All Change…

Here at Mustang Maniac we pride ourselves as an evolving company; We have listened to few comments and we are working to improve things. So we would like to say apologise to our customers that have tried to get hold of us via the phone to find it takes a while or have try again later. We don’t mind making the apologies as we know it’s short-term. I will try to explain, the WebShop is steadily increasing in popularity and orders are increasing we’re pleased to say. Taking orders over the phone means we then have to get the order, update the stock and then prep the order for dispatch. Sometimes both Yogette and Adam are sorting and dispatching orders, sometimes Adam is dealing with customers cars so that only leaves Yogette to man the phone and prep the orders. Both of these examples can mean delays in answering the phone. So to help this situation we are investing in some staff, we are going to be creating a Dispatch room with access to our computerised stock location and management system. Someone will be dedicated to getting the WebShop orders together, wrapping and dispatching them to our customers. We will have some pictures of the new room and staff soon, once it’s all up and running of course.  In order to get this done some very long hours have been put in over Christmas and the New Year. Stock has been moved around, massive stock tagging and organisation has been undertaken in order to make this work. We have even found stock we never knew we had. 🙂 We are also thinking of upgrading the phone system to try and help out. We have a few pictures of one of the rooms that has been reorganised so far with the new bin locations now been updated on the WebShop.

Customers Cars:

We are working on a few cars at the moment, but the main job has been to get Mart’s car off the trolley and onto some ramps properly to work on her. Yogi has been doing a good job on the fuel line before the major parts get fitted and make it awkward. How do we know? Because we have done it so many times before, past experience that’s how. Stance of his car needs to be considered at this early stage. Traditionally the Mustang has a slight up in the air stance at the front, over the years as the leaf springs sag at the rear and the hood up stance becomes more pronounced. Mart wants to have a more neutral look on stance, so he has gone for our top of the range 1″ lower high performance springs at the front compared to the stock stance springs to help him get that look. These are not cheap springs by any means, but boy do you get what you pay for and these springs are well worth the money for the extra handling alone.

stock vs perf

The front of the car has had the suspension fitted, which is the new upper and lower control arms, spring perches, 1″ anti roll bar and all bushes, tie rod bushings etc. At the rear the new leaf springs fitted, the stainless steel leaf spring shackles and bushes, the new shocks from a little while ago and all the bushings. The axle has been mounted and bolted into place with new U-Bolts.

New heights:

While Yogi was working on Mart’s car a visit from Terry & John at the end of the day for a chat and catch up turned out to be a good laugh. During this sequence of photos we are wondering how Terry’s height has improved. Now we are not saying anything was amiss here, but suspicions were raised when a number of different sized boxes were strangely stacked where he was standing! Needless to say a good way to end the day – on a high if you know what we mean. 🙂


We have added a new Menu item called “Cars for Sale – WebShop“. This will have links to cars that we currently have for sale and we start with a mighty beast – 68 shelby KR 500 ‘tribute’, click here for the quick link and all the photos from this series. This car is just more than the “Tribute”, as it has modern components and put together by us from the ground up. A spectacular car to drive and not for the faint hearted. From the turn of the key to the last roll of the wheel this will make the hairs on your neck stand up.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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5 Responses to All Change…

  1. Thinking about a second mortgage for that KR!


  2. Debbie says:

    Oh, my. This is a beauty! PS I’ll be sending you my resume’ for the staffing increase. 🙂


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