Our Detective Work

We have had a couple of people notice that the WebShop front page has changed. Gone is the picture of Mustang Maniac inner sanctum of staff, to be replaced by a vin look up!

We have been working hard for a while now to get together the most comprehensive Vin Decoder for Mustangs out there. We are also looking at the door tag decoder to also be added soon as well. As you can imagine, the code behind these lookups is a real monster. If you notice any errors please let us know and we will update our tables behind the scenes.

As there are a lot of variables for these Vin Codes we are trying to take the guesswork out of it for you so you can order the correct parts. Unlike our very own ‘Sherlock Holmes’ who has been on the case of a customer and has come up with some amazing deductions. See later on in this post!

Why is this Vin Decoder here?

Well, we get asked will this fit my car or what one should I buy with all the options? The answer is that if you put in your unique vin code, this will take you to the sections only relevant for your car. This will save delays and give you an accurate itinerary for your car what it originally came with. If parts have been swapped out, then a little common sense will be required!

Our Cars

The wolf has now started to get the front end suspension in place. We have had to make some mods in order to make fit what we wanted to put on her.

The shocks are little different to standard fit!

The electric window mechanics have been fitted in place.

Those that know their Mustangs will spot that the back up lamps are flush on the 67 and not recessed further back, a subtle change. Now that the inside has had some black Dynamat we can grommet the holes and get the seat bases in.

All Things Stock

We have had a double load of stock arrive which was completion of the stock, radiators, grills, brake kits sundries, panels etc. These have been taken to the stores and are yet to be sorted out.

People may complain that their parts are damaged on delivery. We will always try to help out where we can ass it’s not the customers fault. Sometimes we are a customer too, but for us when we have a damaged side of a pallet that is wrecked, we won’t get these grills replaced for free! This was the first one we had to gently prise out from the stack without damaging the other smaller items wedged in amongst them now. A batch off ten we ordered, we will be lucky if we get any that are usable! Adam thinks that this pallet was loaded by catapult onto the ship.

Mike The Moron

We have a tale to tell about an ex-customer who has never bought anything from us and now never will be buying from us either. How could this possibly be? Buckle up for this one, as it’s not only out of order on this person’s behalf, it almost gave us a bad reputation due to somebody else’s incompetence. We need to set the record straight and you can have a laugh along with us at Mike.

So this ‘customer’, we shall refer to him as “Mike the moron” for now. Mike has never ordered from us before by the way. Mike started of an email chain with Adam towards the very end of last year, to ask if Adam had a non-Mustang fuel tank in stock and the other bits to go with it. Adam being the helpful guy that he is and full of the upcoming Christmas spirit, checked the availability with his supplier as he was preparing an order about to go into them, perfect timing in fact. Adam emailed Mike the cost of the special order part and the extra bits he would need that we already had in stock, the total cost would be around £500 rounded up slightly. Mike emailed back fairly quickly to ask Adam if there was anything could be done about the “VAT” and when would he get the parts. Adam replied with “yes you can pay the VAT or not pay the VAT and won’t get your parts”. This sort of questioning is a red flag for Adam, but he let it slide this time as. Rather than delay our own order, we placed the order along with Mike’s fuel tank to save any delays. Another week went by and then another email from Mike to ask when are we expecting the part to come in. Adam responded with “early in the new year”. This was to take into account of the driver shortages and other shipping delays we were all experiencing at the time.

On the 4th of January (first working day of the new year), an email arrives from Mike to ask if his parts are there yet. Adam responded again quickly with ‘they should be with him by the Friday of that week’. The order did indeed arrive as we expected, we emailed Mike with all the links to the parts that he would need that are now on the WebShop so that he could order and pay for the parts. Mike never placed the order and there was no other contact to ourselves. We left the part on the WebShop as part of our stock.

A couple of weeks later we got a chase up email to ask where his bits where. Now remember that he has been getting our emails absolutely fine up to this point, he tells us that our previous email had gone into his spam folder, it can happen. We resent that original email to Mike so he could now go ahead and purchase his parts. Due to the email tennis delays, somebody else had seen the fuel tank and purchased it from our stock. Mike wasn’t quick enough to buy it.

We explained what had happened and ask if he still wanted the fuel tank. Mike confirmed that he did. Once again Adam ordered all three of the remaining stock of these fuel tanks from his supplier. Adam thought that he could do with a spare tank for his own Mercury which will need replacing at some point. Two weeks later the revised order arrived again as expected and were all placed into stock where we emailed Mike (again) to say the parts were now back in stock and to order them sooner rather than later.

Since then Mike had been on our very own Facebook Mustang Maniac Chat Forum and he was tearing lumps out of us as a company, generally laying into us and giving us abuse for our poor customer service. Mike was now claiming that ‘he’ was the one that was messed around by us. The best bit of the whole story; Mike blamed us for not being able to buy the car now. Yep – Mike didn’t even own the car he wanted the fuel tank for. Mike also forgot to mention to anybody that he has never paid for anything from us. Needless to say Mike has been given the very big “C” button, and he has banned from our chat forum for his lame efforts.

Moral of the story is – Don’t be a Mike!

Please toolet us know us if we are being harsh on Mike the Moron.


Mustang Maniac has listened and trialled the free postage option which has been very well received on the whole and people have behaved themselves. This week we have had two requests to provide the tracking numbers for their packages. We need to point out that ‘tracking’ is not a free option for postage. If you want that method of tracking please can you specify this is your preference of postage? We have our regular options, Royal Mail and couriers.

To end with a smile;

Detective Adam ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Longmore has been on a case of a customer and has some incredible deductions. Sherlock has noticed a trend (well, the stock level algorithm notified him actually), with a single customer in a particular far region of the country. You know who you are! 🤨 This customer had ordered two window rollers with free postage. Nothing wrong with that at all, except that the cost of the rollers are less than the postage costs. The next day two more rollers were ordered on free postage and sent to the same address.

This is where our very own ‘Sherlock’ made the first of his stunning deductions; a car is undergoing a restoration. Anyway, the third day two more rollers and the fourth day a further two more were ordered with their free postage options. So the case in question is that eight rollers were ordered during the week, all to the same address.

Sherlock has amazingly deduced all on his own, that this customer has worked on a front window one day, then while sitting down admiring his handy work sipping on his coffee, he thought that he would order the rear window quarter rollers for the next day’s work. This is why he had repeated his order for each ‘day’ of his hard work.

Sherlock has now asked asked the question; ‘why not order them all at the same time as it would still be free postage?’ Conspiracy theorists are asking ‘Is this a genuine customer or a competitor trying to put us out of business?’ Needless to say Sherlock will be getting in touch with the individual to say that we have rumbled his game of restoring the windows of his car! We could also help to get a batch order for him.

Sherlock’s final and blog stopping deduction while using his Snap On spyglass is that; it was the ‘mechanic’ who was ordering the parts!

🤦‍♂️ Can we suggest to sticking to fixing the Mustangs Adam?

If anybody has a deerstalker hat they want to donate to our very average sleuth, you know where we are!

Those that know Adam will be aware that he has indeed been on a Murder Mystery evening where he got the culprit literally within a few minutes of looking at the characters and the evidence in the room! That’s a genuine true story. If you ask him he may tell you the story if you pop into the offices one day.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Dag Anders Bjorvatn says:

    Mike the moron got what he deserves.

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  2. Lucky Tony says:

    Mike the Moron
    It’s scary these people walk among us

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