The Full Range

Adam is feeling quite pleased with his latest arrivals from EBC Brakes. From what we know Adam can now boast he is probably the only dealer with full range of EBC brake kits for all Mustangs. that’s 1964 to 2018. That is some stock reserve, and all available now via the WebShop here, or past this to your browser;

Park & Pic

A little while ago Michael Block dropped his little lady in for a make over. Nothing mechanical just a little rouge here and there. OK, its pair of nice red racing stripes. A pleasant change from getting our hands dirty, this needed to be clean. We called in our decal specialist he works his magic in the workshop for us. We prepped the car by taking all the parts off the car to make it a proper job and none of this cut around the parts effort.

It certainly transformed the car and looks great as a result.


We mentioned the EBC stock had arrived which completed the range of brakes Adam was after. This was the last few boxes loaded from the lorry to the stock rooms.

We have catered for all types of requirements and the latest batch included the vented, slotted and drilled version rotors.

Original Reconditioned Parts

We gave you a little teaser last week of another new direction Mustang Maniac we now being a part of, this is the update and details.

As we post this up the WebShop is being updated with latest venture into our Date Coded correct parts. These are not cheap as we mentioned last week, these pictures are of the latest additions. In fact I personally witnessed our British engineer take away a van load of precious parts away to be worked on.

We will start with what Adam calls the Super Six. (One of Adam’s favourite engines!)

Those with the sharp eye will notice that the smaller freeze plugs have been replaced as well. No, you can’t but these parts as standard for a Mustang. Adam has a secret stash that he has especially sourced for Mustang Maniac, when we say reconditioned – we really mean it!

V8 Engines

This is a 351 Cleveland 4v – 4 bolt Main.

Each of the engines will have a report on the WebShop of what has been done, this is the rebuild spec for this Cleveland;

Elsewhere lurking in various corners hidden out the way for now, engines; lots of engines;

One of our reconditioned short blocks in the process of being rebuilt;

Adam will insist quality control over the engines by making sure that the oil can be pumped up through the engines and not in a dry state to the customer or for storage.

Yogi builds, Adam checks & Yogi Checks again. Like we said before these are not crate generic rebuilt engines, these are date correct which come at a premium. We could bespoke build an engine heads combo for you from the date correct parts we have in stock, if the money is right. The prices for these parts are on the WebShop and are not for negotiation.

The first of the date coded parts has now gone onto the WebShop now; which can be found here.

You Get What You Pay For

The old saying is that you get what you paid for. You would certainly expect that when you pay for £100k+ on a car it should be spot on. We inspected a car a little while ago that was not what we expected. The rear brakes on this car were shocking.

As was the welding of the floor pans that had not even been ground and sealed.

Without going into any details, the car was imported to the UK from the USA, it was registered and sold straight away. No MOT required as it was not required by law. Unlike our engines, it seems in this particular case you don’t get what you paid for.

Mustang Maniac tip of the year:

If you want to buy an expensive car, go and look at it, if you are not sure take somebody with you who knows what they are looking at.

In fact, Adam want’s to see every classic car imported into the UK to have an MOT as standard before it can be registered. At least then the buyer can be sure they are buying a safe car. In fact Adam thinks all cars should still have an MOT after the new car three years has elapsed. Ask any serious owner of a classic car and we could bet that they are still getting their pride and joys checked each year.

Next couple of weeks;

Yogi is going home, back to Canada for a couple of weeks. Yes Yogi is Canadian! So the workshop will be a little light but it depends if Adam can get in to do a few bits without being pulled away elsewhere.

Have a good holiday Yogi, don’t forget to brink back a a couple of rear axles and that Stroker motor we like the look of in your luggage! 😀

In fact if there is nothing to report, we may even have a week or two break on the blog, we shall see.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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