New Staff & New Stock

Some very exciting news is coming on on our blog over the next few weeks, but if you scour the WebShop you could find them before we tell everybody! The first bit of exciting news is that Mustang Maniac has expanded their front line staff. So we would like to welcome our new recruit Gary. This pic will be going onto the WebShop front page soon, but we thought we would tell you first because we pinched the picture. 😉 (Only because the WebShop has a head start on new stock lines before the blog at the moment.)

So we have left to right, Adam, Morgan, Gary & Yogi.

Gary is learning the ropes with Morgan, but as you can imagine there is a lot to learn, the cars, computerized stock management, stock locations, our suppliers and most importantly our customers. So while we have Morgan and Gary we could be a little better at answering the phones if you want to book in your car for some special Mustang Maniac service.

Adam’s new vision for his parts store is also being heavily revised, we are going upmarket. Yep, Mustang Maniac wants to move away from the cheaper end of the market parts that many competitors are using. We want to stock the best possible quality parts we can find to put on your cars. That means our parts are premium quality. If you want cheaper parts there are other options, we want the best for us and ultimately you, our customers. We know these new lines are good because we fit them to our cars, we test them first before we sell to the public. The Enos range is still there of course, which is aimed at the more frugal, economical buyer or somebody just wanting to sell on a car with a working part. These Enos parts are clearly marked as such. The choice for parts is now entering into an exciting new stage. We will have more on the new stock lines a little later and will continue over the next few weeks, but first the cars.

Customer Cars

Not many things make our Yogi ‘Cross’, but we have recently had a car in that made him face palm when he saw what was going on. He even had a cup of tea while just staring at the mess.

The car came in with issues with the brakes and cooling among other things. We have seen this old school brake conversion that was common a few years ago, but we hadn’t seen it for a while and we thought it had all been changed by now. We were wrong on that count. Adam had spend many hours trying to locate these parts, but now he stocks all sorts of EBC brakes he managed to locate the part numbers and original manufacturer. He will not divulge that information as it took him many hours of of looking through many part catalogues to try and find it, so he doesn’t see why he should do all the research and let others reap the rewards of his knowledge, especially to some of the competitors. They will just have to work it out like we did.

So this car is a solid car, but has many issues of getting your wires crossed and letting things getting out of control. The previous ‘work’, a term we will use very lightly here fitted the wrong water pump, that meant that the pipework was wrong for the radiator which itself was then plumbed into the wrong radiator for the car.

Removing the fan we see more examples of poor workmanship, cross threaded bolts used as spacers! Simply fitting the correct water pump would mean that everything fitted correctly and to you wouldn’t have to spend hours bodging things together. Time is money at the end of the day.

We noticed a strange sound from the front of the engine this was down to timing chain cover being slowly eaten away. You can see the levels of swarf or shavings which was ridiculous.

Eventually some of that swarf will get into the timing chain and could cause catastrophic failure of the engine.

Things get worse, believe it or not. The wrong master brake cylinder fitted and piped straight to the distribution valve. When the cylinder was removed we found a valve screwed into the bottom, just why?

Here the old brakes were sort of working, but not helped by the spring perches having seen better days as should we say.

The car is now getting a proper disc conversion with a servo being fitted as well this time. Yogi will rip out the criss-crossed brake lines and redo them properly, Yogi loves a bit of brake line work. The new set of brakes going on make it look better already.

That’s where we are at the moment on this little lady. This sort of work makes us all cross in fact and gives restoration services a bad name.


There is a new button at the top of the WebShop page: “Special Offers“. This is for our snap sales, special offers on stock when Adam feel like it or for promotions. On the page you can see the latest deals that can change throughout the day or be there for a few days or a week.

Keep checking back to our new page to see what you can pick up at a bargain price. 😉

New Product Line

We start with the latest line of Mustang Maniac; Group 24 Classic Mustang batteries – ’64 to ’70. In the past there has been many batteries that fit of course, but many required some modifications, over the top hold down brackets, poles around the wrong way or not bolted in at all. Mustang Maniac 3000 Series of batteries will fit correctly in the stock battery tray. They have the correct pole positions and have plenty of power of 630 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to get you going.


Our range has a 3 year warranty so you know they are a top quality battery. Power details are as follows.


The best part is that the battery case has the correct lip which will hold it in the tray correctly without modification to the stock bracket.

There is a status windows for the battery to show the health of the battery on a red, amber & green scale. Along with a fold away carry handle.

The part number for this battery is MM-BAT-64/70  this will be on the WebShop very soon. What if you don’t want to see our Mustang Maniac branding? Well these batteries are also 100% compatible with the Autolite replica tops. Here we have one of the top on top of the battery.

The poles are correct for the Group 24 battery and the replica Autolite battery top.

These replica tops can be purchased here.

On top of that Adam has slashed the price to less than half price of the Autolite tops if you want to purchase one at the same time, or if you just want a top for your current battery. When the batch of tops has gone the offer will be no more, so get in quick while they are in stock.

More next week on some amazing new lines and stock. 🙂

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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4 Responses to New Staff & New Stock

  1. Fantastic, a Group 24 stock battery that fits. A new member of Staff for Mustang Maniac, hello Gary.

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  2. camerapacker says:

    The shot of the staff is just wonderful and makes me want to visit them.


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