Have A Guess

Our WebShop has had an overwhelmingly good reaction to the free postage, which we are really pleased about that of course. We are even seeing people buying items that total under the £50 limit and are paying the extra for the next day courier service as well. “Thank You” for all the support via comments, emails and notes with the orders being placed. We appreciate all the feedback. However; somebody even moaned that the postage is not “Free next day courier service”. We will just leave that there for you. We didn’t respond, as we can only assume somebody is having a laugh or trying to wind us up.

The WebShop is also having some behind the scenes work done which again we have had a couple of comments to us which made sense, so we will change it. Our WebShop has well over five thousand products, not just for Classic Mustangs, Fox body, Mustang II, S197, S550 (and everything in between to modern day), even Mach E parts already, that’s not taking into account the Falcons parts either! Behind the scenes we are are starting to optimise the WebShop search engine to find more products for you. In the past, a couple of comments were ‘I can’t find it’. The optimisation is a long slow process, but we are on it. When we get a few spare minutes in the offices we look at the product lines and try to make it easier to find them for you.

Customer Cars:

The Pear is getting closer to completion as Yogi has been painting the inside panels of the car. They may look black, but they are in fact a dark blue.

Fitting the panels with damaging the paint, then adding the cumbersome rear seats and shelf is a challenge, to be on the safe side we made it a two man job.

The seats going in makes a huge difference to inside of the car and looks almost finished.

Metal Mayhem

The skeleton chassis that is the Metal Mayhem has had the panel work added to make it look like a car again. Sheet metal all from our own supplies of course.

As we pointed out on The Pear, aligning the panels and gaps take lots of adjusting. When you take the panels off to be sprayed they need to go back on with the tolerances you allowed. Again a lot of clamps and tack welds until we are happy. Only then does the inner aprons and radiator supports get welded up.

Guessing Game

Adam has treated himself to a car, like he needs another one! But we can see why he got this one though. This is not a new car, but a rare car and this particular iteration of it is a one off. What we intend to do is place a cropped picture here each week. The normal photo is made harder to identify by taking a tight crop or random angle. Why? Because we can just for a bit of fun.

The winner can have their photo, their photo and their car or just their car on our fabled Mustang Blog, if you want to or we can just say well done to you by name. It could be an opportunity to get a Mopar on our blog!

Those that have seen the car during one of Adam’s ‘Mustang Maniac Tours’; please don’t spoil it for the others by telling everybody what it is in the comments.

We are after the Make, Model and the version of the car. We suspect that many will get the make and model, but not the particular version of this car.

Lets start of with a hard one! Go……

Next week we may post a couple of pictures to give more of a clue. If somebody gets it partly right we will acknowledge it as comments come in. Let’s see how good you guys are, light up the comments and have a guess! Bragging rights are at stake here. 😉

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Trick Or Treat?

This is not a trick; we have some very, very exciting news regarding our postage rates. Full details are towards the end of the post about our post. It will be a real treat treat for you.

Could our postage be free? Take a look and see! 😎

Last week’s post about the ‘Evil Ethanol’ where we could be slowly destroying our cars with has caused a bit of a stir. Thanks to the those that posted a comment, messaged and emailed us. That post was one of our most engaging and kept us busy with responses, more than we expected. The answer to the question ‘Are we selling the Lucas Fuel stabiliser as a marketing ploy?’ Yes and No, let us explain. The research we done a little while ago revealed some pretty nasty facts about the government’s new ‘green fuel’, as well as the positives that the additive reduces emissions. For classic car owners – there is hardly any good news to be honest. We were a little shocked at the damage it can cause so we looked for a solution, hence we are now stocking the Lucas Safeguard to counter the problems. We reacted, to the research arranged for the stock that took longer to get here than we expected, then we released the article. Yes we are using it ourselves!

Customer Cars:

We have a ’67 convertible in with us with a couple of upgrades to be fitted.

This little lot will give a nice boost to performance that’s for sure. New intake, new Holley Carb, spacer, new spark plugs, headers, gaskets etc.

While we were taking the old intake out we gave her a service. We cleaned the sludge as best we could, which makes perfect sense. You don’t want fresh oil dragging around old sludge. While it’s all exposed bite the ‘Bullitt’ (see what we did there?) and do it.

