordered by clicking here from our WebShop.



Plenty of power at 550 CCA for the new generations with our unique ref number:         ‘MM-Bat-15/16’ 

These batteries feature the status inspection window for easy checking and a handy tuck away carry handle. the dimensions are;  L 24 CM, W 18 CM, H 19 CM Top of battery.


We can compare the Group 24 batteries with the later gen batteries for you.

The Group 24 (MM-BAT-64/70) is a little larger and has a first gen Mustang on the top.  The newer generation battery (MM-Bat-15/16) has the modern generation mustang on top

Now you don’t have to worry having to pay silly money for a top quality 3 year warranty battery.

Great News: 

Our good friend and customer Mart Dawson will be showing his ’66 Coupe at the Lancaster Classic Car Show at the Birmingham NEC 8th – 10th November 2019 in the highly contested finals of ‘Pride of Ownership’.

The link for the biggest classic car show in the UK is here or

One of the pictures that the show has used for promotion on social media was taken in our yard:

The link to the Pride of Ownership page is here. or


The article from the Lancaster Classic Cars show: The actual link is here.

We know that he would love to have you go along and say “Hi” to him during the show days. He will talk for England about his car and his Mustang Mates! The awards are voted for by the visitors over the three days, maybe drop a vote in for him while you are there, it would be nice to see some American Muscle win the day.

We wish Mart all the very best at the show, even to take part in this category is a huge achievement anyway. Well done Mart.

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Positive Responses

Last week posted a poll for the ‘complaint’ that we had. It turns out that we needn’t of worried as all of you that commented didn’t think it was a complaint in the first place. We received some the comments of support on our blog as well as our FaceBook page. The poll’s result were a not so surprising result of 99.14% who wouldn’t want to pay extra for a pristine box from 230 votes when we last checked this morning. A big “Thank You” to all of those who voted and and left us very positive and supportive comments, even from the USA, Europe as well as the UK, we really appreciate it. However, we will still listen to the less than 1% of you out there; if you want a pristine box to put your product box in, we can arrange that for you and we will advise the costing of the extra packaging as a result, once we have sourced the correct box as we won’t have them in stock for obvious reasons. If you still want this additional cost when you order, just leave us a note to say that you want additional packaging and we will confirm the costs as it will need to be customized and our time to deal with your request, therefore it won’t cheap. We would also like to point out that such requests could also delay your parts for dispatch as we need to source the appropriate box like we said above. In our last post we mentioned that we can’t of course be held responsible for how the package is handled by the courier after it has left us, but we take all the precautions we can to make sure your package arrives on time and undamaged. Contact us first to see what can be done for you via email:

Park & Pic

A nice ’66 Coupe brought into us for a little Mustang Maniac TLC treatment. Not often you get to see racing stripes on a Coupe but they work well here and the white wall tyres providing the finishing touch.

Customer Cars

We have been tasked with sorting out some problems with a six pot Coupe for suspension work to improve the handling and some wind up work. The suspension perches had different bolts in them.

We replaced the front springs and a nice pair of Spax adjustable shocks. Anybody who has tried to use spring compressors will twitch at one of the pictures. We too didn’t like the market versions, so we made our own, no more worries about the tensioners slipping off the springs, the best part is that all the tension is wound up from the top of the shock tower in the engine bay. Before you ask; no we don’t sell them, but for the right money we could make you a set!

The next job was the window regulators in the doors and one in the rear. Most of the time culprit is the plastic window rollers that run up the guide rails inside. They go brittle, crack or just disintegrate over years of use. We sell these here, if you are doing anything to your windows, we recommend changing them – just because it makes sense and they cost very little and we have one or two in stock! You just know the window will get stuck at the wrong time like when it starts to rain.

The window mechanisms were worn with excess play as well so they also got replaced, out with the old in with the new.

If your lucky the door cards can come of in one piece, most of the time the card just crumbles away due to age.

The worst part is the removing and re-installation of the glass is without causing damage to the paintwork. Realigning of the door glass takes patience to get right and can take hours, especially if all the glass is removed from one side with nothing to work from as a guide.


We are now starting to ramp up the stock we hold of the serviceable parts of the newer Mustangs as well. That’s oil, brakes, filters, pumps etc. We can now reveal that certain Ford dealerships didn’t have in stock the brake parts they needed for servicing of a customers car. Where did they get their parts from? Yep, they ordered the Genuine Ford Parts from us here at Mustang Maniac. (I bet the customer didn’t get the boxes either!)

Trigger Warning: Some of our new stock has been opened to check the parts, contents and quality before we stock them.

Let us show you what we mean regarding some of our stock:

Oils – Check 

Filters – Check

Brakes – Check

Four piston and the Brembo 6 piston calipers.

We also have a massive selection from our partner; EBC Brakes for all the 1964 – 2019 Mustangs and all in stock.

Alternators – Check

We also stock a full range of alternators with various power ratings for your needs for all Mustangs 1964 to 2019. Various pullies, serpentine or V-belt.

Water Pumps – Check

A huge range of various years, all straight of the shelf.

Suspension Parts – Check

Original Reconditioned Gearboxes – Check

Date correct and certainly not our Enos brand prices.

Original Reconditioned Engines and Parts – Check

Date correct parts, again definitely not our Enos brand.

We aim to have the best Mustang Stock you can imagine all from the shelf. We are expecting 100 days of rain over the next couple of months. Is somebody trying to tell us something? Drive safely in the wet and check your wiper functionality no matter what car you drive.

Thank you all again for your overwhelmingly positive support and feedback.

We shall carry on doing what we do best.  

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