An Offer Accepted!

We like to think that that everything we have here at Mustang Maniac has a value. that value will be worth more to some than others. We had a project lined up and we have been keeping some parts for that project. But a customer came along and saw what we had and made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. So we put it all on pallet for him and waited for it’s collection. The guy was very happy, we were happy to have sold some parts, but on the other hand, the project had in mind may just have to wait for a little while longer now. What am I talking about? Well, we just sold a genuine 1969 Boss 302 Engine, Gearbox and it’s matching headers. The engine is the real deal with the screw in core plugs which were the give away for this particular engine along with the very specific manifold. Somebody has got themselves a very nice pallet of goodies.

I was also made an offer for this little beauty. It’s my own secret little project, but I will give you a sneak peak as I took it out from under wraps! Of course providing the right offer came along, I might just be tempted to sell it.


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