Trial & Error

We’re trying to wrap up the outstanding jobs in the workshop to leave us in a good place over Christmas. This year falls nicely with the days off and we are looking forward to the break it has to be said. We have had many partners of our customers drop in for a few Christmas bits and pieces along with a number of emails for our ever popular gift vouchers. With yet more covid restrictions coming into force we are not sure how the offices will be opening, we will play it by ear. For now the offices are open, but we will ask that you wear a face mask. Keep an eye out on Facebook for updates if we are restricting access.

Customer Cars

’66 Coupe

We are continuing more upgrades on the coupe. The headliner is stretching out nicely now.

The front brakes from our stock of Leed Brake kits has been fitted and just needs the bleed.

New split reservoir master cylinder, custom Yogi lines and proportioning valve too. A no brainer safety upgrade.

Under the car we fitted a full twin exhaust system with H-Pipe.

Inside we still need to replace the carpet, the trunk weather strip seal, LED front headlights and the glass front and back to go in. Finally a road test then the owner can come and take her away and she will feel like like a new car.

’65 Fast Back Time Trial

It’s quite rare that we get a “Time Trial” car into us for some work, not for the model of car, but the fact they are fitted out with the complex equipment.

The interior was fitted out for the specifics for time trials and has been done well.

We couldn’t think of a better car to time trial in. It’s not about thrashing the car round a track at all, but getting from A to B with specific parameters to be met, number of miles, check points time constraints etc.

This car has finished a 10,000 mile trial and inherited some braking problems. The front discs had a caliper binding and also has a warped front disc.

The rears drums had the linings disintegrate and had to be removed to avoid a binding rear wheel accident waiting to happen. The brake shoes had nothing left on them at all. The metal shoes scored the drums themselves. You can see all the brake liner dust on top of the wheel cylinder.

The car was nursed back to us where we are going to sort these brakes out properly, new drums cylinders, shoes etc. to the rear. Were not sure why a bar was welded to the shoe as they are supposed to move, there must have been a reason for it at the time.

We will check the spindles for damage as we replace the front disc brakes with another disc kit. We will be recommending some performance pads to go with the new discs this time. We shall catch up with the owner to see exactly what the requirements are when we get to that point. We have plenty of options to suit all needs and budgets.


We have been very busy behind the scenes as we reported a number of posts ago. The WebShop now has a “For Sale” section where blemished or promotions on certain items can be found. This page will be updated regularly, when they’re gone they’re gone. Potentially, this page could be updated on daily basis. Not just classic Mustangs parts, but also the newer models too. Things like service kits, air filters for modern models, grills, shock absorbers, in fact anything could go in here. We recommend a bookmark to keep an eye on our new For Sale page. Click the picture below on any of the links to go straight to the For Sale section.

Also we are getting emails to ask if something is in stock. Even though we say it is in stock. So now we are updating (again), all the items will (eventually) show the real time stock levels. These stock levels are updated instantly, as soon as somebody buys something, the items will update within a few seconds.

We are working our way through the many thousands of items to show the new stock levels at the bottom of each item. So as you can imagine that’s a huge task, so please bare with us while we update the sections. We’re getting there!

Hopefully there should be no need to send us an email to ask if the item is in stock, it says so and also now has the number of the items in stock as well now.

Something Different:

Adam’s wife Lynn has got her own little side line going of home made items. They have been in the offices on the counter and been selling well. Check out her instagram account here or the link below for the

There are some great ideas for stocking fillers, company logos, Football team emblems, customised items, bespoke printing, embroidery you name – it’s probably there.

Her best sellers in the office for obvious reasons are these little items. We think it also has something to do with Adam’s sales pitch! “If you get your car tuned by us, and you give it some – you gonna need one of these afterwards!” 😂

The embroidery is also on fabric, so you can simply remove the tissue from the logo and and sew the patch to your clothing or wherever else takes your fancy.

Adam has got Lynn on the case to add a few little bits of customisation – ‘to get some practice in’ as Adam had led her believe.

Stay Safe & Take Care!

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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7 Responses to Trial & Error

  1. Awesome post. With regards to Lynns stuff there is some good potential for customisation.


  2. Simon says:

    Great stuff as usual guys (and Lynn)!!!

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  3. MB says:

    Looking great, thanks to all the MM team!

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