Yet More Storage

This weeks post is a little late and we shall explain why a little further down the post. But we start with the promised fulfilled to show what Adam has been working on for the last couple of weeks. We are pleased to show you the new storage area for the radiators and some more suspension parts. Yet another area was created for the storage of these bulky items as the current system wasn’t working as efficiently as it could have been.

The packing bench has been used for temporary storage until we get more storage space in the room.

To give you a quick glimpse of the daily stock posting, this is awaiting a pick up from the couriers at the bottom of stairs to the office.

We also said that we had some new wheels also in stock. The wheels we are excited about are the classic and favourite choice of many, the Magnum 500’s in 15″ x 7″ size at the moment. These are different as they are all in satin black and no chrome, except out quality chrome lug nuts that really set the wheels off. There are many designs out there for the general Mustang market and those wheels have been sprayed black for the look they require. This satin black effect is the look so many owners desire, but now in that classic Magnum style look.

We had one set in for our own review and they bought immediately by a customer who fell in love with them. The centre caps can come any many different designs, above they are sporting our own Mustang horse in black and chrome. Our very own Mustang Maniac centre logo looks pretty cool too. We have all sorts of centres for your wheels to match your paint colours, black, red, blue, with or without writing.

If you are interested in a set they are flying out the doors at the moment and we have to order these as a special item due to demand. Click the link here or cut and past to your browser for the WebShop page.

Customers Cars:

We have had in a rare car for a little Mustang Maniac Magic to be lavished on her to sort out an unknown leak. This is a genuine rare 428 Super Cobra Jet.

To trace an as yet unknown leak the dash cover is currently out so she looks worse than she is. I great example of a fabled car.

But our readers have seen this many times before, we are not afraid to show you what we do and how we do it. Speaking of which; a little secret can sort of be revealed, a set of Adam’s headers were spotted after being aluminium coated. We of course know what this little “upgrade” is, but does anybody else know? Especially as it’s on a set of classic Mustang headers!

OK, the reason we are a little late with the post?

Well, Saturday Adam had a BBQ and another private BBQ on Sunday. Now, we are not sure why Adam has a tea towel wrapped around his head, but he says it was to keep the sweat out of his eyes as “he was the only one working, AGAIN”.

The food was great, Adam’s BBQ’ed Steak and Cheese sandwiches are to die for!

The company was great and good time was had by all, thanks to everybody who could make it. There wasn’t much wine left or beers to come to that. Still trying to think of that excuse for the late blog post! 😉

Thanks Adam, when is the next one?

Our Best Wishes and a “get well soon” to John who is in recovery at the moment.

Never judge a book by its cover….

We have created a little variation of that old saying: Never judge a car by its paintwork!

Why did we say that?

We got a phone call from a customer in our office who thought we would be interested in a barn find 1975 Mustang. Originally this car came from New York and was used for a while then put into storage for what ever reason for the last 20 years. To be honest they are not the prettiest of Mustangs and they tend to be quite rusty. To get a good one is also quite rare these days too. First of all we declined and said that we were not interested going by past experiences from what we had seen of them. We were talked into at least seeing it first before we made a decision, with that in mind we thought we could break it for parts which can still make some good money. The car turned up at our yard and our first thoughts we were almost right. It was a little worse for wear granted, but it didn’t look too bad at all. We had a closer inspection and we bought it as a car to keep. The car needs a fair bit doing on the outside front area, but this car has got a serious potential to be a nice car. When you look at the pictures you can see why! At last we found a nice pretty solid 1975 Mustang that is not falling to bits, like we now say, never judge a car by its paintwork!

This model is the 1975 Coupe, 4 cylinder 2.3litre Automatic, with only 54,000 genuine miles on the clock.

How she arrived to us, unwashed and very much unwanted



We gave her a good clean, but as there were no keys we needed to use a little gentle persuasion to open the trunk!

The best part of this car is the inside which is almost brand new and unmarked apart from the stitching which had come undone on the driver seat

The engine needs a little work but it can be made good and the engine bay along with the car is pretty rust free

m75 3

A great find and we’re glad we listened and took a look after all.