Review of a new product

Our revised website is coming along and our products are being added on a daily basis, I’m sure you can appreciate that with such a huge amount of stock it’s a slow and sometimes painful process, but we are getting there.

Over the years we have had a number of cars in to us where we have changed the wiper motors over. For a single speed this is not a real problem as they can be sourced from the right people still. Two speeds are becoming a bit of a pain to obtain a genuine Ford part replacement. Obtaining NOS parts is becoming more and more difficult if not near impossible now, reconditioned ones are the way to go but even they are now becoming scarce. If you wish to upgrade to a two-speed wiper or replace your current motor there are limited options as I have just mentioned. We sourced a part for a good customer of ours who has his own blog too and has done a review of a new product to us from New Port Engineering. The company have produced their own two-speed wiper motor for the 64 1/2 – 1968 Mustangs so we obtained one as Mart wasn’t to worried about it being the correct part as it’s out of sight, although it would have been nice of course. The review is very informative and worth a read to see if it’s for you.

Click here for the quick link, or pop over to his blog

New Port Engineering on the right next to a Ford Part

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3 Responses to Review of a new product

  1. Mart Dawson says:

    It’s a great wiper motor and I’m glad I fitted it. Thanks for the suggestion. At the end of the day nobody will see it under the dash anyway.


  2. Debbie says:

    It’s like fitting the Bionic Man with his bits and pieces that no one will see, but they get the job done any way. What a great relationship you guys have. Outstanding!


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