Blown It?

This week we managed finish this exceptional ’67 with the supercharger that was fitted by somebody else a while ago. The car had never run properly and we were asked if we can sort it out for the owner once and for all. We needed a little tweaking for the Holley Sniper for the super charger as it obviously wasn’t stock, the car was now running how we expected it to behave. We had to take it for a second road test for driveability testing.

Park & Pic

The air intake is not just for show perched on the hood and gives a rather (un)subtle hint of what lies beneath.

Under the hood we have everything in place and the heart of this car just looks so sweet.

The whine of the super charger is unmistakable, you don’t see many examples of classic Mustangs with these bolted in place, unless they are tearing up the quarter mile.

Yogi had the pleasure of taking this lady out for the test drives and we asked him what he thought of it? He simply said; “It’s fast!” For Yogi to say that about another car – it must be fast.

Inside the car the wiring was a real mess with many spliced in connections, a couple of them not even going anywhere.

We fitted the Sniper screen and tidied up the wires and put them back neatly. The interior now looks amazing as all these ’67’s tend to be.

The car is now waiting for the owner to pick her up and take her home. We enjoyed on working on this little lady.

Customer Cars

We had a car in with a blowing exhaust manifold. Sometimes rather than trying to manoeuvre an exhaust out of car to change a gasket it’s easier to pull the engine out. that’s what we done here.

With everything out of the car we had plenty of space to work around the engine so we can clean the surfaces and make sure the manifold would seal correctly. Yes, it can take more effort to get the engine out, but it saves knuckles, saves potential damage to the engine bay and potentially having to refit the gasket again. The picture above shows what is left of the gasket and some of it was also be on the engine block that had to be cleaned.


We had some replacement emblems arrive in stock. These are a subtle way to change the look of your car or just to refresh the look.

We had a second delivery of one or two Holley carbs and pipework which have been on back order for a few weeks now. Yes you can make your own pipes, but these are pre shaped and fit exactly where they are supposed to.

That second delivery also had our expected 2005 to 2014 Mustang electric fan. We were asked to order one as a special for a customer which we did of course. Adam did what he does best, he thought why not order a few for stock? So he did. Here he is opening and checking them for quality and contents.

We have updated the WebShop with all the new stock and latest partnership with “Dynamic Racing Transmissions” click here for the link. We have sold more of these parts than we expected, it shows go to show that there is a market for these performance parts.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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