Our New Mustang Forum

A very exciting week for Mustang Maniac, behind the scenes for the last few weeks we have had a small group of guys working hard on our all NEW Classic Mustang Forum. I would like to say a very big Thank You to ALL of the guys involved who have made this possible. I might even let you have some one of my Jaffa Cakes!


Mustang Maniac are moving with the 21st Century and we can hardly believe it ourselves, firstly there was the Website which has now evolved into our ultra efficient WebShop with Gift Vouchers functionality. Next up was the blog, where we share our work, tips, photos, projects, news and hopefully a little fun. Now we have our next big step the MM “Forum”. This forum will be old school Mustangs based, where you can share ideas, problems, solutions and help your fellow Mustang enthusiast out. We will be on there too posting and answering where we can and we have the time. The Forum’s motto is very simple; “Be Nice” as all posts will be monitored. On the Forum we are not interesting in what you have for sale such as, “2 buckets of Lego £5” or “super spin abc washing machine, 15 years old £30”. Etc. But if you have a 351 Cleveland for sale – then we want to see that. If you have taken your ride to a show we want to know about it, if you planted a pack daffodils in auntie Mary’s flower pot, then we don’t want to know. The whole idea is that we want to engage and help owners of the Classic Mustangs era ’64 to ’70. Special features could well be added to the Forum depending how it takes off in the future, if you have some ideas of  what could go on the forum, let us know via a message or email. Of course we know there are other forums out there, we even belong to some of them, some very good, some not so good and some of the others just want to be chat site or be negative.

We like to think our Forum is a clean modern looking environment, made by us, just for you – because you asked.

Our Forum is free for all to join from all over the word, unlimited posts, unlimited help or guidance, but above all, a network of enthusiasts who share your interests. Make the forum yours and get out of it what you want. The new Forum is held on our own servers and will be secure and that means; No spam, No pop up adverts, No third party pain. This is an evolving forum that has just been released to the world, hopefully the Forum will look after itself going forward and be a big success. We have also added a menu button at the top of the blog to allow you to jump straight there.

Welcome to our Mustang Maniac Forum, click here or cut and paste the link below to your browser and add as a bookmark.


Some screen shots.




We look forward to seeing you there.

“Rust In Piece” Convertible update.

This little lady is turning out to be another popular featured car. The front end has been now been rebuilt, with emphasis on details of cleaning the welding up and making the repairs disappear. The metalwork has now been prepped with primer ready for top coat. Such a difference now compared to how she came in. We pride ourselves in making these rusty old cars into fabulous motoring works of art again. This lady will live on for another 50 years at least now.

The floor pans have now been cleaned up.


The back of the car has now had the light panel refitted ready for the rear valance to be fitted.


Customers Cars

The ’66 Coupe restoration has now hit the slow part, wires! This will take a few days to sort out, but these things can’t be rushed If you want a good looking job.

The Yogi Fan Club

Yes last week had a little fun and mentioned Yogi, it’s true we have been asked who he is and this week a couple of emails to say the cartoon of Yogi was funny, but can we have a real picture. As ever we oblige and we found a picture he has on his own avatar and forum pages!


We would like to point out that any similarities of the picture and Yogi are intentional, except that our Yogi don’t have a green hat!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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