Not So Cool

A calmer week for Mustang Maniac and we try to concentrate a little more on the stock scenario with all the brakes from EBC needing to be stored and  added to the WebShop. We have almost got all the stock on the there and this all takes time. So watch the WebShop for your brakes, that’s everything from 1964 – 2018. That is a range of stock you will find hard to beat.

Meanwhile in the workshop and very much brake related, we had a car in that needed some rather urgent work. We had her up on the ramps and was a little shocked at what we had seen. When we checked the brakes calipers on the car there were sheared bolts to hold the calipers in place, or not in place to be more accurate. Were they fitted like it (we like to think not, but quite possible), faulty cheap parts, or failure through incorrect fitting, we wouldn’t like to say either way.

The bushings had perished and had a lot of play.

We took a a couple of seconds of the suspension play each side, you certainly don’t need us to comment, as this video speaks for itself!

Then there was the holes in the underside and a patchwork exhaust. Perhaps the holes were sold as a feature for additional drainage?

Just because the paintwork looks good, or somebody says it’s good, it certainly doesn’t mean that all is well, the structural integrity of the car could be a risk, in the rare cases dangerous. We have said this before, Please check what you are buying, or take somebody with you to check out the car, maybe get somebody to look for you with an independent review for you before you part with some hard earned money, and maybe a lot more to fix it.

Customer sales tip to save you money

A customer of ours is now on his third radiator, because of over heating issues. When we had a look at his fairly new radiator brought back to us, it was obvious what the problem was.

The customer has not flushed out his engine block, the old debris and rust has clogged the radiator. Simply replacing a potentially expensive part will not fix the problem in the long term, it will just come back. With this sort of clogging time should be taken to flush the engine block through, remove the debris and then fit a new radiator. This is certainly not a faulty product, but a lack of process or understanding of what is actually going on.

Replacing the radiator depending on style (say £400 – £600 roughly), plus the antifreeze is not cheap. Where as couple of hours flushing, running the engine, flushing again then repeating till the water is clear, would have saved that second radiator and now a third from clogging. Although we can keep selling radiators, we don’t want to do that. We want to fix the problem at source which would be considerably less than the radiators already purchased so far! We know the customer will be back for another radiator at some point, perhaps with the car next time so we can sort it out for him once and for all. He can then drive the car and enjoy it, instead of dreading every trip out thinking that you are on for a potential boil over. Perhaps damaging the engine if it gets that hot, who knows? We can only advise, what you do with that advice is obviously up to the customer.

Our New Product:

After some investigating and experimenting we have now come up with a new product which Mustang Maniac can now supply. On the 71 – 73 Mustangs there were door tags that had a sticker layered with plastic to protect them. Although they were difficult to replicate we have now got the template and fonts to reproduce them.

We can supply these of course, but we need to make sure we can verify that you have the correct documents in order to get them custom made for you. So please email us before ordering and we will advise what we need to see before we can create these great, virtually always overlooked important vehicle tags. If we have the car on our files it will be easier, we will still need verification for obvious reasons.

Email:  with the subject line 71 – 73 door tags and they will be sorted straight to Adam.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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