Something a little different this week to start the post where we have been asked if Mustang Maniac would like to do some sponsorship for a football team. We thought about it and agreed, not it’s not a premier league team or anything like that, we certainly couldn’t afford that type of money for a very niche market. But we start this week with another multiple Park & Pic;

Park & Pic

A recent Shelby flanked by a couple of classics. Yes, we do look after some modern day beasts, but that is because we look after their classics or they are loyal customers.

We recently had a customer who wanted us to service their 2020 model Mustang. We have never had any previous orders from this person yet his email tone demanded that we booked his car in on a certain day that suited him and he would then pick it up a few hours later. First things first, we don’t just take drive in services from customers without being booked in. We had never heard of this person and their email was blunt and quite rude to be honest. We responded back to say we are not taking on new customers, but thanks for asking. We got a whole heap of abuse returned by email, saying we’re rubbish (not the word he used), how do we call ourselves Mustang Specialists? (He obviously hasn’t even looked at the fact we are Classic Mustang orientated). We never responded and now this person received an honorary “C” (cancelled) button.

Super Charged

We have a vehicle in with us which is having a EFI Sniper kit fitted to their car. The difference is that this one has had some pretty heavy duty upgrades on it previously. Super charger, coil over suspension, strengthening front end, all of which have done pretty well to be fair. However, the car has never run properly since. Yes you can bolt bits on and it will work, the secret is to make it all work together. The engine has run erratic, and not as responsive as it should be. The decision was made to add the EFI which would have it’s own sensors to regulate the air/fuel mixtures, power delivery curves, idling etc. The wiring under the dash was a bit of nightmare with all sorts being chopped into the looms.

To understand what we need to do, we need to understand what is already going on. So a fair bit of time was taken unpicking the redundant bits and creating a foundation to build on. The EFI has effectively five wires to control the unit. Once it’s understood where these can be added without being ‘interrupted’ we can start to get meaningful readings.

The throttle body was bolted onto the supercharger along with the controller unit over the valve cover.

Fuel lines were piped into place and the timings set back to defaults for a our baseline settings. We turned the ignition on to prime the fuel and then started the car.

The unmistakable whine of a supercharger sprang to life and we could start going about tuning the engine. Hopefully we will get to road test early next week and get a few miles on the car to settle her down.


Mustang Maniac are delighted to have struck a deal with “Dynamic Racing Transmissions”. We now have a dedicated page where we stock some of their quality mild performance and upgrade parts which can be found on our WebShop here. Before you ask – Yes, we do use them for our own projects vehicles. Depending on the needs of our customers we might, just might go down the route of the full on performance parts. But, we think the number of people who are going to go down that rabbit hole will be quite limited. But saying that, there is always demand for quality performance parts and Dynamic Racing Transmissions meets that criteria with their proven championship winning and record setting products.


The start of this post we talked about a football sponsorship. The team are ‘Abby Youth’ who are based in Waltham Abby, Essex. Hopefully we can help towards their, kit, equipment travel or what ever they need. Here is one of the little guys proudly showing his new sponsors after what looks like an enjoyable muddy game of football or Soccer for our friends over the pond.

We have sponsored teams and events in the past, sometimes we just like to help out.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to Sponsorship

  1. Simon says:

    Guys. Hat off to you, I TOTALLY agree the spirit of giving something back to sport and the kids. WELL DONE!!!!

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