How Much????

The workshop has only been working for the later part of the week as Adam has taken a break for the week and Yogi has taken a few days off himself. We will be back up to speed next week again, but there may not be a blog upate due to the Enfield Pageant being back on again this year over the bank holiday weekend. We will hope to have a number of our cars at the show, along with some guest appearances of a few customer cars too. We seem to have one of the bigger private stands there over the weekend each year, it would be good to see you there, if you can make it to the show make sure you drop by and say hello.

Customer Cars

We had a ’66 in to us for an exhaust swap out. The existing exhaust was modified to fit, not the best fit we have seen, but to be fair they made it fit. Like all these things it was only fit for one place.

The hangers were welded to places that shouldn’t of had them welded to, so they had to come off. To get the exhaust of we had to cut it off in places and not just unbolt it.

When we sell our exhaust kits, we seriously recommend that the customer buys the correct hanging kits at the same time. Two reasons; 1, being the time it saves to bolt in place. 2, the amount of frustration it saves. The hanger sets do cost a bit, but they are adjustable for various styles and sizes of exhausts.

We don’t have any final pics just yet as it was late in the day. But you know it will be fine just like the other systems we have fitted.

’68 Engine Swap

We have a ’68 in with us due to a miss fire on number two cylinder and a rattle. The owner has said that he would rather have a reconditioned date correct replacement engine. We pulled it out of our engine stock shed ready for the replacement. We suspect the cylinder has a dropped valve by the sounds of it, so not a quick fix.

We like to remove the bolts and keep them to where they came from, here is a little sneak peak of Yogi’s organiser for such tasks.

We started to remove the plumbing and wiring and get the lift plate in place ready to pull the engine out.

The the engine hoist was hooked up and in a few minute it was out and on a stand.

We will have a look at the damage to the engine a bit later. But for now we are ready to drop the new engine in place.

Yogi’s Car

While Yogi has been off he has been working on his own car, swapping the rear light panel out for a new satin black paint version. The original colour scheme on the left pic below, and his new smoked rear lights de-chromed style.

Yogi sprayed the panel himself at home and we can see him fitting it up here.

With the lights fitted it looks quite menacing.

The Mustang Maniac ’69 LED light clusters were put back in behind the lenses for a much clearer modern effect.

That just leaves the before and after shots:

Yogi is confident that the new light panel will be admired by everybody he races as he disappears down the drag strip!

Other News

We had a good customer of our Derek who has a ’67 and a 2006 Mustang’s who dropped of his car to us for some work. It’s at this point that Adam gave him a rough estimate of costs involved as The photo was taken, this terrible rumour is still to be confirmed. 😀

A big thank you to Derek for being such a good sport and having a laugh with us.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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