Hidden Numbers

We had a week off last weekend due to other commitments and couldn’t put out a post in time so we apologise for that. We’re back now, so let’s give you the updates. We was asked a question a a couple of months ago and forgot all about it, but we will try to address that question with the first part of this post.

Customer Project Car Costings?

A little while ago we went to look at a Mustang project for a rough idea on restoration costs, which was going to be given to us to complete. As the car/shell was in a garage and we couldn’t get all the way round as we had hoped. We gave the owner a very rough idea of the costs involved and times. We would need to get the car back to the yard for the full once over and itenary to see how much the owner wanted to spend and limits to budjects.

Once we got the project into the body shop and started to strip away the trim for a proper detailed look around. This car hasn’t been given a nickname yet by Adam or Yogi, but we are sure that it will be coming soon.

We got to a point where we needed to be, then we started to find the unexpected. The left rear quarter looked and felt good from the outside. However the inside inspection was a different story.

The left rear quarter looks to of had some damage for what ever reason a long time ago. The original quarter was cut down and a patch section was welded in with a genuine Ford rear quarter part. The original part number is still clearly visible in the photo above. This then leads to the problem is the car still square if it’s been in an accident? All of a sudden a straight forward quarter replacement becomes a jig setup along with time and effort by us to measure it up and check it. If we don’t, it has the potential to become a whole heap of hurt waiting to come our way.

The usual places that we already knew about for rust like the floor pans, arches, sills etc. didn’t give us any additional nasty surprises and were pretty much what we expected.

This is exactly why it so hard to give an accurate cost for a restoration. We will speak to the owner to see what he wants to do with the rear quarter. There will obviously be some filler on the outside which could be covering up some rust issues from the inside out. A budget will determine just what will be replaced, we can only advise from our experience.

If anybody says it will cost £xyz for a restoration, they either have a crystal ball or are taking chances. We always like to look over a car the whole car before we even start.

Our Stock

We are quite excited to announce a new product which we have developed and now have our first batch going into stock. The top quality handle part as you would expect but it has been re-engineered by us in the UK. These handles are designed for ’64 to ’73 Mustangs.

This is our new “T Park Lock” shifter handle which has been designed to look stock as much as possible. The handle is a direct replacement for the standard T-Shift handle. The button on the right side simply presses in to lock, and a key is used to unlock it in order to select and shift as normal.

In the closed position you still have the black button as normal, but the right button is replaced with the press to lock fitting.

With the lock open the handle continues to a chrome finish.

You do not need the key in the lock to drive, but you can if you want to keep the key separate to the car’s keys.

For added security once you have tightened the handle in place as normal, you drop some glue into grub screw to stop any tampering and trying to remove it.

Any car that uses this handle fitting could use this lock. No modifications needed to the car and is fitted within minutes. This anti theft device retains its stock look, but prevents the drivetrain from being engaged.

Here is the video uploaded to YouTube of the lock in action.

We hope to have this on the WebShop shortly, it it’s not on the WebShop by Monday drop us an email. There is also a small batch held by Mart at onemanandhismustang.com who will be selling them. This is not something we normally do, but as he gets out to the car shows he’s in a good place to demo the product who want to see it in action. He also doesn’t have the pain of VAT on his prices like we do!

Park up and press to lock up.


An order has finally turned up after being delayed a few times. It’s a very fragile delivery and for once with no damage to any of the glass windscreens. Normally we have one or two that are damaged. We were certainly expecting the odd one due to constant handling.

We now just need to get them into safe storage.

We will be bringing more updates on our projects next week, until then.

Stay Safe & Take Care.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  1. Simon says:

    Thanks for the update guys and those locks look very good indeed!!!

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