The shorty headers were on next, the valve covers, plugs and the spark wiring. It’s always a good idea to remove the plugs when fitting the exhaust outlets.

Under the car we need to make a custom fit exhaust to already new(ish) system. We would like to point out that the welding here is not the best and not a lot we can do about it.

We cut the pipes back to give us enough room to make the bends and clearance to the shorty headers.

The front strut rods were a little worse for wear so they got swapped out while we were at it.

We need to make the rest of the exhaust, take her for a little run to settle down then we will do some dark art magic on the carb settings. Then she should be good to go.


No Tricks, It’s Free Postage!

Mustang Maniac has taken more than our fair share of abuse over our postal charges, most of which are dictated to us by the couriers. So we got our heads together and come up with ‘TRIAL‘ for free postage. We will be offering free postage on orders under £50.

How it works;

  • Go to the WebShop as normal
  • Shop for your items and add them to the basket
  • Proceed to checkout.
  • If the order is under £50.00
  • Select your postal method
  • Proceed to payment
  • We do the rest and ship out to you.

If your order is £50.00 or over then you will be paying the same courier rates as before.

Please Note:

We will be keeping a very close eye on postage with a few things we have put in place. If we see that people are trying to ‘work’ the system, we may well stop that person ever getting free postage again, or remove free postage for everybody altogether. This was launched on 27/10/2021 on facebook. That very afternoon we have had a one person trying it on!

This is a trial to see if works for everybody. You asked for it, we listened (again), so let’s see how this goes.

Happy Halloween Shopping.

We have moved with the times again after a customer came up with a great idea; ‘Can we have E-Vouchers’ or electronic vouchers? Yes, thanks to Roger, you can indeed now buy online and use the vouchers, you can print them out for yourself to give them as a gift.

Click the images below to take you to the WebShop pages where all the instructions are there for you.

Have a great Halloween, Stay Safe & Take Care.

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Alcohol Free Zone – C2H5OH

A few of our customers have asked us about “Ethanol” in the standard UK’s petrol on their Mustangs. Yep, that very word ‘Ethanol’ the chemical formula which is ‘C2H5OH’ strikes fear into any classic car owner. Ask us the chemical formula should be ‘DEV1L’s juice. Many questions since the switch over to E10 in September this year here in the UK. A few problems have arisen from their old fuel lines now under attack the Ethanol, and leaking. If you’re not careful, you could be in for some big bills! Despite what people think and say about us, here we are going to try and stop you spending out large wads of cash with us believe it or not.

We have done a little research and collated some pointer and facts for you;

  1. Ethanol is an alcohol substance, those properties will dry out the rubber components in a fuel system. This leads to cracking and brittle fuel lines, floats, seals and diaphragms, caps off’s etc.
  2. Ethanol is corrosive when in comes into contact with certain materials within the fuel delivery systems and its related storage. This will be things like the flexible joining parts, rubber compounds and also the more worrying aspects of the zinc and aluminum alloys used in carburetors. Yep, your nice new shiny carb will slowly disintegrate inside out.
  3. Ethanol is ‘hydrophilic’. In other words it loves water. Because of the water absorbency properties, the water content enters fuel containers when they are filled up, that’s your fuel tank, jerry cans, plastic petrol cans etc. Once water is in the fuel it forms a chemical mix that causes corrosion of internal parts. As the fuel level in your fuel tank or container drops, water condenses on the cool surfaces of the container, droplets form and run down into the fuel where the ethanol absorbs it.
  4. Ethanol is also a solvent in older or classic car engines. Not such a bad thing you say? Well, the ethanol begins dissolving the varnish and other deposits in your tank and fuel lines. These deposits are then carried to the carburetor or injection system where they can clog the small or tiny orifices involved. The results of which could cause all sorts or problems, over fueling, fuel starvation, stuck floats, blocked jets, engine stumbling, idle issues, pick up issues and so on.


