Ahead Of The Game

We mentioned last week about Adam’s venture into Date Code Correct Reconditioned Engines. Well we have more on that below, but lets just say its the next level of ‘crate engines’ that only Mustang Maniac know how can provide. But we start with a Park & Pic story.

Park & Pic:

1969 429 Boss Tribute.

A loyal customer and good friend of ours Lance, said goodbye to his ’65 Gulf Stream Aqua Coupe a while ago and has been looking for the right car ever since. There had been people in the USA looking on behalf of Mustang Maniac, one potential purchase was abandoned for various reasons, UK searches and numerous inspections of cars proved fruitless in the search as well. Then a tip off to Mustang Maniac about a car that had been imported to the UK in 2017 which just sits in a lock up for two years could be up for grabs. Lance was notified and then an agreement was made after the paperwork checked out, Mustang Maniac doing a favour along with the promise of copious amounts of beer and wine went to inspect the car (you know where to leave it all Lance- just saying!) The guys picked up various issues at inspection that needed fixing and some of the usual problem areas. Lance was notified and their report was discussed at length in the offices over a cup(s) of tea and a packet of Jaffa cakes. Having not been driven for quite a while there would be issues and that was a given. Lance pressed the button and the funds released to buy the car.

So here it is with the new owner making his mark on her already. The car has a great spec which includes a triple black colour scheme, 460ci big block engine with performer manifold, street demon carb, Crites performance headers, Tremec TKO 5 speed manual transmission, 9” rear diff and American Thunder exhaust system, aluminum radiator and twin Zern fans. Interior consists of Hurst shifter, modern slide digital radio etc.

So after initial purchase, the car was taken to our yard for a road worthy check in order to do the initial proper road tests, to blow away any cobwebs as it were. After a few runs the car was in a position for the final engine tweak, a mod or two not to mention some Yogi tuning.

Plugs checked, mixture, new air filter and pan, a new performance carb spring, timing, idle and vacuum all adjusted. A couple of new wires need as the old were brittle and past their best should we say.

They guys knew about the power steering pump which was whining and leaking so that was replaced.

The car was also sitting too low and the manifolds were hitting speed bumps. To help this a set of 1” raised rear spring shackles have been added and a set of 800lb performance front springs fitted, which in total have raised the car 1”, enough for a little more clearance without ruining the stance. The manifolds were also wrapped at the time for some heat management, with the help of a couple mates, Mark & Barry who were happy to help with a constant supply of tea and biscuits.

Various minor items like various clips, brackets and grommets were missing were upsetting Lance’s OCD so had to be rectified of course. The interior got an upgrade of GT9 billet steering wheel.

The car got some EU spec LED lights frot and rear for safety while retaining that important stock look.

We suspect there will be more to this story, so we have a page here where you can keep an eye on the updates.


At the beginning we mentioned that Adam has his batches of Date Coded correct pairs of head parts that are now flooding into stock. We went to have a little look around, lurking in the depths of the storage there was this little lot, with spaces made for more…

Yep they are now being cataloged for the WebShop, Windsors, Clevelands, 302, 289 etc. We also found some batches of more reconditioned intakes and pile of more intakes to be reconditioned!

We have also seen the latest batch of gearboxes being loaded up and taken away, we will be seeing those back here shortly.

We, well Adam actually, said at the time that these were not cheap parts and never going to be as the rarity, the amount of man hours and new components to make them serviceable on the date correct parts are all major considerations. and yet already, we have had two enquiries asking if the prices were up for negotiation, could they have a discount. Simple answer is No. The best part of all this is that we have never heard of these people before and they were perhaps just trying their luck. If you email for discounts on these reconditioned date parts, don’t be surprised if you don’t get a response, that’s because Adam won’t reply to your request. Now on the other hand, if you bought a lot of stuff and are a regular customer then perhaps a conversation could be had, but you better get a good case together first why you should get them cheaper 🙂

Proper Crate Motors;

With the reconditioned parts, heads, intakes, engine blocks etc etc. Adam has created the ultimate turn key crate motor. The engines are built by us, they will be bench tested to make sure they work, and the default tuning and timings set up. You bolt it in and turn the key. Again not a cheap collection of parts, but where else can you get an Autolite 4100 carb fitted and tuned on a date correct engine? The valve covers are in black but can be swapped for any colour of course. This is the engine being built up, not fully completed yet, but you get the idea!

The attention to detail?? A picture says a thousand words, this one just says four, but we think that’s enough.

These cables now in stock in black and blue from Scott Drake if you want some. The best part is that this engine will be officially in stock within the next few days.

As Yogi is on holiday now, we know he will be reading this, so have a good break Yogi, we have plenty of stuff building up here for you already! 😉

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. That date coded engine is just automotive porn! Boss is also pretty awesome too. 👍

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  2. Simon says:

    You guys get better and better……


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