SEMA 2015 (Day 2)

After the first day yesterday a refreshing beer was called for, medicinal purposes of course to ease the aching feet. Perhaps we need a pair of these?


Day 2 we focussed on the outside of the event and we were treated to some pretty skilled car shows, and that unmistakable smell of burning rubber and sound of tyres screaming for mercy.

Keeping with the trend so far we have some pretty awesome Trucks on show.

Our favorite truck so far? so many to choose from but this has definitely made the short list! We are struggling to think of reason not to buy this for the new work van!

There were plenty of tuning companies with their engines and cars on show.

Now for the fine-looking cars.

Back inside the halls Chris was said to be “working”, but we wondered just how many pictures you can take on the same profile of a car!

Other pictures where we caught Chris “Working” again. We are trying to find a common factor in the pictures. We just can’t seem to put our finger on it though.

The legendary Grave Digger.


More tuning companies.

We particularly liked this little lady with the nice rear body panels.


The Saleen stand certainly didn’t disappoint either.

Who knows what we will find tomorrow, but we are sure looking forward to finding out.

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4 Responses to SEMA 2015 (Day 2)

  1. So far it has be good fun.


  2. You definitely need a little rest! You said ‘fine looking cars’ and then you show us a Camaro…tsk tsk!!!


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