  • Because of the Ethanol’s love of water, petrol containing ethanol should not be allowed to sit for any length of time. This is the very reason that ethanol is not present in giant storage tanks, pipelines or bulk carriers.
  • The Ethanol is added at the refinery just prior to delivery to gas stations Where it sits until it’s sold to you!
  • The shelf life of gasoline or petrol containing ethanol is only about thirty days, compared to two or three months with standard petrol.
  • Ethanol part fueled engines will be hard to start after thirty days without some sort of stabiliser being used.
  • Petrol and milk are both organic — they decompose the same way. A foul, sour smell indicates bad fuel in your car!
  • Ethanol is one-third less powerful when burned than gasoline. This has a negative impact on your miles per gallon statistics. Thought – So you have to use more to travel the same distance? Very Eco – not.


  • Don’t use high Ethanol E10 or certainly not E15 fuel in your classic, buy premium fuel with little or no ethanol mix. Yes, it’s more expensive, but a lot cheaper than a new carb!
  • If possible, run any tank containing ethanol dry before putting any engine away for a season or more.
  • Buy your ethanol fuel in small quantities, run tanks near dry before refilling and after use.
  • Do not store in that little red container more than a month, especially not over the winter or summer months.
  • If the fuel is older than that, dump it into a car or vehicle that uses gas frequently where it will mix with the fresher petrol.
  • Use ethanol-resistant hoses or nylon tubing to replace any plastic or rubber fuel lines.
  • Replace fiberglass fuel tanks with a stainless steel tank.
  • Use a inline water separator filter leading to the carburetor. Since the water collects in the filter, you can easily remove it and replace.
  • Change out any O-rings in the fuel system to ethanol compatible rings.
  • A carburetor fogging solution prevents condensation from filling fuel bowls.
  • Use a non-alcohol based fuel treatment to prevent excessive water collection in your fuel. Ethanol based fuel treatments worsen problems caused by E10 gas.

A couple of pics we have borrowed from the internet to show the effects of Ethanol on your classic car.

Don’t take our word for it, just do a quick google search.


This leads us on nicely to our latest products prompted by our customer’s requests. We are now starting to stock “Ethanol” protection products, like our first range of fuel lines:

Fuel Treatment:

473ml 1pint
this bottle treats 80 us gallon 302.8 litre

1 oz treats 5 gallons usa

30 ml treats 18.9 litre

On average mustang 60 litre tank is 100ml or 3.38 oz

Lucas safeguard ethanol fuel conditioner with stabilizers was developed to specifically address issues associated with using ethanol-based fuels. This applies to e-10, e-15, e-85, pure ethanol, and any mixtures in between including gasoline. Product is completely soluble in all ethanol fuels and will not harm filters. Lucas safeguardethanol fuel conditioner with stabilizers contains effective additives to prevent rust and corrosion associated with the use of ethanol fuels.30 ml treats 18.9 l of fuel. An over treatment will not be harmful. For use in 2 and 4 stroke engines. It can be used in e-10, e-15, e-85, pure alcohol or any alcohol gasoline combination, even pure gasoline.

Main Features:

  • Cleans injectors, valve seats, combustion chambers and other critical fuel components
  • Stabilizes fuel and prevents varnish and gum formation in ethanol and gasoline
  • Combats deposits and protects your engine oil lubricants from the harmful effects of alcohol combustion

You may have noticed that we are starting to post a little more often on social media about our new products and special offers we have going on within the WebShop. One thing we are getting excited about the potential of free postage on some products. Watch this space and our social media for updates. 👍

Customer Cars:

‘The Pear’ is now at a stage where the little lady is rolling under her own steam and we was able to move it around the yard to settle the suspension down before we took her into Adam’s workshop for a little wheel alignment.

The outside is done apart from a few minor adjustments. The interior is nowhere near finished yet as we need to get to a few of the bolts for final adjustments. We will put a seat in, just for a little test drive for a few miles, recheck the alignment, gaps, fittings etc. Then we can start the proper process of getting the interior back in.

Remember this? Yep, its the old donor car being stripped down for ‘The Pear’.

To this, where a shell was prepped and painted then we start to put as much original parts to the car as possible.

Like we said many times before, We only need a few bits from a car, to make you a proper car. Providing it’s all legal with paper work of course. We have everything in stock you need here in the UK.

