Lurking in the corner

Slightly over stocked (again)

This week we have had deliveries nearly everyday, the place looks like everything has been put into a spin dryer without the lid, switched on and watched the contents get thrown all over the place. I have been in all weekend trying to make space to walk around let alone put all the stuff away! But, I think we are getting there and the storage is starting to look normal if not a little over filled. Even our office has been designated a temporary storage area for a couple of days. Give it a few weeks and we will be back to normal, we have had a few special orders for customers come in and they should be fitted and gone from stock very soon.

Just for fun:

While I was taking some of customer part(s) to the workshop I had an idea; I walked past one of my cars that I have stored in the corner of one of the workshops. To say it’s a bit dusty is a major understatement but the idea is little bit of a teaser. I have had a comment about cars in the background of a picture on the blog, one of which was a little difficult to make out.

So, I have posted a tightly cropped a picture of the car in question and I am wondering if anybody out there knows what it is, the year, and what was so special about the car(s). If you get it right you can have full bragging rights. 🙂 I will confirm in a week or two if anybody has it completely right or not! Depending how I feel I may even give you a mention!

(Note to self: take it out for a blast down the road & clean!)



Other exciting news is we have had a delivery of our special radiator hoses delivered with the correct Shelby numbering on them. We have been waiting for these for a while now and have pretty much sold the ones we have on a pre order basis. I will post a pic or two once I have unpacked them properly.

Also back in stock is the superb Gibbs Brand. Our first small trial batch sold out pretty quickly and now we have a proper amount back in stock again. We now use this by default in our workshops and totally recommend this product. £14.95 buys you a fairly big tin, it goes a long way, but what it does is amaze you. We are sure once you use this stuff you won’t use anything else.

About Mustang Maniac

A business dedicated to restoration of Classic Mustangs. We supply parts for all ages of Mustangs 1964 to present day, servicing, restoration and custom builds. Anything your Mustang needs, we can help.
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17 Responses to Lurking in the corner

  1. Debbie says:

    If I must I will be the first to guess, at the risk of looking foolish…Is it a 2005?


    • Hi Debbie,
      I can see what will happen here, if I answer a process of elimination could take place. It’s not a bad guess at all but not quite right. Nobody will look foolish, it’s just a bit of fun. Already had an email that was further away than you are.
      Keep guessing. 🙂


    • Mart Dawson says:

      Hi Debbie, between us we must be able to crack it. Get everybody on the case. Lol


  2. Mart Dawson says:

    Hmm, not as easy as it looks. Obviously a newer model, I will go 2008. Hood catches original?


  3. I know but not allowed to say lol 🙂


  4. Debbie says:

    In my expert opinion…and…according to my research on the Pony tri-bar emblem along with headlight housings I’m firm with 2005-2009 so my updated guess is 2006. If this is incorrect I think we need another tiny clue. If not, John B from above is welcome to secretly email me. 🙂


  5. Debbie says:

    Here goes…2006 Shelby GT-H…


    • We have a winner! Well played Debbie.
      This is number 340 of 500. This was originally for rental in Las Vegas and I am its only owner since the rental period finished.
      Two interesting little facts,
      1- Before you could rent the car Hertz would interview the potential hirer.
      2- Before the vehicle wad hired they would show you the “Shelby seal” on the engine. If this was missing on return no deposit back etc. The engine seal was a steel cable that loops from the engine to the chassis and sealed with a lead stamp and identifying number. This vehicle still has the seal in place, and of course holds its value as a result.


      • Mart Dawson says:

        Way to go Debbie, well done. I am gonna hunt this little lady down when I get there next.


      • Debbie says:

        How amazing it must be to be knee deep in Mustang cars, bits and pieces (as Mart calls them), and all their glory every day. Thanks for letting me play along. I wish I could say I have all things Mustang stored up in my little brain, but I don’t. However, I have some pretty epic skills when using my MacBook Pro and Google. It might not be fair, but it is very efficient. 🙂


        • Hi Debbie, The thanks is really to you for taking the time out to play the game. Knee deep is an understatement at the moment, our latest delivery has just swamped us for space, it not a single part but 6 of this and 12 of that for the more popular items etc. when you have these “bits and pieces” around you all day it sort of becomes second nature. Google – the font of all knowledge. lol. I may post another teaser on here, depends if people like it or not!


  6. Debbie says:

    First comment was to Mustang Maniac. This one is to Mart: Thanks for the congrats!! I tried giving you a few helpful avenues with clues, let’s just say I beat you off the line and crossed the finish line first. 🙂


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