Very Sad Times

The desperately sad news that our Queen Elizabeth II has passed away on the 8th September 2022 at the age of 96. She had given her entire life of seventy years on the throne to work tirelessly serving our country. Queen Elizabeth had been the backbone of our Country through good times and the not so good times. We all have respect for such a dedicated, mother, grand mother, great grand mother and the much loved Queen of Great Britain.

From all of us at Mustang Maniac we wish to send our sincere condolences to the Royal Family in these unprecedented and seriously sad times. For many of us we have never known anything other than the Queen who was respected around the entire globe.

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II

Customer Cars

A few posts ago we mentioned that a customer had purchased a car in good faith that turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. The engine was burning oil at a rate that would make us go and buy shares! The decision was made by the customer to recondition the original engine.

With that in mind it has had a mild cam fitted, bored out pistons, higher compression, and alloy heads. Before we fitted the engine we bench test the engine to make sure all is good, not that we expect otherwise. We wanted to ‘run in’ the new cam before its even let on the road.

Once we were happy with the engine and settled down on the test rig we proceeded to fit it back into the car.

Once we have bolted all the exhaust and gearbox back to the car we will take her out for a road test and fine tune her if we need to.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Don’t Dwell On It

We have been working on a couple of our project cars this week as we need to free up some spaces in order to get the next batch of customer cars into the workshops. On top of that Adam has had some long expected stock arrive in a couple of split shipments although they were ordered at the same time.

Customer Cars

We have Derek’s car with us in for a little bit of differential work which is causing some problems. this is an awesome looking car and not in your face with the stripes.

With some space cleaned out we hope to start on her this week.


We have a car in to rectify a problem that somebody else couldn’t fix. We tend to get a lot of these throughout the year(s) with the newer Mustang restoration ‘experts’ out there keeping us busy. This particular engine was running rough with a cough and splutter along with some erratic idle. To try and work out what was going on Adam has had to get out his old school equipment. Not many modern day ‘mechanics’ would even know what this is as a ECU on modern cars and a laptop does it for them.

It turned out that it was a mixture of things. ‘Mixture’ being part of the operative word with the carb settings being all over the place to compensate for the distributor.

The distributor was checked with the dwell meter and it was as expected being all over the place. this narrows things down a bit and we were thinking that the dizzy was to blame. We removed the distributor and checked it by hand for play which would randomly change the ignition timings. The carb was set up in such a way to try and cater for it. The carb was removed in order to be cleaned out, checking the jets and the float chambers to start with. Parts of the carb were a little gummed up with the good ol’ E10 ethanol fuel which took some cleaning but we got there in the end. The dizzy was swapped over for a spare that Adam had laying around and the dwell was rechecked which had now settled down and was much more in line with what we are expecting. With the ignition timings now stable the cleaned and default setup on the carb didn’t take long to set for our defaults.

Immediately the car fired up and sounded better straight away. The car was taken out and road tested and felt like a new engine in comparison to what was driven to us before we worked on it.

We now need to speak to the customer about what he wants to do with the dizzy, go full electronic, like for like points replacement, or go halfway house with a Pertronix setup retaining the stock look with electronic control.


It came to our attention that we had sold the last two of our Holley Sniper EFI Kits. Unusual in the fact it was two in a week. When we checked around it became clear why; Holley had none, Scott Drake had none, in fact nobody we could see had any ‘in stock’. We did have three of our stock, but we have kept one back for our own ‘Wolf’ project. So we too are now out of stock, but with Adam’s contacts he things he has a tracked a couple down.

It seems that when suppliers don’t have them in stock where they are always cheaper than us, customers then come to us to buy them at a realistic price once shipped and taxes paid in the UK. Nobody has moaned about the price (which had been the same for months), when they can get one next day! They did moan about the postage though, £8 courier on something that costs a lot of money just doesn’t make sense to us.

In the above photo Adam has taken in some of the stock and moved the Sniper ready for collection into the office. Below here he is inspecting the latest batch of parts from ACP.

If you wonder why some of the packaging are opened when you get it; it’s because Adam will randomly check one or two in a batch. Nothing more sinister than that.

Here we have a few parts waiting for collection that were supposed to have been an urgent collection. Almost a week later they are still here. Perhaps by the time you read this they will have been collected, we hope so.