We are starting to see some of the back order parts arrive to us, but it’s a slow process not just for us but many other suppliers too.

We end this week on a nice note:

Congratulations to Yogi’s daughter Beth who married Martin last week. The getaway driver, sorry ‘chauffeur’ was Yogi in his ’69. Needless to say that they got to the church on time, it was just a quarter of a mile away. 🤣

It wasn’t really, but it would make a story though.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Rolling On

We often browse through many forums, classic Mustangs, Electric Mustangs, Coupes, fastbacks, Mustang II, Fox body, S197, S550 etc just about any Mustang forums we can find. We look to see what is going on in the world of all things Mustang. During one of our browsings we noticed that somebody was after a window guide roller nothing wrong with that of course. From us the rollers are £1 and we have one or two in stock, a box full in fact. That’s it £1 each; the small cost includes the design, metal tooling, the plastic tooling, the metal shaped spring, the plastic mould itself, plastic materials, the assembly of the roller, shipping costs and finally the import charges to us, the later of which has gone up nearly ten fold, but the rollers have not gone up from the £1 we absorb the cost. We mention this because we have been beaten up again for being expensive, then we get bashed about the cost of the postage. If you buy one or two the price is the same, or four, or ten or twenty so on it’s the same, until the parcel increases to a size or weight which is dictated to us by Royal Mail. The response was that these rollers are rubbish and should be made of brass. Let us quickly explain that the reason for failure is that these parts are over fifty years old now, they get brittle and break or just wear out. We ask the hobbyist mechanics out there; would you buy a brass one at £5- £10 each, if £1 is already too much to pay? If you would like them in brass, let us know and we can look into machining them up for you so you can sell them on with your own markup, subject to minimum order of a thousand like many manufacturers require as a minimum order. We wouldn’t even pass on our costs on to you, just the actual manufacturing costs, how’s that for a deal? We would even buy one or two from you to get you going in the marketplace. 🙂

We are looking to have a trial of another postage option. Whether we do it or not depends if we can make it work without Mustang Maniac selling at a loss. Watch this space.

Customer Cars:

‘The Pear’ has most of the outside completed now apart from some fettling that is. Now the inside has been the focus and getting that freshened up to look as good as the outside.

To do that we have some of the left over external colour being used to colour match the interior. Yogi has got out his spray gun in the body shop room and started the meticulous and art form process of spraying the parts.

Curved surfaces are some of the most difficult to paint due to getting an even coat and avoiding paint runs. Although it doesn’t look much, but this type of work can take quite a while to prep and complete.

We have a couple of little ladies in for a regular once over and servicing one of which is almost a daily driver. It’s always good to hear stories of these cars being used often, but we do know that they aren’t used in real bad conditions like snow and ice, torrential rain and fog for obvious reasons. Some cars can be a lot of fun in the dry maybe bite you unless you show some respect, but where traction is limited they become a lot of fun to being a real handful.


Finally we have now got the ‘T Park Lock’ handles added to the webshop, click here for the link or the screen shot to take you there.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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En Guarde

We have been asked a few times now about a product we selling on our WebShop here. Mustang Maniac are indeed official distributors for Lanoguard the rust protection system to stand guard against the UK’s bad weather.

We have been trialling the Lanoguard products ourselves for a while now and we can say that we are extremely happy with them and we are now proud to be a distributor. We have added a quick link to the right of the blog pages to take you straight to the Webshop.

We have a video here on how Lanoguard works and what a difference it can make to you. It really is worth a watch. If we didn’t believe in it, we wouldn’t stock it or use it on our own cars.

Yes it really is this good!

It’s so easy to apply, eco-friendly and clear so it doesn’t cover up your underside with a thick black mess. This is the official link to the Lanoguard website here for more information. Mustang Maniac will only put their name to a product that they believe in. If we use it, so should you.

Customer Cars

Sheleanor is now completed with the last of the front lights in place.

The car now just waits for the owner to have some fun with arguably one of the most iconic cars to hit the movie screens.

The Pear

As the hood isn’t on the car Yogi has taken ‘brave’ option to drop the engine, gearbox and headers into the engine bay in one go. this is often the best way with bodywork not secured to the car.

