Clamping Down

It seems as though last week’s Park & Pic was liked and we have a few pics ready lined up now. Thanks to Ian Coxshall for being the first this week to send us a pic of his car in our yard. The pic wasn’t taken at the front of the offices, but we love what he had done here. This was taken just after the restoration and almost ready to hit the road in 2011. So keep sending us your pics of your pride and joy at Mustang Maniac and you could take the lead pic too on our blog post. The page has been updated with Ian’s pic as well on the new page “Park & Pic” or click here for the link.

Ian Coxshall ’66 Fastback


Customer Cars:

Gulf Stream Aqua’ 65 Coupe

The car has moved from the temporary body shop to the paint shop now and is looking ready for some paint.

We don’t know about you post, but we think a car sitting in primer is a pretty awesome sight:

Hopefully the next few pics will see the car in colour, then it will be putting her back together again.

WebShop News:

We have been asked if we can get a supply of some branded “FoMoCo” hose clamps. So we set about getting some in for our customers who want that little bit more originality. We are pleased to say that the wait is now over, we have three different sizes of these premium quality Stainless Steel clamps in stock. They can be found by searching for FoMoCo on the WebShop and found under “Engine”, or click here for the quick link, or copy and paste the link here: to your browser. We have been using them by request already and the quality is very good.


If there is anything in stock that would benefit all our customers with things like this, then let us know your requests and we could look into it, who knows we may well start stocking the items. We are the only company who genuinely listens to our customers requirements and stock what we can or at least order in as special item for you.

Mustang Maniac Forum

A few have noticed that the old forum has been updated to run on Facebook now. The principles are exactly the same, it’s a chat room and chance to ask some questions of the many experts that have been there, done it or are doing it to their own Mustangs. Click the link on the menus or click here to go straight there. Request to join and that’s it, no passwords, no waiting for responses, it’s just Facebook for Mustangs.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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