We have started to get some more of the unusual items in stock, like Edelbrock carb calibration kit, some standard oil pump drive bars and some performance alternatives. Something we had been looking to stock for a while now, new distributor springs, tiny but critical.

Finally a limited slip differential we had ordered in for another loyal customer.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Old Meets The New

Yesterday we posted up that Royal Fail were on strike and and any purchases made could be delayed as a result. Thanks for a couple of messages saying they understand if there could be delays, that’s always awesome to know the customer has read our updates. However on our Facebook page we had a response from somebody troll who could only muster up the words “F… off Mustang Maniac”. We’re not sure what prompted that response, but keyboard warriors of this type are rarely helpful or have anything intelligent to say. We enjoyed adding that person’s details to the “C” button who will never be able purchase from us. Oh, he’s also been blocked from our Facebook pages.

Park & Pic

Eleanor has come to visit us with an engine problem. Quite what it is we don’t know for sure, but this is a very poorly sounding lady.

This is still a very pretty and iconic car that just doesn’t age.

Customer Cars

We have been busy finishing up a sheet metal rebuild for a 67 fastback. We are only fitting the metal as the car will be taken away to finish up for paint.

We we wanted to show was the gaps of the sheet metal. What we have here is 1967 meets 2022 in black, and all 1967 in green.

We hope that this will stop a few people moaning that the panels don’t fit, they do. You just have to know what you are doing. Once the panels are filled, prepped and painted there will be no difference between the new and the old to look at.

The welding was fully completed and then painted with red lead paint before the outer panels are fitted.

The rest of the panels here have been spot welded into place, just like the originals.

With all the panels welded or braised into place just like they were in the day, we could then paint everything that is exposed to the elements in red lead. This is how the cars were completed at the time underneath.

The only remaining finishing touches are to apply the seam sealer, then this little lady is ready to be taken away ready for the next steps.

That’s another Mustang saved and soon to be on the road.

Work Shop

Adam has asked us to add this little section as he is getting a lot of enquiries about it. For customers that use our services, we do indeed offer and exchange parts service. This works on the basis that if an item needs to be replaced, we take the old one and replace it with a rebuilt one. We do not offer this service as a over the counter purchase. We fit the parts in our workshops in order to offer this facility. Hope that clears up a lot of the queries.

Some of the parts we are swapping out, engines, heads, diff, gearboxes etc.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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They’re On Strike

We are putting out an important update regarding Royal MFail postal service here in the UK. We are aware that they are on strike for the following dates:

Today – Friday 26th August 2022

Wednesday 31st August 2022

Thursday 8th September 2022

Friday 9th September 2022

If you have made, or any purchases that are made during these days from the Webshop, you will experience delays beyond or control. Trust us – we are annoyed by this as much as you are, we pay them a considerable amount of money for a service which we are not getting.

We will not mention these strikes or the inevitable delays again. This is due to the fact that we get got a couple of sarcastic messages from people saying that there is no need to keep repeating it when they didn’t turn up, because it was “too hot”.

If you want to make a complaint;

Royal Mail Customer Services

Call them on 03457 740740 or click here for their online complaints form.

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So Near, Yet So Far!

We missed a post last week as we had a little hardware reset on the on the blog and media machines. It didn’t go quite as expected so rather than stress about it we had a weekend off while we rebuilt the software. [Thinking about it – it wasn’t a weekend off! Ed.]

Last week the Mustang Owner Club of Great Britain organised the annual pilgrimage to Santa Pod to have a good old thrash of the cars down the quarter mile. There was a mix of everything there for the day. We were hoping to have some photo’s sent to us but as yet none have come our way so we have a few sent to us via WhatsApp! Mustang Maniac was represented by Yogi who managed to grab another couple of trophies, Fastest time on the day and top speed for classics.

Yogi had a personal best of 11.1 seconds but said there is still more in there to get to that 10 second barrier. We have a couple of short action video, burnout and a run where he gave a newer one a head start! Turn up the volume….

If you have any pics you wish to share with us from the day (Chris), let us know. 👍

Customer Cars

We have been working on rebuilding the back end of a ’67 that needed a lot of sheet metal and of course a little Mustang Maniac Magic!

Before we do a full weld we always do a dry fit to make sure all is good or any adjustments that need to be made. If you do it properly then the alterations are only minor as in this case.

