The Monster Returns

We have been busy this week with various projects and the fact that we had a glorious weekend means some of our loyal customers get their cars out just for a drive, most of the time they end up here just for a look around and that is fine by us. One of those customers and our good friend has a richly deserved nickname of “Lob Monster”. While working on the back panel of his car our painter saw the amount of filler or “Lob” he was using and gave him some friendly stick. Yogi decided on the name Lob Monster and it has stuck ever since. So much so that his number plates tip the nod to his nick name too. Paul’s ’66 Coupe is a rare beast, as it was built specifically for export, as a result the Vin Code does not have a letter but a number, “3” in this case. The car was imported back to the UK  after 1966 so the number plate suffix of “F” was assigned to the car. The Lob Monster has added some details on the forum as well about the vin codes, click here for the quick link to read up on it. We have a few pictures of the car as it is now, but we will be creating a start to finish of his full restoration and the unusual payment he made to a friend who helped him with the welding at the beginning. So if somebody tells you that all Mustangs must have a letter, you now know better.

(Sorry Lob Monster need more time to get the page up and edited, it will be very soon though.)

Just why did Paul turn up – simple to show us he has finally fitted his new wheels that he bought from us. If you ask him he may have a nice set of wheels and tires up for sale soon. Check the forum just in case he does.


Rust in Piece

The car is getting the base paint spray over to get it ready for the final coats. The peripherals are being fitted back in, brakes, wires, pipes etc ready for the engine. One of the doors is now fitted up and the trunk lid is being prepped ready for the weather strips.

We are pleased with the progress and how she is coming along now. It shouldn’t be to long before she is finished.

Black to Black

We have had a couple of black cars in and walking past the workshop with the sun shining it made for a couple of nice arty pictures. They do look spectacular when cleaned and polished we must say.

’66 Full restoration

Mart has been a busy boy sorting out his wiring, it has got to the stage where he is putting the switches on the dash ready for the power up.

Adam will be away for a few days this week so he won’t be in the office. But if you wish to order parts the WebShop is still your best bet.


We have amended the Forum to add the Vin Codes and how they work after we received an email if we could add it. It’s under the newly renamed Technical Questions and Data section of click here for the quick link. Remember to sign up for free for a chat, share your photo’s or ask a question, maybe even answer a question too.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Debbie says:

    Such a pretty little car!


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