Las Vegas – SEMA 2016 Day 1 (Part 1 of 3)

Tuesday 1st November 2016. SEMA starts, the whole point of the trip out to Las Vegas was now being played out. Due to the number of photo’s we took we will have to split the SEMA days over a few posts, if we don’t there would be a huge post taking ages to load. So here is part one of three. Luckily there won’t be too many words on these posts as it’s mainly cars, trucks and the odd pretty promotional ladies.

We had already had the parking sussed out and drove there after a light breakfast of a Steak and eggs! The South hall was going to be entrance and first port of call. For the guy’s first visit, Yogi, Gary and Mart they were amazed at the size of the halls, not on a single floor, but in some places over two floors. We spent the day in this hall and the “Ford OutFront” show. At this point we would like to thank Gary for keeping an eye out for Mart while he randomly disappeared to take a pic of something throughout the four days of SEMA. He managed to keep us all together unless we separated for a while to look at our own things, so he deserves an award for that and having the patience of a saint.

The cars and trucks need no introductions.

Yogi said that he had found his next ride as it was big enough for the bear.


We called outside to see the “Ford Outfront” where some cars and trucks were being thrashed around a track. There was even a band to welcome you in.

Some very talented driving skills were on display we must say. There was a raptor doing leaps over mounds of mud and Mustangs making lots of noise as well as destroying a few sets of tyres!


Some of the best noises were coming from the Roush tuned Mustang.


Around the arena were various tuning companies, aftermarket upgrades and of course a Ford merchandising truck. There was celebrity cars of their own rights, along with some celebrities themselves.


After the Ford merchandising truck had persuaded us to part with a few dollars we had a look around the outside of the halls. Fascinating mixture of cars McLaren hyper car, the best of Japan Skyline all mixed up with SS lifted classic.

Around lunch time Adam had some business appointments from stand holders to demo their products and attended the odd meeting(s) throughout the day. We made our way towards some hospitality suites for a sit down and some food.

After the very welcomed rest we headed back inside.. all of which is to come in Part 2 of 3.

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