On This Day 58 years Ago!

On this day fifty eight years ago in 1964 at a World Trade Fair which was held in New York, a historical event took place. Within those huge grounds, 140 pavilions and 110 restaurants a certain Lido Anthony “Lee” Iacocca (Left pic below), took to a stage on behalf of Ford to announce their latest model car called “Mustang”. Originally the car was predicted to sell around 100,000 vehicles yearly, still an optimistic number at the time. In 1965 Mustang became the most successful vehicle launch since the 1927 Model A. Incidentally Plymouth launched their latest offering the “Barracuda” sixteen days earlier and certainly caught the public’s attention. During that first year of launch over 400,000 Mustangs were sold; the one-millionth Mustang was sold within two years of its launch, a record that still stands today!

Happy Birthday Ford Mustang.

New Products & WebShop

As you probably know Mustang Maniac produces a number of items ourselves. From special one off items to bulk made items that you can’t source now days. We have more parts than we originally thought, so we have now created a page specifically for our very own products. Simply located on the WebShop as ‘Mustang Maniac Products‘. We are adding to this page all the time, and we have a brand new product just released that isn’t even on the page yet. See below for a detailed look at it.

Seat Extension kit for extra legroom in a classic Mustang

We have made a product after a customer had asked us if such a thing existed. We confirmed it did but not officially. We managed to source some dimensions and set to work making our own better than we have seen before. We made a couple of prototypes for size and fit, then we settled on what we believe is the finished article. We gave a seat rail extension kit to Mart where he agreed to document the full fitting process for us also on his own website called onemanandhismustang.com to show how easy it was to fit the kit. We will guide you through the basics on how to fit the kit, but if you get stuck or want some more in depth pictures, Mart’s step by step guide is located here.

Fitting Our Seat Extender Kits

The seat extension runners allow an additional 2″ or 4″ legroom and yet still retain the stock movement of the seat to adjustment handle on the original runners. The extension rails are made with cut out recesses to ensure a flush and tight fit to the original seats rails. To get the additional length you want just screw in the collar studs to the threaded holes. These studs have a collar a quarter of the way down, the shorter thread screws are fitted into the extension bars, the longer thread will be going back through the seat base using the original holes.

Remove the rubber grommets from under the car and remove the four fasteners using a deep reach 1/2″ or 13mm socket on the fasteners that holds the seat in place. That’s if the original fasteners are being used.


Fold the back of the chair forward to the seat base as if you were getting out of the back seats. This helps to balance the weight of the seat and allows the fasteners to be removed without the chair tipping back making removal difficult or even bending a seat stud. Keep the fasteners safe as they will be used again to refit the seat back into place.

The extension bars have to be fitted to their correct left or right hand sides and the right way up. Looking at the seat from below the right hand side has the seat movement handle and a extending bracket. This side will need the cut out sectioned runner to be fitted, as the pics below.

You can either attach the studs at this point or later the choice is yours. Use a fastener on the original seat base and tighten up securely.

Now is the only modification you will need to do on the whole process. Cut the exposed thread of the original seat stud off flush with the top of the fastener as shown in the right hand pic. You can use a junior hacksaw or a rotary tool to cut the thread down to size.

Note: Once you do this the studs will not be long enough on the original rails to be bolted back to the seat base should you wish to revert back without the extenders.

You will notice that there are holes, recessed holes and threaded holes. The standard holes are to allow flush fitting of the bars to the seat rails where the rivets are. The recessed holes allow for the original seat studs to be held flush to the bar. The threaded holes are for the studs position where you want the actual length of the extension to be.

Below shows the third hole down which is recessed and where the original seat stud(s) will go through.

The top hole is the 4″ extension the second one down is the 2″ extension shown in Red.

Yellow arrow shows the location for the seat rail rivets.

Teal colour arrow shows the seat stud holes.

Again repeat the same steps for the other side seat extension.

