Last week finished the engine side of the wonderful ’67 Super charged beast, and now we move onto the other end of the car.

Customer Car

The ’67’s engine is now running as sweet as a nut, and we can start looking at the rest of the car. During our initial road tests we identified that the rear differential was making some undesirable noises. Nothing that we hadn’t heard before. The other issue was the fact under full torque the clutch was slipping. This could be down to a few reasons, but both needed to be investigated regardless.

To take the power of the engine the car has been strengthened underneath as you would expect. Some of this framework needed to be dismantled so we could get to everything.

To get the diff out the drive shafts needed to be removed. This was also an ideal time to check seals and bearings and that all is good at this end of the car. The diff will now need to reconditioned before we can get to refit it.

Once we had removed the exhaust and prop shaft we could see what the problem was. The original installation wasn’t done correctly and an issue was preventing the clutch from releasing fully, thus inducing the slip.

With the gearbox was out we could make a modification (our secret), that will now allow the clutch wo work correctly and engage drive without any slippage.

428 Refresh

On another vehicle we were asked to refresh a 428ci American Muscle. We took most of bolt-ons off the engine and inspected what was underneath. Worn parts are replaced as we check them, this is not just slap a bit of paint on the engine to make it look good.

With the sump off we could see an issue.

We had to flush the block through for the water and oil ways, the and check the oil pick up. Some parts were in a bad way and need to be replaced. Once the engine was given the once over we could reassemble the engine and start the Ford blue paint job.

All that remains now is to put the engine back into the car.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

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  1. Simon says:

    GREAT work, pics and blog thanks guys!!!


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