The engine has been cleaned up and assembled on the stand and then onto the engine lift ready to be dropped back into the car.

This big block is a ready squeeze in more ways than one. Yogi decided to use his hand as a feeler gauge will lowering in. His hand protected the paint job. That’s dedication for you.

With the engine in place the header bolts could be done up properly and then the rest of the engine mounts and supports to be bolted up.

The valve covers are on and plumbing starting to take shape.

Aircon unit also installed which will just need gasing.

The bodywork could then be fitted back to the car with a ‘loose fitting’ in order to be able to move things around and get the gaps right.

Getting the hood to line up with the fenders is a skilled job, considering the weight of the hood and tiny adjustments at the hinge will make a back difference to the front of the hood and its alignment with the fenders and doors.

The front bumper, grill and trims now fitted.

Next up is the interior work to not only add the furniture inside but also the electrics and trim. Often some of the most time consuming parts of the job.

At least the majority of the heavy work has now been done.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Metal Work

Things have got to the point now that Mustang Maniac is not taking on any new customers for restoration work, we were fully booked for the next two years, we are now fully booked up for the next three years, absolutely unbelievable. We appreciate that we are lucky in that respect and we can’t complain of course. We have had to make some tuff decisions as a result.

Our predictions of sheet metal going up in value has come true, it hasn’t just gone up – in fact it’s rocketed up. We have enough sheet metal for our booked in projects, and keeping that in mind Mustang Maniac may not be selling sheet metal panels at all for the next year or so. Even Adam’s ‘contacts’ can’t get him any more supplies for the time being. It must be bad!

We have advised some potentially new customers who have asked for our sheet metal (and nothing else), to refer back to their normal suppliers as we can’t help them out at the moment. Virtually all of them have responded with; “They don’t have any in stock and we’ve heard that you have some”. Although this is true, these potential customers have even been cheeky enough (not the word(s) Adam used by the way), to ask for our trade discount, even though we know that they’re not trade. They even want to buy our sheet metal at the ‘pre shortage’ prices, as if they are doing us a favour. So Adam’s response was quite predictable, “Nope, we don’t have any sheet metal for sale as we need to look after our loyal and regular customers first.” Which is a very fair point. All of a sudden when people can’t get the parts where they normally go – our prices aren’t so bad after all!

We have to buy, ship, pay taxes, import duty, then transport to our yard, sort, store and make our small percentage profit on the parts. To sell at a loss doesn’t make any sense to us or anybody with a business brain. In the yard at lunch times we have had many conversations along the lines of; ‘what is going on with the world that this is becoming the normal attitude of customers dictating the terms of availability and what they are willing to buy it at’? We don’t go into Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s or Walmart and say we will give you £100 for that 65″ Plasma TV as you have a pile of them over there.

Park & Pic

The ‘Sheleanor project has been completed and the car is now moving on her own again. We are still waiting for the lower lights due to the lack of lorry drivers or whatever the excuse is this week.

We think the car looks great especially with the LED stock look sequential lights. Lets hope the owner has a lot of fun with her.

This car was “Eleanored” with our very own molds, if you are interested email us for more information.

Customer Cars

We talked about a project with no name on the last post, well Yogi has now given that project a name, “Metal Mayhem”.

Work has continued and the work has started to take shape at the front with a few bits of metal from our stock.

The inner sills are cut and patch panels fabricated into place ready for the floor.

The missing parts of the body to floor sections are replaced and repaired.

Floor and seat base are welded together then the edges bare metalled ready for the welding.

Our custom light weight rolling jig is the perfect starting point to assemble the panels with clamps and the odd tack weld. The front rails are treated inside and mounted to the jig and the rest of the panels are bolted on.

Yogi puts the fenders on just for now to make sure that the gaps will be correct from the measurements we have. Bolting on the bits where we can and aligning up. We won’t be giving away many of our secrets obviously.

We will be bringing you more on this project as there is plenty to do still.

Take Care & Keep Safe!

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Gas or Electric?

