Enfield Pageant Of Motoring 2015

The Bank Holiday Enfield Pageant was almost upon us. We loaded the three cars up on the trailers, one was a drive on drive of for the Acapulco Coupe and the other was a double stack of the 65 “A” Code Coupe and KR GT500.

enfield15-We arrived the evening before as ever in the motor home and made our stake on the pitch we have each year. We left the Coupe under cover for the evening just in case it rained. As the coupe has no glass in her just yet and we didn’t want a mobile swimming pool in the morning. We used a selection of the LAR and SMR vehicles to help us out for the weekend.

Bright and early the next morning the sun was out and the cars started to appear and park up in their allocated spaces. We started to set up the Media area which consisted of a large LCD screen in front of the motor home to show the progress so far of the Acapulco Coupe and a selection of “Music” from Chris’s iPod coming from a pair of speakers next to the RV.

We were promised a few cars of our customers to turn up and support us, we weren’t disappointed and over the three days we had a nice selection and was bursting at the seams at one point. We had our valour down to clean the cars to top showroom conditions. We promised him to get him on the net so promise kept. Thanks Paul for a great job as ever.

As if by magic our promised cars started to turn up one by one, almost as if they knew a little valeting was going on. So we just said carry on cleaning till they stop. Of course the guys will never say no to a little extra TLC on their cars.

Adam had his grandchildren come along to help out and keep an eye on the proceedings proudly displaying the corporate image and just in case anybody was in doubt who she was helping. 🙂

The guests and fellow petrol heads started to arrive and look at the cars and we had lots of questions and plenty of complements on the cars. We had great feedback for our WebShop and how well it was working, the increasingly popular Forum and of course our Blog.

During the days we even got up on the RV roof to take a few pictures.

John did say that he wanted a couple of pics of the “Workers”, we tried to find some, but we only came across these two suspicious characters posing for photos, Ken & John! 🙂

We had a lot of interest around all the cars on display. We had a car for sale which had a number of enquiries as the project Acapulco had a number of heads looking inside to see how they we put these cars back together even before we had fully set up.

 Most Amazing Story of the weekend:

Paul’s AKA “Lob Monster” ’66 Coupe had a couple of visitors who were a little more interested than usual. When Paul went over and spoke to them. It turned out that they were the previous owners of the car of, 30 years ago! Such an amazing story that Paul struck up relationship with them and they should be sending him some photo’s of the car even before Paul got hold of it. Such a small world and what were the chances of that meeting? If they had of turned up on Sunday Paul wasn’t there for that day and they would have missed him. The owners kindly agreed to pose with Paul (on the left) for pictures with the or should we say “their” car. Incredible story.


The day started to cloud over at about 11am till 2 where the rain came down and only the die-hard petrol heads were about and us running around putting a cover over Marts Coupe. We all gathered in the RV and waited for the rain to go. Eventually the sun came back out and so did we continue where we left off. We had a wander around and took photos of just some of the other cars in the show. The main tent housed the music for the day with live bands and the prestigious cars. This year was another good year as Beaulieu Motor Museum provided a couple of great cars of the few days.

Original Race Spec AC Cobra:

Thanks to the guys at Beulieu who kindly broke a little tradition and let us behind the ropes to take some proper photo’s of this spectacular car. The last race this car was in had a bit of pile up and pretty much destroyed the bodywork. At the time AutoCraft were still making the panels under the official licence and rebuilt the body to the exact specs of the original of course. This all means that the car is currently valued at £1 to £2 Million GBP with its heritage! Yes, we have taken a few pics here but it warrants it we think.


Everybody recognises the outside, but ever seen inside the real deal?

The Next day the guys had the Original General Lee “Lee1”.  Again this car needs no introduction and a few pics to do it justice with some interesting facts.

Some of the other cars that took our fancy over the few days. Some even had our sponsorship!

Sunday morning we had a treat of a full English breakfast. Eggs fresh from Adam’s chicken at his home and local bacon and sausages, tomatoes mushrooms – well you get the picture. How did it all go down? Very well and Adam’s culinary skills improve each year. The double yolker was a hotly contested conversation.

Enfield Pageant is not just a car show, there are the numerous auto jumble sales pitches and stalls of all sorts of things, you name it, they got it.

The American scene is quite large at these shows and we have a great relationship with many of the clubs that appear each year. We had this lovely Edsel next to us that had a few issues and wouldn’t start. Adam offered his expertise and sorted out the points issue and the car was soon on its way. The screwdriver wedged in the carb was to dry out the flooding prior to the proper fix.

Here’s a petrol head trivia question for you?

What did Edsel and Mustang have in common?

The answer:

The failure of the Edsel project enabled Ford to use the Edsel machinery to be modified to take the new tooling for the Mustang. The result was that the Mustang appeared long before the time it could have done!

As Adam was often away from his loyal dogs they were always on the look out for him. When he came back for a cup of tea the end result was obvious. A picture can speak a thousand words.


 Last, but definitely NOT least.

A special “Thanks” to everybody who had supported us over the weekend and made us a success again. In no particular order they include:

Ken, John, Yogi, Chris, Paul “Lob Monster”, Lance “OCD”, Ian, Spence, Paul “The Paint”, Yogette, Martin, Paul the valeter, Mart “SatNav,” LAR and SMR. If I have forgotten anybody – I apologise, but it’s getting late and I need some more of those beers, that I hid at the back of the fridge!

A great weekend and thanks to all those that came to see us and made it all worth while.

See you all again next year.

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3 Responses to Enfield Pageant Of Motoring 2015

  1. Gary says:

    Great blog! Just to add to the Edsel comment. Ford lost $250 million on the failed Edsel programme and Henry Ford 2 was in no mood to approve any more money for any new cars. It was expected that the Edsel range would stay in production for at least 8 years. So, if the Edsel had been a success the Mustang might never have got approved. Iacocca convinced Henry Ford that they could use the plant and equipment from the Edsel range on a new range (mustang) and so the programme got approved. So without the Edsel failing we might not have seen Mustang.


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