Drop On In

Last week we posted about a tribute boss that had a front end upgrade which the owner is very pleased with now. On the back of that post we had a call from a customer who wanted the same with their car along with the rear end replacement as well. As we just had a cancellation literally a couple of hours earlier due to the dreaded Covid, we had a slot free and booked them in.

Park & Pic

This customer decided to drop by with their ’67 Coupe to say hello, no other reason than that they called in for a chat. As this makes a cracking picture, why not let the car take the lead post?

’69 Fastback

The car we managed to slot in was a ’69 Fastback which was in need of a a little TLC for the suspension. Over time the deterioration is such a gradual thing that it creeps up on you all of a sudden. You may have to brake hard or go over a few bumps and that gives you the nudge to get it checked out. The rear springs were a little saggy as they tend to be, and the front shocks had seen better days.

When you remove the old parts it becomes ever more clearer that they needed replacing. The rear leaf bushings were shot and would create unwanted movement and noise.

The replacements side by side.

The front end needed a little more with a pair of lower arms too. We think the picture speaks for itself that needed replacing.

With all the parts replaced the geo was going to be way out. The car was taken into our Geo Workshop where we apply our unique set up. The car was taken for a little shake down and all was good as we expected. Not only that the car sits much better on the kerb too.

’67 Convertible Steering Pipes

This little lady was ‘scenting the ground’ (leaking) where she parked. The problem was the power steering pipes has perished and needed replacing. The mess from the fluids being under pressure was quite evident.

We stripped the old parts off the car where we could then see the actual problems, old age.

We drained out the fluid and cleaned up before we could even think about replacing the pipes. In fact it took longer to clean up the bits we needed to, than it did to replace the actual pipes.

These pipes done the job, after a quick road test there was no more leaks.


Yep – the hot topic for the last couple of weeks. This time we were on the brunt of it! The delivery was left on the doorstep and the delivery driver had done a runner. So here we are, stock we had paid for damaged and by the time we send it back it would cost us more than the parts are worth.

We suspect that these parts may well end up on our “Sale Items” page, click here for the link. This page gets updated almost on a daily basis by us. It’s a great place to get yourself a bargain with slightly blemished or no box parts etc. Once it’s gone – it’s gone!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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