A month or so ago Adam placed an order for a car. Yep, he bought a brand new Mustang. Since he has had the car he has seen many forum debate if this is a proper Mustang or not, the Mach E Mustang. Ford calls it a Mustang therefor it’s a Mustang. Nothing anybody can say will change the fact it’s a Mustang in the eyes of Ford who not only make the cars, they also name them too. This mentality seems to rear it’s head for each subsequent iteration of the Mustang as it evolves. 1st Gen, Mustang II, Foxy body, S197, S550 owners now the Mach E etc.

Park & Pic

We have had the privilege of having in a real treat of a car to work on, a genuine Cobra Jet which is more than fitting for this weeks leading post’s photo. The lucky owner of this vehicle has had her for a long time and has looked after it well, as a result it’s a great example of these sort after models.

The car came to us for a potential brake issue to check out and a once over. The owner has never been happy with the brakes since he has had the car and wanted to find out if this is how they should be or could they be improved?

At some point in the past the car has had a ‘Brake Boost’ conversion, so in theory the car should have stopped well, but it wasn’t great. Theory and fact are two very different things, especially in classic cars. We got the car into the workshop and got her up in the air to check for anything obvious, but all was as expected. We know from past experience that in order to increase the stopping power we fitted some ‘EBC performance’ brakes to make sure the potential stopping power was there to start with.

Adams house and guard dog Ellie even photobombed the picture below for approval!

Again on a road test we weren’t happy with what should have been much better performing brakes. Back into the shop for a second look.

The plan was to start from the inside and work out. No sooner had we started inside when we found the problem. An unusual issue we hadn’t seen for a long long time.

Although the booster had been swapped out fine, the brake pedal hadn’t been swapped over at the same time as it should have been with this style of booster. This pedal swap out is a few hours work of being upside down and being a contortionist too. Which is probably why it wasn’t done in the first place if the truth is to be known. The pedal was swapped out and the correct brake light switch fitted. The car now has a nice performance feel and stopping power as we would expect from these brakes. Once we were happy with the brake issue the car was serviced with new oil, filter etc.

For safety, the owner wanted to be more visible so we swapped the rear lights out for a set of stock look LED board conversion with inclusive indicators.

Like most of the cars when they entered the UK the rear back up lights were swapped to be the indicators, as that was cheapest and easiest way of doing it. However, being so low down they can’t be seen very well. That has all changed now as the owner has a full set of rear driving lights, seperate brake lights and amber flash indicators where you would expect them to be.

We recommend these upgrades for safety and a peace of mind. However, with the silicon shortage (as well as the current fuel shortages) the required chips are difficult to obtain at the moment to make these boards up for us.

So, if you want to see a great example of the real nice Cobra Jet, take a look at this little lady. We do like a nice Cobra Jet here at the Mustang Maniac.

Mach E

Adam predicted (yes he has been playing with his crystal balls again!) that there might issue with fuel availability and also wanted to try out the growing trend of electric vehicles. It wasn’t until ford Released the Mach E that he took interest. After a few months of “shall I, or shan’t I” he went for it.

We was going to make this the ‘Park & Pic’ for this week, but the Cobra Jet took that spot, justified if you ask me.

He took delivery early of the ’71 plate car to take it apart. Yep you read that correctly, Adam had it up on the ramps, wheels of, under trays off and was looking at the consumable parts. The reason is that he can then stock those parts as well. As these cars become more common they will need serviceable parts too, like the brakes and bulbs.

The interior is real nice place to be, and goes ‘very well’ according to Adam. He did say ‘there is so much to play with and take a little while to set it up how you want it.’

Adam even tells us that the centre console can be made to sound like a v8 inside if you want to. He even said it sounded better than some of the v8 powered Mustangs he has worked on!

Speaking of lights there are a few little “Easter Eggs” to be found like the pony on the front lights.

The puddle lights are a nice touch.

The rear lights;

The doors have keyless entry and also a keypad on the door, nothing new in the USA, but here it’s not that common.

The charging options are very good, household, fast charging and direct charging. The choice is yours!

It won’t be long until there will be some Mach E parts in stock.

with current fuel status in the UK this was sent to Adam;

So having a nice petrol (‘Gas’ for our friends over the pond) car and an state of the art electric vehicle what would you go for?


So speaking of the Mustang Mach E this has been brought to our attention.

