Las Vegas – SEMA 2016 Day 1 (Part 3 of 3)

Tuesday 1st November 2016. This post we wrap up the first day of cars and trucks.  We’re pretty sure we didn’t see it all, but we sure tried. Cars and trucks of the highest order along with some NHRA drag cars. We managed to capture some more of the wonderfully polite and patient ladies who signed their own promo posters and stood with everybody who wanted a photo with them. The photos are towards the end of this post.

Those of you who know Adam will seldom see him conduct public business, as he is a private man. But, at the show Yogi, Adam and Jason are seen making one of the rare conversations to start things rolling. The gentleman here liked what Adam had to say thus Adam was invited back for a more in-depth conversation to finalize the deal. Other various stands including a vinyl warp machine that printed your design’s while you waited.

Celebrity corner as promises, we have Richard Petty and of course the Bond car Aston Martin DB5 with all the gadgets. The DB5 here is called “The Q Car” and a fantastic replica.

This particular Chevy got a constant stream of admirers around it and we can see why. Such a great car to look at. This was one of a number of cars that were making copper look the latest trend.


We made the occasional wander outside when we got to an exit for some fresh air and some liquid refreshments in the shape of Iced-T. Now we don’t mean the rapper pop star here, just a chilled Iced T. It took a few attempts for the language barrier to be broken down and resorted to some half paced speaking which just made it worse. When that didn’t approach didn’t work it was a case of Neanderthal grunts and pointing to the drinks in a huge container of ice. Then young lady said; “Oh, you mean Iced-T”. To our ears there was no difference in pronunciation. There was a few giggles behind us in the (short) queue as we walked of trying to practice our American accents ready for next time. “Ice-T” or was it “Iced-T”?

More Promotional ladies.

We finished the busy day calling into a restaurant buffet. This was under a hotel/casino with the obligatory painted ceiling to look like daylight. This was a little different as the $39.99 will cover all you can eat and all you can drink.

The food was theme, seafood, Mexican, American, Asian, salad, soup and Italian. We managed to make a huge dent in each of the themes and the food was great quality. The best bit was us drinking beer the odd beer or two each. We think that Mustang Maniac crew got their monies worth this time. Although we don’t want to paint the picture of us all being heavy drinkers here, but the thirst was intense after all the walking of the day.

The pictures of the empty bottles was after a few had been cleared away. The journey back home was a contented one reflecting back on cars, trucks, engine parts, pretty girls, food and beer.

Also today was a special occasion as it was Yogi’s Birthday, so it was great evening off course, great food, lots of beer and great company.


Happy Birthday Yogi.

What could be better? We even come back to do it all again tomorrow for Day 2!

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  1. Piotr Tomas says:

    Where are pole dancers for Yogi ??? :))


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