That’ll Make A Diff-erence

Our work this week is coming to an end on the 66 Coupe with a few little updates. To bring this little lady up to a real nice spec again. The other 66 Fastback is getting out of sight TLC as well.

Customer Cars:

’66 Coupe

The old carpet was pulled out and the floors checked over while we were there. A couple of little bits to keep an eye on but nothing to cause concern.

Nice new carpets makes quite a difference to the interior and shows the Pony interior of to its best.

With the carpet out we replaced the heater plenum, which again can make nice difference to the ventilation and heating inside the car.

We had our glass guys come in and fit the front and rear glass once we were happy with the final adjustments to the headliner. We also make sure the glass is bonded into place to make sure there are no leaks from the screens. It may not be concours but at least you wont get wet feet.

The lights have been upgraded to a LEDs so that you can see where you are going. The difference is amazing to be honest and a well worthwhile upgrade.

We checked over the wiring and being exposed to the constant temperature changes under the hood they had gone a brittle. A direct replacement from stock will sort that out and give many years of trouble free usage again. A couple of little mods and it’s all done. See and be seen.

The other end of the car required a replacement trunk rubber. not a difficult job but time consuming to get right. Removing the old glue and prep for the bonding is the key. We have a couple of little trick up our sleeves for these type of jobs to make it go smoothly, but we shouldn’t share those to make life easier for others.

We have enjoyed working on a nice unmolested car like this, it makes life so much easier to be honest.

66 Fastback Time Trial

The fastback has had the upgraded brake pads from EBC fitted to give that performance (and more) for a car used for this style of driving.

We took the drive shafts out and replaced the bearings on each shaft. This makes a difference to having a ‘bum hum’ as Adam calls it, or a relaxing quieter drive.

With the drive shafts out we cleaned out the diff case, and the gears. We could then get a good idea of wear and tear. Those who have had dealings with the diff oil knows this is not the best job as it’s a bit on the stinky side.

Nothing out of the ordinary. But it was worth checking while we were at it. Nice new oil to go in, adjust the brake shoes and road test to see where we are at and maybe some small tweaks.


Adam has decided that with his connections with Holley he would be willing to make special orders for the right customers outside of his normal ordering regime. You may or not know that Holley is a huge company and recently added Scott Drake to their inventory of parts. IF, you want to order some of these parts, email Adam and he will see what he can do for you. The caveat is that customers who order £10 worth of stock once a year need not apply.

Adam has had five big pallets of stock arrive and we are busy going through back orders and have notified those customers of their orders now being dispatched. Within the order we have detected a couple of bits. What they are for we’re not sure, yet!

All we know is that these parts were custom made with the dimensions and specification on the order form!

Adam has also ordered from the dark side! Yep, ACDelco parts. Not just any ol’ bits, these are compatible with Mustangs. Parts like the alternators which are direct replacement items. The spark plugs have black bases to make them look concours.

We have parts for the “Wolf” project come in, a part for us which has been on backorder for a while now.

We as in the ‘Media Team’ m may be taking next weekend off, so there may not be a post. Depends how bored we get with crap TV or families having a row. Sitting in a workshop surround by classic mustangs and a beer in your hand becomes a very appealing idea!

Mustang Maniac wishes all our friends and customers a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Stay Safe & we will catch up with you – in ’22 👍

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to That’ll Make A Diff-erence

  1. MB says:

    Thanks everyone at MM – great to see you and the car yesterday, and looking forward to driving the improved version in 2022! Have a very happy Christmas, and thank you for everything!

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