Yes, it takes longer to do it this way, but it works and we hardly have any trouble with the metal fabrication. As you can see, no issues here.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Another Drop In

It seems as though the last couple of weeks we have had drop ins all over the place. People collecting their parts and having a cuppa with us, people getting new cars, or just getting them out for a run and turning up to have a chat with us. We had another customer earlier in the week who has a new Mach1 which they brought down to us and to also talk some business.

Park & Pic

Perhaps this is the best colour Mach1 we like it. Not many of these ladies around and the waiting list is as long as the burn out rubber they leave behind!

This customer also has an ’68 Mustang which they now want to get out of its semi retirement and get her back on the road again. So the kettle went on again and we had a chat about time slots and costs on what needed to be done. We will wait for their decision for the work, but it was a good an excuse as any to take a Mach1 out for a drive!

Customer Car

We hear many stories about Mustangs and who have done work on them or what they are supposed to have done. We will respect this customers wishes and keep the details anonymous.

They bought the car in good faith and they have had nothing but trouble with it. The engine burns oil, and a lot of it on every trip. We are talking litres of the stuff and that is not what should be happening. The arguments are still still ongoing between the parties involved, but we have been asked to have a look and investigate.

There was no other way to look at this without the engine coming out to see what we are dealing with.

With the engine out we took the heads of and could see the root of the problem straight away. The cylinders have glazed and scored, possible damaged rings, the heads are badly pitted and valve guides not the best!

This engine we have been told was ‘rebuilt’ just 5,000 miles ago, we think they may have left a zero of the end of that estimation. The engine does now need a rebuild, with that in mind we have a few options for the customer; a crate engine, rebuild this engine or a custom spec unit. We think that we are going down the custom performance route, but we need to just clarify that first and to what degree do we need to spice it up.

We have also been asked to replace the current steering setup with the ever popular Borgeson steering upgrade while we were at it. With the engine out it makes life so much easier and saves a big chunk of effort to fit it all with ease.

Customer Car

Another car has come into us with a differential problem. We needed to take out the diff and have a look to see what was going on. Not the best job in the world as the differential oil stinks! In order to do that the half shafts have to come out and we spotted a problem with the brakes!

The brake cylinders were starting to leak, corroded and obviously needed to be changed with a fresh batch of brake fluid as well.

With the brakes out the way the shafts could be removed and the original seals were on their last legs and needed a swap out, all this makes sense while you are this deep into the investigations.

Adam has a bespoke tool he uses to remove the bearings without damage to the rest of the parts.

The original seals.

The differential came out as we expected, worse for wear.

The bearings were badly scored and we will need to rebuild it – inhouse as part of our new service we offer.

Caption This!

Nothing more than a little fun, we have this picture of Yogi, just comment your caption and the one we like the most gets bragging rights next week!

The only thing we ask is to keep the comments clean as this is a family orientated blog!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Drop On In

Last week we posted about a tribute boss that had a front end upgrade which the owner is very pleased with now. On the back of that post we had a call from a customer who wanted the same with their car along with the rear end replacement as well. As we just had a cancellation literally a couple of hours earlier due to the dreaded Covid, we had a slot free and booked them in.

Park & Pic

This customer decided to drop by with their ’67 Coupe to say hello, no other reason than that they called in for a chat. As this makes a cracking picture, why not let the car take the lead post?

’69 Fastback

The car we managed to slot in was a ’69 Fastback which was in need of a a little TLC for the suspension. Over time the deterioration is such a gradual thing that it creeps up on you all of a sudden. You may have to brake hard or go over a few bumps and that gives you the nudge to get it checked out. The rear springs were a little saggy as they tend to be, and the front shocks had seen better days.

When you remove the old parts it becomes ever more clearer that they needed replacing. The rear leaf bushings were shot and would create unwanted movement and noise.

The replacements side by side.

The front end needed a little more with a pair of lower arms too. We think the picture speaks for itself that needed replacing.

With all the parts replaced the geo was going to be way out. The car was taken into our Geo Workshop where we apply our unique set up. The car was taken for a little shake down and all was good as we expected. Not only that the car sits much better on the kerb too.

’67 Convertible Steering Pipes

This little lady was ‘scenting the ground’ (leaking) where she parked. The problem was the power steering pipes has perished and needed replacing. The mess from the fluids being under pressure was quite evident.

