Another Drop In

It seems as though the last couple of weeks we have had drop ins all over the place. People collecting their parts and having a cuppa with us, people getting new cars, or just getting them out for a run and turning up to have a chat with us. We had another customer earlier in the week who has a new Mach1 which they brought down to us and to also talk some business.

Park & Pic

Perhaps this is the best colour Mach1 we like it. Not many of these ladies around and the waiting list is as long as the burn out rubber they leave behind!

This customer also has an ’68 Mustang which they now want to get out of its semi retirement and get her back on the road again. So the kettle went on again and we had a chat about time slots and costs on what needed to be done. We will wait for their decision for the work, but it was a good an excuse as any to take a Mach1 out for a drive!

Customer Car

We hear many stories about Mustangs and who have done work on them or what they are supposed to have done. We will respect this customers wishes and keep the details anonymous.

They bought the car in good faith and they have had nothing but trouble with it. The engine burns oil, and a lot of it on every trip. We are talking litres of the stuff and that is not what should be happening. The arguments are still still ongoing between the parties involved, but we have been asked to have a look and investigate.

There was no other way to look at this without the engine coming out to see what we are dealing with.

With the engine out we took the heads of and could see the root of the problem straight away. The cylinders have glazed and scored, possible damaged rings, the heads are badly pitted and valve guides not the best!

This engine we have been told was ‘rebuilt’ just 5,000 miles ago, we think they may have left a zero of the end of that estimation. The engine does now need a rebuild, with that in mind we have a few options for the customer; a crate engine, rebuild this engine or a custom spec unit. We think that we are going down the custom performance route, but we need to just clarify that first and to what degree do we need to spice it up.

We have also been asked to replace the current steering setup with the ever popular Borgeson steering upgrade while we were at it. With the engine out it makes life so much easier and saves a big chunk of effort to fit it all with ease.

Customer Car

Another car has come into us with a differential problem. We needed to take out the diff and have a look to see what was going on. Not the best job in the world as the differential oil stinks! In order to do that the half shafts have to come out and we spotted a problem with the brakes!

The brake cylinders were starting to leak, corroded and obviously needed to be changed with a fresh batch of brake fluid as well.

With the brakes out the way the shafts could be removed and the original seals were on their last legs and needed a swap out, all this makes sense while you are this deep into the investigations.

Adam has a bespoke tool he uses to remove the bearings without damage to the rest of the parts.

The original seals.

The differential came out as we expected, worse for wear.

The bearings were badly scored and we will need to rebuild it – inhouse as part of our new service we offer.

Caption This!

Nothing more than a little fun, we have this picture of Yogi, just comment your caption and the one we like the most gets bragging rights next week!

The only thing we ask is to keep the comments clean as this is a family orientated blog!

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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3 Responses to Another Drop In

  1. Dag Anders Bjorvatn says:

    Did Yogi dye his hair. Had another color the last time I saw him!


  2. Simon says:

    WHO did those tattoos on my arm?????


  3. Jennie Burrell says:

    Oh NO !!! Jennie on the phone AGAIN…….!!!

    (I do have a Pony …..)


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