“Tough Enough for Law Enforcement: Mustang Mach-E Is First All-Electric Vehicle to Pass Michigan State Police Tests.

“The fact that the Mustang Mach-E successfully stood up to the grueling Michigan State Police evaluation demonstrates that Ford can build electric vehicles that are capable, tough and reliable enough for even the most challenging jobs,” said Ted Cannis, CEO of Ford Pro. “We understand the needs of our commercial customers and are committed to unlocking new electrification opportunities for them.”

The Ford Pro all-electric police pilot vehicle based on the 2021 Mustang Mach-E SUV just became the first all-electric vehicle to pass the rigorous Michigan State Police 2022 model year evaluation. Testing included acceleration, top speed, braking and high-speed pursuit, as well as emergency response handling characteristics. Michigan State Police is one of two law enforcement agencies that annually test new model year police vehicles and publish the results for use by agencies nationwide.

Ford Pro submitted the all-electric police pilot vehicle for testing in the Michigan State Police 2022 model year evaluation Sept. 18 and Sept. 20. Michigan State Police will publish results for vehicles tested on its website later in the fall.

Ford Pro is a separate global vehicle services and distribution business within Ford that is leading the company’s efforts to develop and deliver work-ready products and services for commercial and government customers. The Ford Pro vehicle lineup includes the all-electric 2022 E-Transit van and the all-electric 2022 F-150 Lightning Pro pickup.”

Source: https://www.at.ford.com/en/homepage/news-and-clipsheet/news/2021/9/police-mach-e.html?cid=BOC-2021-09-24

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Cut & Paste

We have had a good response to last weeks post about the “T Park Lock” with a number of enquiries. We have sold a couple leaving only a couple left in stock for us. On with the cars as promised from last week where we have an update on our projects.

Customer Cars

Sheleanor is having a little attention as Yogi has started to put the lights back on the car and wire in some new ones.

With the main grill being fitted to the car along with the radiator fill plate the car immediately transforms.

Making everything disappear behind the dash and around the engine bay takes time to get right, the small attention to details that nobody seems to notice takes time, yet if they aren’t done, they become obvious. On the odd occasion, even what you envisage in your mind to look good, isn’t what actually looks good in practice. Sometimes you just have to try it, then come back to it the next day and just see if it looks and feels right.

We are just waiting for the lower spotlights to arrive so they can be fitted, all the wires and relays are in place so it should be a simple bolt in place and align. The back of the car has started to get some attention for the huge set of light bulb clusters now in place with the lenses to be fitted once we have test run the bulbs.

The top fill fuel cap is an iconic part like the scoops which needs to be positioned with care as the trunk opening to cap gap is cleared by ‘not a lot’ as Adam said at the time. Inside the trunk there is the extension tube to the fuel tank that needs to be routed carefully and securely to avoid any fuel leaks obviously.

The Mustang project with no nickname (yet).

Yogi has started to cut chunks out of the restoration and rebuild the patches. Both sides needed the same patching, not a case of cut & paste, more like cut and weld.

Inside before we can even get to the floors we needed to replace a large patch under the seat.


No sooner had we posted last week about our new stock of windscreens, we then sold one the next day. It was collected by the owner who was looking to fit it himself! That’s either a brave owner who knows what he is doing or he will be complaining next that the glass leaks. We shall wait and see!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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Hidden Numbers

We had a week off last weekend due to other commitments and couldn’t put out a post in time so we apologise for that. We’re back now, so let’s give you the updates. We was asked a question a a couple of months ago and forgot all about it, but we will try to address that question with the first part of this post.

Customer Project Car Costings?

A little while ago we went to look at a Mustang project for a rough idea on restoration costs, which was going to be given to us to complete. As the car/shell was in a garage and we couldn’t get all the way round as we had hoped. We gave the owner a very rough idea of the costs involved and times. We would need to get the car back to the yard for the full once over and itenary to see how much the owner wanted to spend and limits to budjects.

Once we got the project into the body shop and started to strip away the trim for a proper detailed look around. This car hasn’t been given a nickname yet by Adam or Yogi, but we are sure that it will be coming soon.

We got to a point where we needed to be, then we started to find the unexpected. The left rear quarter looked and felt good from the outside. However the inside inspection was a different story.