We stripped the old parts off the car where we could then see the actual problems, old age.

We drained out the fluid and cleaned up before we could even think about replacing the pipes. In fact it took longer to clean up the bits we needed to, than it did to replace the actual pipes.

These pipes done the job, after a quick road test there was no more leaks.


Yep – the hot topic for the last couple of weeks. This time we were on the brunt of it! The delivery was left on the doorstep and the delivery driver had done a runner. So here we are, stock we had paid for damaged and by the time we send it back it would cost us more than the parts are worth.

We suspect that these parts may well end up on our “Sale Items” page, click here for the link. This page gets updated almost on a daily basis by us. It’s a great place to get yourself a bargain with slightly blemished or no box parts etc. Once it’s gone – it’s gone!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Handling Like A Boss

Last week’s post seemed to have triggered a number of responses as we expected. We even had to ban one guy as he was saying we ‘sounded pathetic’ for giving the updates on Royal Fail not doing their jobs. As we understand it, if we didn’t say anything and their deliveries are late, people would have moaned. Because we mentioned it wasn’t our fault we got grief for that as well. Oh well it seems that we can’t win, so we will say no more on the matter. A big thanks for the emails that were pleased we kept them updated. 👍

Park & Pic

We had a ’69 Boss tribute in where the customer was wanting to stiffen the front in order to handle better. We listened to the requirements and the customer then picked what he wanted. A pair of our Custom coloured Spax shocks, a couple of new track rod ends, earth strap, distributor cap and a Monte Carlo Bar.

Here the shocks have already been fitted.

The before on the left and after on the right with the Monte Carlo Bar in place.

The other end of the car already had a set of our custom made LED rear lights boards fitted. The standard red lenses were swapped out for the more modern concaved smoked option.

The smoked lenses on a black car changes the look to a much more subtle style with the chrome surrounds highlighted by the chrome bumper. These lenses are legal as the reflector can still be clearly seen when illuminated.

Our Cars

Monday morning a walk into the yard we spotted something that appeared parked up over the weekend, nobody knows anything about it. We can only assume that Adam has treated himself to another little item to add to his expanding diverse fleet! We could only assume this is Adam’s as there is no Falcon booked in for any work.

We eventually found him in one of the storage sheds and he just chuckled with “you like it?” Yep it was his alright.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Royal Fail(ed) – Again!

We knew it was unfair that our customers should suffer for Royal Mail’s complete lack of aptitude. We tried ringing them during the day as well as a business customer complaint – nothing was happening. A complaints department sitting in an air conditioned office we suspect, not even picking up their phone.

So we all decided shortly after the earlier post that we would take the packages ourselves to the depot so that they could be processed. We had a wasted trip. They (being Royal Mail) had padlocked the gates to the depot! Honestly we couldn’t believe it and here’s the proof – taken at 3.30pm today.

So we wasted our own fuel trying to do THEIR job which we have already paid for.

We’re sorry again, but we are trying and doing our best to help out our customers. So we are now left with a large sack of items to go out with nobody to handle them. That sack will become two large sacks tomorrow. Perhaps Royal Fail should ‘sack’ some of the idiots that make these ridiculous decisions!

If tomorrow is as hot if not hotter as they keep saying, then I suspect they will want another day off. This is the woke world that we have all been told is now acceptable. It’s not. Royal Fail you need to buck your ideas up and fast.

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Royal Mail = Royal FAIL

We have an emergency update for our customers, from Royal Mail – NOT US!

Their email states that due to the hot weather the collection scheduled at 4pm today will not take place due to the hot weather. To put this into perspective; the post office is only six miles away and they arrive at our offices (more often than not late) in an their air conditioned van. We PAY a lot of money per year in an upfront charge for them to turn up and collect from us each day. The best of it is that we will not get any compensation for today or at the end of the year – NOTHING.

All we can say is that we are very sorry there may be some delays for your orders due to Royal Fail, sorry (not) Royal Mail. If you have any grievances please feel free to give them some hot air too, not that it will do you any good. Information for complaints from their website click here for the link.

Royal Mail Customer Services

To make a complaint call us on 03457 740740

Congratulations Royal Fail, we will now have to deal with angry customers because you are hot. We will obviously have the packages ready for their next collection will be ‘who knows when’.

We can only apologise for something out of our control.

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