Going On A Date

This week we see the UK with a new Prime Minister which was no real surprise, we just hope that he does a better job than the last effort we had. There are two things which will guarantee an argument; politics and religion. We are not going to discuss either of them, but one is related. Adam’s vision for the future of  Mustang Maniac has already begun regarding the Brexit scenario. We will start with a Park & Pic first though as is the custom when we have a car nicely posed for us;

Park & Pic

We had our loyal customer and good friend Spencer Chittenden who brought his ’69 convertible in to us for the usual service work, a general once over, then while we were at it and a geometry adjustment set up. A great pic and a real nice car to drive, not just to look at.

Adams Plans

Regardless of the outcome of the Brexit happening or not, Adam was sick of hearing about promises from politicians who are supposed to work for the people, but are only interested in their own agendas. With all this going on Adam behind the scenes around a year or so ago had already started to put plans into place, the process which has been up and running for a while now is working smoothly as we wanted so we can now reveal all. There has been an steady rise in the number of enquiries for correct date coded engines and parts. Adam has acknowledged this and now has a network of British engineers that are working for Mustang Maniac doing the specialist old school technical engineering work for us. That means fabricating parts, repairs and the odd custom parts for us and a select few of our customers. The results of that continued top quality work have been receiving back, Mustang Maniac are moving into the restoration of Ford Mustang gearboxes and engines. These engines and gearboxes are aimed at the elite end of the market for the Concours customers, perhaps somebody who just wants their car to be all to date correct. These correct date coded parts are not cheap obviously, however what you get for your money is hand built, bespoke, one off builds. For that attention to detail and level of skills required, Mustang Maniac is now the the only supplier you need. There is a no set cost of these pieces of equipment, that would all depend on the work required to make the equipment serviceable again.

The point here is that Adam is now pumping money back into the UK for employment and the UK economy. Mustang Maniac is now self sufficient in this process and over the next couple of weeks will be showing you the result of Adam’s rebuilds.

Gearbox Date & Parts

An example of what we have been talking about;

A little while ago we had an email exchange with a customer from Europe who had a problem with their C4 gearbox not working correctly. The customer wanted us to send them a new gearbox for a ’65. The customer was a little unsure on the exact specifications as there can be variables. The cost to ship a new gearbox is not cheap, so Adam wanted to get this right, even with the customer ordering what he thought he needed. Adam’s experience and knowledge of the description of the gearbox didn’t sound right. An agreement was made where the customer would send over their gearbox for us to restore it. However what turned up was gearbox housing and box of bits!

It turns out that specialists in Europe had trouble trying to get the gearbox back together again and working. What was sent over is what you can see in the picture above. Adam checked the parts and looked at the date code(s) and found it the gearbox was in fact a ’74 build.

Adam’s hunch was correct, sending out the new ’65 stock gearbox would have fitted, but they would of had issues as the set up was now for a ’74. This not only saved the customer money, it also saved a lot of stress in the process.

Adam then packaged the parts of to our engineers who painstakingly checked tolerances, replaced what was required and rebuilt the gearbox as it should be. The torque converter was also opened up, repaired and sealed again. The case was cleaned up, primed and painted then returned back to us.

Adam’s final quality control checks confirmed, he then packaged the gearbox up and sent it back to the customer. Straight install, no fuss.

Another very happy customer, and a good example of our new process in action.

We have had a few emails asking about our Mustang Maniac Enos 350 car. Adam is working on the second car now and we will bring pictures of it once it has been completed, we can reveal what it takes to make it a true limited edition Enos model only available from Mustang Maniac.

Did we mention that the Enos 350 Edition ran just 0.5 second slower than some of the newer bigger brother v8’s at the Santa Pod Raceway?

Next week we will be showing the first batch of engines that have been re-engineered in our stock. 🙂

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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4 Responses to Going On A Date

  1. Wow, engineering work on original equipment. I reckon the Mustang market will breath a sign of relief that it can still be done. Good work guys. Spence’s car is a real nice looking car too. 🙂 Intrigued to see the other Enos 350.

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  2. Simon says:

    Well done! As usual a very interesting write up and an excellent result. You guys are QUALITY. Well done!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Simon. Sometimes plans work, if they don’t it’s on to plan B. You have to keep moving forward or get left behind. 👍


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