The left rear quarter looks to of had some damage for what ever reason a long time ago. The original quarter was cut down and a patch section was welded in with a genuine Ford rear quarter part. The original part number is still clearly visible in the photo above. This then leads to the problem is the car still square if it’s been in an accident? All of a sudden a straight forward quarter replacement becomes a jig setup along with time and effort by us to measure it up and check it. If we don’t, it has the potential to become a whole heap of hurt waiting to come our way.

The usual places that we already knew about for rust like the floor pans, arches, sills etc. didn’t give us any additional nasty surprises and were pretty much what we expected.

This is exactly why it so hard to give an accurate cost for a restoration. We will speak to the owner to see what he wants to do with the rear quarter. There will obviously be some filler on the outside which could be covering up some rust issues from the inside out. A budget will determine just what will be replaced, we can only advise from our experience.

If anybody says it will cost £xyz for a restoration, they either have a crystal ball or are taking chances. We always like to look over a car the whole car before we even start.

Our Stock

We are quite excited to announce a new product which we have developed and now have our first batch going into stock. The top quality handle part as you would expect but it has been re-engineered by us in the UK. These handles are designed for ’64 to ’73 Mustangs.

This is our new “T Park Lock” shifter handle which has been designed to look stock as much as possible. The handle is a direct replacement for the standard T-Shift handle. The button on the right side simply presses in to lock, and a key is used to unlock it in order to select and shift as normal.

In the closed position you still have the black button as normal, but the right button is replaced with the press to lock fitting.

With the lock open the handle continues to a chrome finish.

You do not need the key in the lock to drive, but you can if you want to keep the key separate to the car’s keys.

For added security once you have tightened the handle in place as normal, you drop some glue into grub screw to stop any tampering and trying to remove it.

Any car that uses this handle fitting could use this lock. No modifications needed to the car and is fitted within minutes. This anti theft device retains its stock look, but prevents the drivetrain from being engaged.

Here is the video uploaded to YouTube of the lock in action.

We hope to have this on the WebShop shortly, it it’s not on the WebShop by Monday drop us an email. There is also a small batch held by Mart at onemanandhismustang.com who will be selling them. This is not something we normally do, but as he gets out to the car shows he’s in a good place to demo the product who want to see it in action. He also doesn’t have the pain of VAT on his prices like we do!

Park up and press to lock up.


An order has finally turned up after being delayed a few times. It’s a very fragile delivery and for once with no damage to any of the glass windscreens. Normally we have one or two that are damaged. We were certainly expecting the odd one due to constant handling.

We now just need to get them into safe storage.

We will be bringing more updates on our projects next week, until then.

Stay Safe & Take Care.

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Rest Of The Drag Racing Day

As we hoped this week we have been sent the official pictures of the day. Taken by a professional cameraman Chris Tilley who can be found on Instagram “Cortinachris“. If you see anything you like contact him and let him know. Thanks for the use of these pics Chris.

Chris has offered us over five hundred pics throughout the days event. That’s just way too many to post on here. So we have decided to pic what we like to show as many varied cars as possible, (which was a very, very hard choice). We then split this post into sections; park up, racing shots and the trip back from racing the strip. To finish we have the winners of the trophies presented by Roy from the Mustang Owners Club Of Great Britain.

First we have Yogi looking chilled as ever waiting try out his new wheel nuts!

Some parking up and prep work for the racing.

The burnouts;

Staging ready to race;

The look of fear! Have you ever wondered what what fear looks like? If you want to know, then the look into the eyes of the passenger up for the 1/4 mile blast in Yogi’s car. A picture speaks a thousand words. 🙂


I’m allowed to use this photo again as it’s the high resolution version.

The ride back from racing down the strip;

At the end of the day the prize winners collecting their new silverware.

Nobody was a loser on the day everybody had a good time, atmosphere was great. Although the Chevy, Dodge and Plymouth boys all raced it was as friendly as always, no matter what they drove.

Big Thanks goes to;

Adam from Mustang Maniac for sponsorship.

Chris Tilley for all the photos in this post.

To everybody who showed up to watch, or race making it another great day out.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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