Double Trouble

A few posts ago we mentioned that we had a drive in gearbox swap out. This week we we had all hands to the (fuel) pump, gearbox, carb, wiring, exhaust etc. to go one better for a customer.

Customer Cars:

The customer drove into us with a gearbox issue and he already knew that we had a a selection of C4 gearboxes on the shelf and wanted a one day swap out. We were prepared for it after being given the diagnosis of what was happening during a drive. While the customer was with us he asked if we could look at his engine while we were at it. Sure, no problem.

We took the valve covers of for a proper look and found the ‘black death’ as Adam likes to call it. If the top of the engine looks like this then you can pretty much guarantee the rest of the engine would be in a bad way too. We explained the options and what we could do to cure the problems. The customer decided that a replacement off the shelf engine would be quicker, cheaper and easier.

The image on the left below was the choked up oilways on the his original engine, on the right our reconditioned engine ready to go.

What was the one step better we did this time? Well, we did a gearbox AND and engine swap out in a single day!

The old engine was removed and we discovered the cracked header as well.

Now a double swap out is what we call a proper service. A well oiled machine that is Mustang Maniac goes to work on the car and swaps out the power unit and the gearbox. We have the right tools, the right parts, the knowhow of the little tricks of the trade, and we can do it in our sleep too.


As we have been saying for a while now some back order parts for customers have again arrived this week, in addition to the other special deliveries! As we predicted the base cost of the parts is going up stupid money and many suppliers are saying so. Although we note a few other sellers are taking advantage by charging a little more on top of that too.

Adam will be contacting these customers to let them know that their parts are in ready for dispatch or pick up. Is anybody else getting in sheet metal deliveries?? 😉

We also had another delivery of our Leeds Brake Kits. The kits have been selling well and we have had some good feedback as a result. We suspect that we also have the largest selection of these kits for all makes and models of Mustang and Falcons. We don’t stock a couple of the more common kits, oh no. We stock a full range of kits with multiple instances of each item, just to prove that point.

Next week we have have an update on ‘The Pear’ which is coming along nicely. We have a story of yet another expert not knowing what they are doing fitting parts. Even if you are not a mechanic – this one will be blatantly obvious.

The Mustang Name.

There are a few explanations where Ford got the name for it’s new car ‘Mustang’.

You can take your pick, the Mustang was named;

1) The legendary P-51 Mustang that helped win World War II and establish America as a post-war superpower – the perfect name for an all-American car.

2) The wild mustangs that roam the American plains introduced by the Spanish are the perfect symbol of American freedom, just like Ford’s new car would be.

3) Lee Iacocca is actually quoted as saying it was named after a college football team that inspired him with their athleticism, just like his new sports car would inspire America.

Adam thinks that it’s a number 2. As these cars are quite powerful with lots of horse power, when in the wrong hands they can be quite lethal.

Adam says that if these ‘Pony’ cars (which makes sense for the horse references), were named after the Spanish descendant of Mustango which is ‘wild horse’, you need to treat these cars with a bit of respect. If you don’t then this happens! This car was heard going past Mustang Manic at a rate of knots should we say. A few minutes later LAR was called out to recover a Mustang that had been in an ‘accident’, or was it that they were unable to drive properly? We will let you make your minds up on this one.

A teaser for another post coming up!!! Those that know – know.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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