Road Trip

It seems as though we have stumped a few people with our little teaser quiz for the last two weeks. We shall give you a few easier pictures this week which should give you the model of the car at least. This week are also coming to the end of “The Pear’s” restoration which we have been working on since April of this year. It will be a little sad to see her go but she was worth the wait.

The Pear

This is how the poor ol’ thing came into us before we got going on her.

Now she’s a real beauty.

Some of the last parts to go in the car was the door cards. Before fitting them we drove her around for a little bit to settle the suspension down and make sure the door opens and shuts as it should do.

With all the bolts adjusted and windows aligned we applied the damp proof to the door and fitted the cards. The trims which go onto the doors instantly make the car look finished.

When we are happy the car goes out for a final road test. Here Yogi takes the honours for a ride out and we think he enjoyed this one!

Carpet Differences

We have sold many carpets to owners of the 64 and 65 owners. But, did you know that the carpets were different? The ’64 carpets stopped at the bottom of the inner sills, the upper part of which was covered in vinyl like this one below. It’s quite rare to see cars with these original vinyls still in place.

We also had to repair the drivers seat frame as it had collapsed over time which is a fairly common problem.

With the seats out this gave us an ideal time to remove the old carpets and replace them.

As you can see here the correct carpets stopping short. The later models had a bit of an upgrade where the carpets rose up the sills and were mostly covered by the much neater chrome sill covers.

Most of the time the 64 owners used the 65 on carpets as they looked just that bit neater. Once Yogi had welded and re-upholstered the lower seat frame, the seats were put back in.

It’s amazing what a difference a new carpet can make.

Guessing Game (part 3)

As we said earlier, here is that big photo clue. If you look very closely there is a huge clue to the exact model.

Clue: This was a huge seller and an important car for Ford UK in the 60’s. This car had five generations before it ceased production.

Adam had these wheels made for his car as you can’t buy them!

And to finish of with a couple of bonus pics;

We must have given the game away now?

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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  1. Yogi looking pleased with himself. And so he should with a great build. Great work guys. 👍


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