Positive Responses

Last week posted a poll for the ‘complaint’ that we had. It turns out that we needn’t of worried as all of you that commented didn’t think it was a complaint in the first place. We received some the comments of support on our blog as well as our FaceBook page. The poll’s result were a not so surprising result of 99.14% who wouldn’t want to pay extra for a pristine box from 230 votes when we last checked this morning. A big “Thank You” to all of those who voted and and left us very positive and supportive comments, even from the USA, Europe as well as the UK, we really appreciate it. However, we will still listen to the less than 1% of you out there; if you want a pristine box to put your product box in, we can arrange that for you and we will advise the costing of the extra packaging as a result, once we have sourced the correct box as we won’t have them in stock for obvious reasons. If you still want this additional cost when you order, just leave us a note to say that you want additional packaging and we will confirm the costs as it will need to be customized and our time to deal with your request, therefore it won’t cheap. We would also like to point out that such requests could also delay your parts for dispatch as we need to source the appropriate box like we said above. In our last post we mentioned that we can’t of course be held responsible for how the package is handled by the courier after it has left us, but we take all the precautions we can to make sure your package arrives on time and undamaged. Contact us first to see what can be done for you via email:  sales@mustangmaniac.co.uk

Park & Pic

A nice ’66 Coupe brought into us for a little Mustang Maniac TLC treatment. Not often you get to see racing stripes on a Coupe but they work well here and the white wall tyres providing the finishing touch.

Customer Cars

We have been tasked with sorting out some problems with a six pot Coupe for suspension work to improve the handling and some wind up work. The suspension perches had different bolts in them.

We replaced the front springs and a nice pair of Spax adjustable shocks. Anybody who has tried to use spring compressors will twitch at one of the pictures. We too didn’t like the market versions, so we made our own, no more worries about the tensioners slipping off the springs, the best part is that all the tension is wound up from the top of the shock tower in the engine bay. Before you ask; no we don’t sell them, but for the right money we could make you a set!

The next job was the window regulators in the doors and one in the rear. Most of the time culprit is the plastic window rollers that run up the guide rails inside. They go brittle, crack or just disintegrate over years of use. We sell these here, if you are doing anything to your windows, we recommend changing them – just because it makes sense and they cost very little and we have one or two in stock! You just know the window will get stuck at the wrong time like when it starts to rain.

The window mechanisms were worn with excess play as well so they also got replaced, out with the old in with the new.

If your lucky the door cards can come of in one piece, most of the time the card just crumbles away due to age.

The worst part is the removing and re-installation of the glass is without causing damage to the paintwork. Realigning of the door glass takes patience to get right and can take hours, especially if all the glass is removed from one side with nothing to work from as a guide.


We are now starting to ramp up the stock we hold of the serviceable parts of the newer Mustangs as well. That’s oil, brakes, filters, pumps etc. We can now reveal that certain Ford dealerships didn’t have in stock the brake parts they needed for servicing of a customers car. Where did they get their parts from? Yep, they ordered the Genuine Ford Parts from us here at Mustang Maniac. (I bet the customer didn’t get the boxes either!)

Trigger Warning: Some of our new stock has been opened to check the parts, contents and quality before we stock them.

Let us show you what we mean regarding some of our stock:

Oils – Check 

Filters – Check

Brakes – Check

Four piston and the Brembo 6 piston calipers.

We also have a massive selection from our partner; EBC Brakes for all the 1964 – 2019 Mustangs and all in stock.

Alternators – Check

We also stock a full range of alternators with various power ratings for your needs for all Mustangs 1964 to 2019. Various pullies, serpentine or V-belt.

Water Pumps – Check

A huge range of various years, all straight of the shelf.

Suspension Parts – Check

Original Reconditioned Gearboxes – Check

Date correct and certainly not our Enos brand prices.

Original Reconditioned Engines and Parts – Check

Date correct parts, again definitely not our Enos brand.

We aim to have the best Mustang Stock you can imagine all from the shelf. We are expecting 100 days of rain over the next couple of months. Is somebody trying to tell us something? Drive safely in the wet and check your wiper functionality no matter what car you drive.

Thank you all again for your overwhelmingly positive support and feedback.

We shall carry on doing what we do best.  

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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2 Responses to Positive Responses

  1. Excellent results on the poll, but I suspect everybody knew what theresult was goingto be. Everytime I visit I am amazed at just how much stoxk you guys carry. I redkon the best in the country in fact. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you. We do our best and aimto please. 🙂


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