If you want the full 4″ extension use the top threaded holes, for the smaller 2″ extension use the second hole down. Fit the second stud at the bottom half of the rail extension use the threaded hole just above the larger hole (for the rivet) for the 4″ extension, and the 2″ threaded hole is below the larger hole. If you are in any doubt measure the original seat stud gap and apply the same gap to the 4″ or the 2″ stud holes.

Refitting The Seat

Take the seat back to the car and drop the studs through the original holes in the seat base and carpet holes. From there screw on the fasteners from underneath the car to hold the seat in place. Refit the carpet spacers and then tighten up the seat properly. Replace the rubber grommets and the job is done.

If you are conscious of the additional runner showing, just move the chair forward again and they will be out of sight. All in all a total of about an hour to fit plus the spray time if you want to colour code the extension rails. As. we said earlier, these kits will be on sale soon.

The verdict was that ‘nothing needed to change, good to go and fitting was a breeze’.

We also hope to film the fitting of these kits and place it on YouTube channel.

Customer Cars

Attention to detail we pride ourself on. here is a good example. We were working on a customers car and the rear light wiring had been modified or butchered. So Yogi tidied it up; the left picture was the before, the right picture is after. Sometimes the simplest of things makes all the difference.


Dearborn – For the seventh year in a row, Ford Mustang – which celebrates its 58th birthday this Sunday – is the world’s best-selling sports coupe, according to Ford analysis of registration data from S&P Global Mobility.

Mustang retains its sales crown for 2021 led by the pinnacle of 5.0-liter V8 performance, Mustang Mach 1, and the track-ready Mustang Shelby GT500, the most powerful street-legal Ford in history and the most advanced Mustang ever for street, track or drag strip use.

“When enthusiasts around the world get into a Mustang, they unlock that feeling of freedom and experience the open road,” said Kumar Galhotra, president, Ford Blue. “That feeling, along with iconic design, awesome powertrains and a passionate global community all contribute to making Mustang a sales leader for the seventh year in a row.”

According to Ford internal data, the United States remains home to the strongest demand for Mustang representing 76% of global sales. Other markets that saw growth in Mustang sales in 2021 include New Zealand, up 54.3%, Brazil, up 37.3%, and South Korea, up 16.6%. For those who wanted a Mustang of their own, customers retail orders nearly doubled in 2021 compared to the year prior.

Ford looks to continue this momentum with five new special editions in the lineup, including Mustang Ice White (also available on Mustang Mach-E), Shelby GT500 Heritage Edition, GT California Special, Coastal Limited and Stealth. From Mustang EcoBoost to Shelby GT500, there is a special edition at every performance level for muscle car enthusiasts.

Mustang gains eight new color options for 2022 as well, including Ford Performance-exclusive Code Orange on Shelby GT500, while Brittany Blue Metallic returns specifically for Shelby GT500 Heritage and Coastal Limited models. Additional new colors are available across the lineup – including Atlas Blue Metallic, Cyber Orange Metallic Tri-Coat, Dark Matter Gray Metallic, Eruption Green Metallic, Grabber Blue Metallic and Mischievous Purple Metallic.

Mustang Mach-E, the newest member of the Mustang family, also had a successful 2021 as one of the hottest products at Ford. In addition to a strong first full-year of sales, the Mustang Mach-E earned a trophy-case worth of press awards, including the coveted North American Utility Vehicle of the Year honor, Car and Driver’s 2021 EV of the Year, 2021 Wards 10 Best award and a 2022 Kelley Blue Book Best Buy Award. Mustang Mach-E was also recently named a finalist for the 2022 World Car of the Year.

Source here.

Have a great Easter & Take Care!

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A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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  3. I see Mart used Molegrips to tighten the seat studs in the new rails. I can’t tick him off directly as his comments section isn’t working. I think you should have words 🙂

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    • Hi Nigel. I assume you except him to use the two bolts liked together to tighten in. Yep that would work of course. But as the collar is not seen as it’s under the seat base it doesn’t make a huge problem. He did assure us that when he used the mole grips they weren’t on the thread if that’s what you were worried about. If he had of done then yes we would have to slap his wrist. 😄


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