Spring Time Your Way?

Ok so the title is a little play on words for this week’s blog, but the weather in the UK is picking up a little and looking forward to the warm weather and all the classic cars coming out to play. We said a play on words as this weeks Park & Pic is a car we still have with us after a service and a good look over. The ’65 Springtime yellow coupe is owned by our friend and customer Mick.

Park & Pic

The car is solid and the best bit? It’s up for sale! NOw Adam doesn’t “Sell” cars, he will take money for them if somebody has the right amount of cash for it. So this is not a regular feature to sell cars on our little ol’ blog, but if you are interested email us via the WebShop and they will put you in touch with the owner. No tyre kickers obviously.

The car has a great paper trail of the work completed on her over the years and always adds provenance to a classic car.

The engine is a nice little head turner too and runs as well as it looks.

Customer Cars

The Golden convertible has had some attention this week on the interior and has taken some great steps forward. The carpet has been fitted and the seats have gone back in. The dash area and wire pigtail have taken a little work but they are now fitted fine.

The external fittings are starting to come together and it’s amazing how a couple of shiny bits can make a difference.

The Transmission mounts were in a less than desirable condition should we say, and no we can’t use Yogi’s description of the part as this is a family blog! The replacement has been fitted in place and should make a huge difference to the driveability of the car.

Other News

We have been mentioning that we have been finding old “stuff” to share with you, this week is no different. This 1965 advert gives us an interesting insight into the minds of ford and their marketing.

Happy Birthday to….

The Ford Mustang of course, well not just yet, on Tuesday 17th April to be precise where the Mustang will be Fifty Four years old! We owe a big thanks to our good buddy Gary aka “Boris” (don’t ask), for coming up with some great little facts for us;

1) Ford US built 8160 Mustangs up to April 16, the day before launch – enough for one per dealer.

2) Ford planned to increase production through 1964, but due to the reaction at launch built another 16,000 Mustangs for the balance of April 1964.

3) Ford dealers took 22,000 orders at launch and sold well over 400,000 in the first year.

4) Ford had initially planned to sell 150-180,000 Mustang a year.

5) The following generations continued to be successful, but it was considered that the “Fox” bodied cars were somehow less successful. This is not true as they sold more than 400,000 units in the first year beating the original Mustang’s score.

6) The ‘father of Mustang’ Lee Iacocco was fired by Henry Ford 2 much later because of two reasons – he wanted to produce lots of small front wheel drive cars…and it is thought that he was becoming more prominent within Ford than ‘Hank the Deuce’.

7) Henry famously said when pressed by the Board of Directors of Ford on the firing of Iacocca; “sometimes you just don’t like somebody”.

8) The legendary “Bullitt” car now also becomes a member of the coveted “fifty years old club” too.

On The Hour – Every Hour!

Firstly it’s a little payback for Yogi – Happy Birthday.

As it’s Yogi’s Birthday yet again, we got him a little prezzie, a clock from our new stock. This Mustang clock makes a sound of a different models on the hour – every hour, except when it gets dark as the sensor will suppress the sound. We thought it would be a good idea that it would be an audible alert to let Yogi know it’s Jaffa Cake time! That don’t mean it’s one long lunch hour mind you. Have a good day Yogi, see you when I’m back from Sema 2014. We have got a few pictures of the clock under the Stock section below.

Customers Cars:

We have had a couple of cars in for a little work this week along with this real nice 1968 Coupe 289 Auto. The car had a few issues with a couple of leaks and not running to well at idle either. We replaced the oil pan, fuel line to the carb, new fuel filter, correct carb spacer, new thermostat, the gear box had a couple of new seals put in, all the levels for all fluids changed and topped up, and a new starter solenoid. The car now runs a lot better than it did with the timings all adjusted and the carb jetting balance checked. The engine also had a full health check for compression and pressures and all is good. The underside of the car is in a real good condition with the chassis looking as solid and as good as the bodywork. As we were cleaning her up after the road test, because it was raining of course the owner Liv turned up who was pleased with the work we had done. So pleased we managed snap a photo of Liv with her beloved car and justifiably so as well. It was a pleasure to work on Liv’s car. Liv – We will add the car to our customer car pages very soon for you as well. Click here for the quick link.


We have this new line of Ford licensed product of a clock that makes a different Mustang sound for each hour. It can be turned off if you want and it will automatically shut up when the room gets dark. You can find it on our WebShop if you want a nice Christmas Prezzie. We will be producing a YouTube video of the sounds so you can hear each hour too. We will let you know when that will be uploaded.

Don’t forget I will be at Sema 2014 next week and I will try to get some pictures posted for you from the show.